Why Shoes Can Make or Break an Outfit

Why Shoes Can Make or Break an Outfit

Shoes are often the final piece of an outfit, but not necessarily the one we pay the most attention to. You might spend ages choosing a sexy dress for a first date or something suitable for an important job interview, and then throw on your trusty black kitten heels at the last minute. This is fine, but are you aware that shoes can really make or break an outfit? If you make a bad decision, your poor choices could come back to bite you.

Red Carpet Events

Take a look at the fashion pages of your favorite online magazine. At any red-carpet event, there will always be at least one pair of people who turned up wearing the same outfit. This is often rather embarrassing, as photographers love to snap and compare. What we end up with is an article along the lines of “who wore it better”. It’s fun for us, but less fun for the poor celebrity – and their stylist – who made such a faux-pas.

If two women are wearing the same dress, the success of the outfit inevitably comes down to what shoes they wore. Italian shoes women are a classic look, but if a woman wants to stand out from the crowd on the red carpet, a quirky pair of shoes will get her noticed.

Imagine your favorite celebrity wearing a beautiful designer gown. She probably looks awesome, but unless she does something to lift her outfit up a notch, she won’t stand out in a sea of other beautiful women. That’s the curse of being on the red carpet. Every other woman there is blonde and beautiful.

Shoes can be the deciding factor when red carpet outfits are analyzed in the fashion pages. A pair of nude heels won’t stand out, but a quirky pair of biker boots worn with a stylish designer frock could catch the eye, especially if the lady rocks a boho theme.

Wear Shoes You Like

It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear, if you are not feeling comfortable, you won’t feel sexy. Always wear shoes that make you feel like a million dollars. These could be anything from killer heels to pretty sandals. Don’t stick to what works for every other woman if you are not feeling it. Just because heels are the standard shoes for a cocktail dress, it doesn’t mean you have to work that look. Instead, try something different.

Experiment with different styles of shoe and boot. Decide what your look is going to be and select a pair of shoes or boots that fit your vibe. When you feel confident and sexy, everything will come together in a positive way.

Don’t be a Fashion Victim

Never wear a pair of shoes just because they are in fashion. There was a time when Ugg boots were the must-have accessories. Ugg boots are great if you need a comfortable, casual boot, but they certainly don’t work with every outfit. Despite this, women everywhere wore Ugg boots with all kinds of random outfits. The result was a fashion catastrophe.

Choose your shoes wisely, or you could end up being tagged on Facebook for all the wrong reasons.

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