AKG is a popular brand of high quality headsets used by people all over the world. They have launched its latest model in the name of AKG Y50BT, this is an updated version of AKG Y50. It’s a very promising headset and not going to be disappointing the fans of AKG even they have used its previous model as well.



AKG Y50BT have similar build of its original version name AKG Y50. The only difference is latest model also featuring Bluetooth technology and available in three different colors including silver, black and blue. You can AKG Y50 headset which also comes up with its accessories which was not expecting from our side and the revealed as a big surprise to me. These accessories include micro-USB charging cable, a pouch and its audio cable. AKG Y50BT is a foldable device and provides the easy portability during travelling.



One of the amazing things about AKG Y50BT is its comfortability, user would never pain his ears even wearing after long hours. It is made of gentle clamp and a comfortable can which feels the ears softer in it’s between. An ordinary headset cannot be wearing for more than an hour without a pain. If you are one uses spectacles and wondering can be using headphone and wearing spectacles possible? Yes it would be no problem.


Another experience would like to share with you people, when I used it continuously for hours, it caused headphone to be over-heated while room temperature was 31°C. We can expect that would not be over-heading problem during low room temperature.

Battery Performance

The battery performance of AKG Y50BT is quite satisfactory and can last for twenty hours of usage, which is something extra-ordinary. Headphone users consider this factor most and Y50BT is going to be their first choice now. Its developers know that what people are looking for and exactly they provided in the headset.


Its volume controlling buttons are placed on the right side of headset, easily accessible without wearing it off, whereas the charging port is placed on its left side. Two specific words for Y50BT flexible and simple in use which makes it perfect choice so far. It offers high sound quality and bass, this is what an enthusiast user something wants in the ideal headset. The sound quality does not compromise on both Bluetooth and Cable.

Sound Quality 

It catches every single detail of all instruments used in soundtrack and meets the sound quality standard, any expensive headset can promise. Its sound quality is satisfactory and must buy device for music enthusiasts.



It is a recommendable headset who lets you enjoying the music at its best. You will not be running out of battery with least usage, quite comfortable in wearing and can also be used for gaming. AKG Y50BT is the next most special headset if you are currently looking for a headset.

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