Types of Bags any Woman Needs

Types of Bags any Woman Needs

Even if ladies love to shop and they can’t actually settle for less when it comes to handbags, we can still make a list of essentiall pieces they need to have in their wardrobes.


They managed to get back in fashion after years and years of just being plain bags to carry books with. Simple yet very helpful when it comes to going on short trips or just daily use for university. Recently designers focused on making them famous again by designing some really awesome pieces that could meet both utility and fashion at the same time. Creating simple outfits with backpacks is a simple task just because they are so versatile and easy to associate with so many styles.

Crossbody bags

They are very practical and easy to match with casual and cool looks. Gor for simple yet timeless pieces made of high quality leather to be sure you invest in something you could wear for years to come. IF you like this type of bags, you should think of buying several sizes just to have an option for every occassion.

An elegant clutch

Elegan t events call for fancy handbags. But you know that such events won’t entail you to crarry many things with you, so a small clutch will do the trick. IF you r dress is really simple be sure to get a statement clutch. Pick an emebllished design that strikes attention or a fun texture to go with several outfits you already own.


They don’t need any extra info because basically everyone travels and needs a bag that fits all the things they need to carry around. A high quality troller should last a few years even if the airport luggage isn’t handled that carefully. Go for hard plastic or alluminium materials that have been proven to be more ressistant when it comes to shocks.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, you still need to have several types of bags in your wardrobe for any other ocassion than your day to day routine of going to work or to the university.

When picking them out be sure to look for quality produscts even if you want cheaper bags because if you get a cheap bag you will probably need to buy a new one in a few months and it’s not worth it in the end.

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