Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy prepare you for being a healthy mother, it stretches your body, gives healthy breathe and mental satisfaction. Some people think that it is harmful but the prenatal yoga is good and safe for both women and her child. It is scientifically proved that prenatal yoga lessens the nausea, headaches, lower back pain, half breathe, less sleep, indigestion and so on. You can also get in touch with the other pregnant women and share your problems in the yoga class.

Steps and Techniques of Yoga during Pregnancy

  1. Before starting the prenatal yoga, you should first consult your doctor. The doctor advice you the best posture of yoga and prevent from the moves that harm you and your baby life.
  2. Doctor mostly advice women to go for gentle Yoga. Because yoga helps the women to release the relaxin hormone. After releasing, it softens the tissues and makes the pelvic joints more flexible.
  3. It is better to join the yoga class rather than doing it alone. And make sure that you have collected all stuff for Yoga.
  4. You should drink plenty of water and eat well before going for Yoga.
  5. Don’t do some postures like bending your back down or hot yoga. Avoid the Bikram yoga as the rise in the temperature of the body is not good for the health of the child as well as the mother.
  6. You should do the postures such as twisting the body to and fro, front and back, make rib cage but don’t stress out your body.
  7. You can also get help from the Yoga videos on the internet. But before starting the particular yoga provided in the video, check the certificates and degrees of the instructor.
  8. Joining the Yoga class is better than learning from the tutorials because there are a lot of risk to your life and kid.
  9. A Yoga class teaches you the gentle stretching the body, deep breathing exercises, postures blocks, and a posture period of relaxing your body.
  10. Start the yoga by the simple firm sitting steps with various poses. You can lay your legs straight, bow down, cross and so on. Use your hand to give support to your body and belly at every move.
  11. Gently push your butt with hands, and if you feel pain in the knee while sitting than changing the pose immediately.
  12. Push your breast gently with your hands for a deep breath. It freshens your mind and heart.
  13. Do Baddha Konasana pose as helps your blood to circulate properly in the body, this pose is also called bound angle
  14. The squat pose is beneficial pose during pregnancy as it improves circulation of the blood as well as releases the relaxin hormone from your body.
  15. Do the “table pose” or cow and cat pose, this pose is done by inhaling the air in and out and gently moving the back up and down.
  16. You can also do the warrior poses, by stretch your arms and legs.
  17. Now do some change in the poses like balancing your body with the help of the wall, raising your head up and the legs laid upward with the wall, and corpse poses.
  18. Above simple steps of yoga helps you to be active during pregnancy and to overcome the future complexities.


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