3 Challenges of Construction Project Management

3 Challenges of Construction Project Management

If you run a construction business and have more than just a few employees, you know how strong project management can be. Construction jobs have many moving parts to them. It doesn’t help that you are dealing with so many different people. You have clients, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers and more. To make matters worse most decisions are made when you are out on the job site and not seated comfortably in front of a computer. When you have multiple jobs going at one time, the confusion compounds exponentially.

It doesn’t matter if you are managing several smaller jobs or one massive one. The key to getting repeat or referral business is to provide your clients with top level service. One of the hardest parts of project management is to make sure everybody is where they should be and have the materials they need to meet certain deadlines. Nothing upsets a client faster than to show up on their job site and see little to no work getting done.

Thankfully, because this is a common problem in the building and construction industry, some solutions have been created to solve these problems. Project management software, particularly in mobile applications, can help turn your chaotic business into a well-oiled machine. There is a multitude of options out there, each with varying costs and features, but here is a sample of some features available and how they can help you.

Activity Manager

 The activity manager is more for the paperwork and task completion side of management. If you have received a new set of plans for a project across town, you can upload them, and the on-site supervisor can view it immediately. Not only that, but you can see the moment they open the document. You can rest assured they are operating off the most up to date information on the site. This feature also allows for you to provide a list of tasks that need to complete and you can see how the job is progressing throughout the day.

Asset Manager

 Whether you want to track materials, tools or equipment. This feature allows for employees to check company assets in/out or to request new materials. Rather than having three people buying the same materials, you can save time, and money, by buying it all at once. You also avoid the wasted time of employees going to the shop only to find out what they needed is on another job.

Diary Management Software

 A part of every company’s system is to have some “end of the day” activity report. The problem is that this takes time if done by phone call, or can get lost if sent in an email or written down on paper. Consolidate all activity reports in one location so that you pull up all the activity logs for the day at your own time and convenience.

Time Sheets

 Have all employees track and record their daily time sheets directly into your project management software. The Timesheet solution makes it easy for bookkeeping and accounting to input financials into the appropriate jobs properly. Save time for your employees and for your accountants and ultimately saves you money.

While not an exhaustive list of available features these are just a few of the helpful tools that construction project management can provide. When customised to your needs, this software can save you thousands of dollars in employee hours saved, in costly material delays and client retention and repeat business. If you are interested in learning more about specific software options but don’t know where to start, check out BuilderStorm’s Construction Project Management Software​. They have a fabulous platform with several purchase options with dozens of features. Their software even has an option that allows you to put it to the test for free.

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