watch elite bring up to date of O Hayat Benim

watch elite bring up to date of O Hayat Benim

O Hayat Benim

You can pocket watch elite bring up to date of O Hayat Benim

O Hayat Benim  is a life happening of Mehmet chief of state, he became a businessman in a very young age and Hasret, she is a child of rich man, he loved too much. While the loving man know the reality of her daughter pregnancy and she was going to get married then her father do every possible try on both lovers for separate them he tell a lie to Mehmat that his love ones Hasret in died.
When birth time came and hasret become a mother of cute daughter, her father her daughter and handover to his old servant names ilyas and his wife name Nuran, and said to both go away from my house and take care of hasret daughter as your child. He give some money for baby girl and tell them her mother wish the name of Bhar for baby girl, and yousaf confirm them that he will send money to take care of her. Yousaf told to their daughter that her baby girl died in the process of coming to this world.

In O Hayat Benim after twenty years when Bhar become a beautiful young girl, she is a charming girl, settled in Istambul and lives a middle person life. She is bearing financial issues that’s why she leave college and start job to help their family in financial issues. Her sister is totally oppose from her and she is jealous from her good work, but Bhar doing work and struggle to make their sister happy.

After time goes on Yousaf decide to tell everything about Bhar to her Real father Mehmat, he went to his business office to tell him that he have a daughter from Hasret to whom some servants take care till now as a parents,
When he was ready tell Mehmat by chance because of depression he died, because of tension Ilyas and Nuran concealed him in their lawn.

The in heritage of yousaf is now only for Bhar, she should get all of that money and can sleep on comfortable bed she never dream, However, the servants get benefit of lie of Bhar and make their real daughter Efsun to the owner of Mehmat and Yousaf child, so then Bhar
Nuran and Ilyas have an inspiration. Bahar won’t recognize the reality regarding WHO she is, as a result of they’ll say that Efsun, their female offspring, is Mehmet Emir’s female offspring. Therefore, Bahar remain on the same place with old life which is not her life. They declared Efsun a daughter of Mehmat, and she start live permanently a rich life
To watch this drama on you can discover a toughest life of Bhar in real who is blog to a richest family. Is Bhar go back to her real life? At the end Can Mehmat know that Bhar is his real daughter? What happening when Mehmat know all the reality? What is the punishment he chose for lie of servants?

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