Whitsundays Islands

Composed of 74 islands in total, all interconnected by sparkling white sands and crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea, The Whitsunday Islands have soon become one of the top travel destinations in all of Australia. With a picturesque landscape paired with a most perfect tropical climate, those who frequent this corner of the continent quickly find that its nearly 7,000 kilometers of coastline make for the perfect getaway. Whether looking to explore this destination through a Whitsunday Islands tour, joining in on a sailing adventure, or simply spending your days digging your toes into the warm sand and soaking up the sunshine, it is all possible and right at your fingertips at Whitsundays.


Surrounded and sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands make for the prime spot to embark on a sailing journey around its dozens of attractive islands and inlets. Whether a day trip or a week-long stint, sailing The Whitsundays tends to be the most sought after experience in this part of Australia. While sailing The Whitsundays, you’ll find that because of its ideal location, the waters are completely free of crashing waves and deadly undertows; meaning that all you have to worry about is where you’ll decide to cast anchor and jump on in. A great sailing tour that takes you to Whitehaven Beach is Avatar Whitsundays the only commercial trimaran sailing these islands, Its fast comfortable with experienced fun crew,

Sailing The Whitsundays isn’t the only activity available – everything from scuba diving and snorkeling to interacting with the wildlife and enjoying full days at one of the many renowned spas scattered throughout. Several Whitsunday Island tours offer any and all of the before mentioned activities, plus a whole lot more! If planning every little detail of your trip isn’t quite your thing, then consider joining in on one of the many Whitsunday Island tours where you’ll not only get to experience some of the best parts of The Whitsunday Islands but also get to meet other travelers just like yourself. Most of the Whitsunday Island tours are based in Airlie Beach while very few can be found taking off from individual islands.

For those travelers who have a significant amount of time to explore The Whitsunday Islands, they’ll have the option to either choose from one of the several resorts on any of the seven inhabited islands such as the luxurious Hayman Island or the more affordable Hamilton Island. Another option would be to camp on one of the permitted beaches throughout the area; all depending on the traveler’s preference. The great thing about The Whitsundays is that there is truly something for every type of traveler. From adventurous thrill-seeking explorers to laid back sailing enthusiasts and club hopping partiers – any and all can find something to enjoy while traveling The Whitsundays.

So, whether you decide to go sailing The Whitsundays, explore the area through The Whitsunday Island tours, or head out on your own type of adventure, we’re certain that it won’t take long for you to fall in love with just about everything this gem of Australia has to offer each one of its visitors.

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