Twitch and the Community: What is it all about?

Twitch and the Community: What is it all about?

When you think about the internet it might not surprise you that live streaming is gaining popularity. The speed of internet connections is rising, giving people the option to stream is they wish to. It was once a restricted possibility. With internet connection speeds on the rise, the window has opened for various online activities that were not possible before. After all, we now stream content like never before, this includes movies and music. Yet, it is the live streaming that is gradually changing the way in which we enjoy entertainment.

Once upon a time you would play a game without an internet connection – a time when physical media was the only source for content. Now, however, things are much different. Not only can you play with others from around the world within a game, but you can also share the gameplay for others to watch. It is quite amazing how far things have come, that is for sure.

Twitch was purchased by Amazon not that long ago and whilst the site remains relevantly unchanged, a few new features have been introduced. One new element to Twitch is IRL, which allows people to broadcast their daily lives – nothing to do with gaming. You will also find creative channels where people are doing all kinds of things, from knitting to painting. This was a great addition that Amazon introduced.

You don’t even need a webcam either, although this is highly recommended. Simply put, you can capture your computers screen and then whatever you’re doing or playing will then be shown to the audience. Having a microphone and headset is also ideal.

The community is strong at Twitch and you can find many interesting people to meet, they can become your friends too. After all, if you love games, or anything creative, then this is the place where you will find people who have the same interests as you. It is also a large community, thriving and growing. What’s more, Twitch is littered with gamer girls, so don’t be shy if you are female, you’ll fit in just fine.

Who doesn’t like playing games? Even older people are increasingly taking up this hobby. For young people, though, it would be rather rare in today’s world not to enjoy games. Whilst the outdoors is amazing, when at home, Twitch provides a great platform for curing boredom. If it is your main interest then you could spend much of your income on this hobby, by purchasing a high-end computer and subscribing to the fastest broadband connection available within your area,

Play games with others and you will meet new people from which you can communicate with via microphone and webcam. For deeper bonds, you might also take their Skype of phone number are be a little more personal – that would be down to you, not something for everyone, of course.

There are many great games available to play and Twitch really changes the experience for the better. If your internet connection is strong enough, then why not giving live streaming a try? You’ll probably really enjoy it and then meet new friends within the process. I hope this article was interesting to you, be sure to share it if you did enjoy it.

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