5 Lesser Known Services Provided by Rubbish Removal Companies

5 Lesser Known Services Provided by Rubbish Removal Companies

You leave some stuff on the side of the road, some guys come pick it up and that’s about it. I mean you reckon you get everything that rubbish removal specialists do. Well this might surprise you then, many rubbish removal companies offer more services than just that.

Here are 5 of the lesser known services that certain rubbish removal companies will provide:

1. Removing Furniture from Your Home
Often you have to remove all the stuff from you house before they’ll take it. But some junk removal businesses will come into your home and take your stuff from where it lies. Have you tried to lift a  couch? It’s tough. What about a fridge? Oh, it’s worse. What about moving an immovable object with an unstoppable force? Who knows? Rubbish removal specialists, that who. They lift all the stuff you don’t want to, so there’s no anguish about getting rid of old, heavy furniture.

2. Special Recycling Dedication
Most of the time when you mass evacuate rubbish from your house the idea of purposefully and methodically segregating and separating each item into its own recycling section is forgotten. You got wrapped up in the excitement of finally letting go of the unlabelled stack of floppy disks you didn’t stop to think, “how do I properly dispose of floppy disks?”. Well worry no more as some rubbish removal companies will take your rubbish back to their processing centres to organise and sort through all the material that they are collect to maximise all rubbish renewability.

3. Just strewn out on the Lawn
While organising, boxing and bagging rubbish is certainly preferred, the opposite is sometimes accepted. You started throwing the rubbish all over the front yard, like you just found out that the tip had been cheating on you. “Get out of here broken keyboard” you screamed as you hurtled it from the second story. “I have no time for you anymore!” you shout as you individually fling Play Station 2 games across the yard. Most people would be aghast by the idea throwing things around like mad with no regard for order or neatness. Well believe it or not, there are some gems of companies that will actually collect your garbage no matter what state you leave it in.

(Don’t do this, at least try to congregate the material­!)

4. They clean afterwards
Not the whole house or anything, because they’re rubbish removalists, not cleaners. But some businesses will clean the area that they pick up the material from. A lot of the time random debris get scattered, or even stained. So having a quick industrial clean ensures that all rubbish is taken and you’re not left with any residue.

5. Skip Delivery and Pick Up
They drop the skip off, you fill it with stuff, they pick it up. Bada bing bada boom, easy as that. If you have a lot of rubbish and are going to be clearing for a couple days, or even weeks then hiring a skip might be required. This shouldn’t be too unexpected, but you might not have known that’s how you get a skip; from a rubbish removal company. Makes sense though.

There are many reasons to hire a rubbish removal company, but they often provide services you might not even know about. So make sure you ask next time you decide you need professional rubbish removal services.

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