5 Reasons why a rubbish removal company is perfect for your office

5 Reasons why a rubbish removal company is perfect for your office

Offices are notorious for becoming home to miscellaneous goods, old furniture and a forest worth of paper. Most of which has the primary job of doing literally nothing as it takes up space. Despite this, no-one wants to throw it away, “just in case”. Or its things that no-one wants to throw away because they don’t want to carry it, which is actually pretty reasonable.

So here are 5 reasons why it’s time to free yourself from the unnecessary stuff that has built up and hire a rubbish removal company to get rid of all the random junk clogging up your office.

It’s always been there
Every office has furniture that’s seems to have always been there. From a cabinet in the corner, to that desk that still has someone’s family photos on it. You’ve never seen anyone interact with it, you have no idea who the person is in the photo and the only person that does know is Karen. But she left 2 years ago. It’s stuff like this that needs to go, it’s okay, that person is never coming back.

Paper Forests
Your office has so much paper. Why is there so much paper? It’s unclear, especially since you majorly digitised back in 2014. However what’s more unclear is what the paper is for exactly. There’s an entire cabinet draw dedicated to a way too long email chain involving the whole company from 2004 that was then printed out. Twice. Who did this and why? No-one knows and no-one cares. Yet it stays there, because no-one is bothered to get rid of it.

You don’t need to organise
There’s no need to put all the stuff together, or to bag it, or even touch it at all. All you need to do is point at the stuff gone and they will deal with all the finicky bits. No-need to put the furniture outside or even have a ‘everyone take a bag of rubbish down to the skip’ day. You just ask a rubbish removal business to come in, take the stuff and that’s it.

Lifting kind of sucks
No-one really wants to lift anything ever, it’s hard, it’s tough and after decades of trying, most people still don’t properly understand what ‘lift using your legs’ means. Furthermore it’s not like you have hands flying up to volunteer carrying a couple of desks down four flights of stairs. That’s why rubbish removal specialists are amazing, they come into the office, lift all the heavy furniture you no-one wants to and you can sit back trolling through your Facebook feed – I mean working diligently.

So much space for activities
You need space; at the moment everything it’s too cramped. However once you clean all this clutter and free yourself from the binds of rogue and useless office stuff, you’ll be rolling (possibly literally) in free space. Think of all the new useless and perpetually unused stuff you could fill it with: a foosball table, a pinball machine, an Olympic size swimming pool. When you clear all the old stuff, the possibilities for new activities are endless.

With so many rubbish removal companies around, there’s no need to have your office over-crowded with old furniture, paper and random stuff. Do what needs to be done and make your office a tidy one.

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