5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Turkey

5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey is an incredible destination to visit no matter what you expect from the trip. The country is home to gorgeous structures like the Aya Sofya, incredible landscapes and natural wonders such as the Cappadocia and Pamukkale, and so many other surprises just waiting to be discovered.

The country has strong cultural and historic roots too, which means there is no shortage of museums, historic sites, and cities to explore. Before going on a trip to Turkey, however, here are the five things you need to know.

More Than Istanbul

Istanbul is the perfect hub for your exploration of the country, but Turkey has a lot to offer beyond this magical city. As mentioned before, you have gorgeous landscapes, historic sites, and small villages to explore.

Planning the right itinerary is key if you want to sample the best things Turkey has to offer. Don’t forget to time your visit according to what you expect from the trip too. Some natural sites, for example, are best explored in certain seasons.

Documents in Order

Turkey is incredibly welcoming to international tourists, but that doesn’t mean you can take having sufficient travel documents lightly. Make sure you apply for a Turkish visa before departing for the country, and that you have your passport and a valid photo ID with you throughout the trip.

A Turkey visa for Canadian citizens is easier to get. You can apply for an eVisa rather than the conventional entry permit as long as you are traveling with a Canadian passport. The process of acquiring an eVisa is shorter and easier.

Learn About Local Customs

While the country as a whole is modern and its people forward-thinking, Turkey is still a very cultural country. The best way to ensure a pleasant trip is by taking the time to understand the local customs. Understanding some basic etiquettes will go a long way.

Public displays of affection are best avoided when you are in Turkey, especially when exploring the more conservative places. You will get a lot of offers to have tea too, and refusing isn’t something you want to do since it may offend the person offering it.

A Muslim Country

Yes, it is also important to remember that Turkey is a Muslim country. A lot of the customs and habits of local people are based on Islamic teachings. This means you want to pack appropriate clothes and take extra care when visiting places like mosques.

On the other hand, the people here are very friendly; this too is a part of their Islamic root. That offer for a cup of tea mentioned earlier is a sign of friendship and hospitality. As long as you behave well around the locals, a trip to Turkey will be one where you make a lot of new friends.

Prepare to Negotiate

One last interesting thing to note about Turkey is that haggling is considered a polite gesture. Prepare to negotiate a lot while exploring the markets and shops in Turkey. After one or two tries, you will understand how Turkish people see negotiating as a form of communication.

Keep these five things in mind and prepare for a memorable trip to Turkey. The country is magical indeed; it is one of the best destinations for every type of traveler.

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