No doubt that after the terrorist attacks the economy of the whole world had been damaging and nowadays a lot of countries are surrounded by the economic crisis. America and Europe in the past have made an enormous growth but today they are under this crisis and the world economy is now controlled by two most emerging nations of the 20th Century India and China whom growth is not kept hidden from anyone.

India is now growing as a more powerful nation no doubt its economy is low due to unemployment and high birth rate making impossible to the state Government to provide basic facilities of life.

Among many industries established in India, Automobile industry is growing with an immense speed one cannot imagine.


Automobile industry and Two wheels Manufacturers:

No one can deny the supremacy of the Indian Automobile industry which is a great industry considered in the top ten Automobile manufacturers. India is producing world-class vehicles for its citizens.

Apart from automobiles industry, India’s two wheels industry is also on successful rum making world class motor bikes for every type of customer who cannot afford a new car for their family and their domestic purposes.

Old models new technologies:

There are many different types of motorbike manufacturers in India from Yamaha to Honda but now some companies are interested to make the all new Vespa scooter for all type of customers. You would be quite amazed that why these companies are making the old models alive again when they are dead for the customers in India and rest of the world.

Vespa is now all upgraded to the most advanced level with an engine capacity of 125 cc which was not possible before the all new Vespa series is a revolution in the two wheel manufacturing where a lot of new technology is helping the customers to get the  old bestial once again in this era of technology and speed.

The all new retro style makes the Vespa more attractive for its customers who need to get benefit from its 125 engine integrated into the steel monocoque chassis. It produces 10 bhp of power 11.5 Nm of torque and the claimed mileage figure stands out to be 60 kilometer per liter which is a good revolution in Vespa series. The all new Vespa price as low as you cannot imagine the new Vespa price is just 88696 Indian rupees.

Apart from these feature sits engine is 3 valves Aluminum cylinder and is CDI (capacitor Discharge ignition) making your journey a complete journey.

The space for 150cc mass market scooters, in India, was once empty and Piaggio with its latest offerings is the first to take up that spot. This style of Vespa gives every young driver a new attraction and wants to drive it on any cost. The company is also giving 2 years warranty for any manufacturing fault also available to international customers. You would definitely buy the all new Piaggio Vespa with all the new features available in the latest bikes.

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