3D visualization – a powerful presentation

3D visualization – a powerful presentation

If you want to surprise investors, telling them about your project or if you want to sell the idea – visualize it in 3D.

Many of the major players in the real estate market, instrumentation, game developing, and technologies use this approach, which has become a gold mine in the struggle for sponsors for their projects. Presentations with photo-realistic images of the future facilities in overall at 40% make the conclusion of the transaction more likely, as well as obtaining an order or project financing than the most detailed reports with traditional infographics, diagrams, and tables.

Creating three-dimensional models has become an integral part of the presentation of products, particularly in the highly competitive areas, like development of mobile devices. Can you imagine Apple’s or Samsung’s presentation today without colorful 3D models that are indistinguishable from real photographs? Dry figures are hardly able to demonstrate the achievements of these brands. And this is true for many areas of business. Three-dimensional modeling today is an effective tool for business development and demonstration of its potential.


Features and scope of application of the 3D visualization

3D visualization is the process of creating three-dimensional models of buildings, objects, characters, sets and interior design based on specification and drawings of the customer. Features of 3D modeling allow presenting products in virtually every sphere, from real estate to medicine, equally effectively. Today, 3D visualization is used in:

  • Real estate and architecture – for the effective presentation of new invest-projects, exteriors and the interiors of buildings, structures and residential complexes.
  • Advertising – for the filming of the original and impressive videos, creation of interactive presentations.
  • Animations and filming – to reduce the shooting and entertainment frames costs. Space battles of scenes with “Alien”, the desperate struggle in the “Jaws” would have been impossible without 3D rendering, and the budgets of many films would have increased by several times.
  • Game-developing – for creation of bright and realistic characters, fantasy worlds and game sets.
  • Industry – for prototyping, presentation of the design and construction of new devices.
  • Other areas where 3D models help visualize items that exist only in the drawings.

5 reasons to use 3D visualization

Firstly, 3D visualization is the most informative way to present the ideas. The use of three-dimensional graphics helps demonstrating projects of varying degrees of difficulty to all audiences. 3D modeling favorably distinguishes from drawings, projects and text descriptions with its extreme clarity.

Secondly, with competent preparation, a three-dimensional model shows the design of the object and its constructive and operational features.

Thirdly, visualization of the object recreates it in details, exposing all the flaws in construction and usability, before production starts.

Fourthly, with the help of 3D imaging, it is possible to evaluate the operation of the future object in the real world, modeled in any situation.

Fifthly, price-performance ratio. Three-dimensional visualization with relatively low cost can save more than 100% of the original budget to the customer. The flaws in work of engineers, constructors, designers can end even potentially successful project. 3D visualization allows to detect mistakes at an early stage and to eliminate them quickly.

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