Top Tips When Interviewing Professional Wedding Photographers in Sydney

Top Tips When Interviewing Professional Wedding Photographers in Sydney

When a couple become engaged, planning the wedding becomes the main focus of their lives, and it can be fraught with some tenuous plans. In order to reduce the stress put on the couple, ensure that any money saved and spent on the special day is put towards service providers who offer genuine work.

Qualifications of Wedding Photographers

When performing investigations and making enquiries of various photographers, ensure that you find photographers who are suitably qualified. Have they studied at photography college? Have they merely done an online course? Is the qualification that they have accredited, and do they understand things such as professional customer service.

Insurance and Financial Registration

Is the wedding photographer you are interviewing financially sound? Does the photography service have an Australian Company Number? Are they registered with ASIC or do they have an ABN and charge GST?

If they do all of these things, likely they are committed to being professional and wanting to stay around and receive good reviews. They should also be insured for professional indemnity, and public liability.

Does the Company Have a Back Up Plan?

When finding a photographer to capture your wedding on film, your special day can’t be rescheduled and everyone show up again if things go wrong for the photographer. Has the photographer got a back up plan and a second photography crew to show up and take photographs for your special day?

A professional photographer will have a contingency plan to reassure you that your investment in their service will stay intact and they will still receive professional and courteous service should something go wrong.

 What Type of Equipment Does the Studio Have for Your Day?

Does the photographer understand about specialist lenses and other photography equipment? Are they bringing multiple cameras, lighting, back up batteries and storage media? Do they maintain their equipment in excellent working order and offer proper security and protection of your images?

Ask the photographer to show you his or her equipment and lenses, and how they use them to capture the best possible version of your wedding day.

Does the Photographer Have Post Production Facilities?

When performing post production on photographs taken of a couple’s wedding, does the photography studio have appropriate software and do they have laptops and information technology equipment suitable for handling image processing? What types of post production software do they use, and how much image processing will they perform on your photos?

You need to ask these questions to determine how much experience in image processing the photographer has.

What Additional Services Does the Wedding Photographer Provide?

When you are booking a wedding photographer, check to see what additional services that can be included into your package. For the same price you may be able to get enlargements, a photo book and canvas prints. Some wedding photographers can arrange hairdressers and makeup artists for the couple for their special day.

Additional services that are offered by wedding photographers bring an added value and are a nice customer service touch.

 Does the Photography Service Provider Have Good Customer Reviews?

 When approaching your photography service provider, ask to see customer recommendations, reviews and editorials of the photography service’s previous work. Have they been featured in any magazines? What reviews can you find on the photographer’s website, and do they engage with customers on social media? What are people saying about this service?

You will get a good feel if after you interview the photographer to do your wedding images, and look at other wedding photography in Sydney and what their reviews are.

Ask to See a Photographer’s Portfolio

What type of work has the photographer done before? How many jobs has the photographer done and how do you perceive their style? Do you like the work that the photographer has done?

Is it professional, candid or more artistic? Do they seem to cater for specific requirements of people? A photographer should have a portfolio available for you to look at so that you can see that they have a history of work and that you like the style done.

Ensure that the photography style that you like in the portfolio, if done by a particular photographer, is actually carried through and that photographer is chosen for your wedding, if there are multiple photographers in an agency.

Armed with a number of different things to consider when interviewing potential contractors for your wedding photography, you will be an empowered consumer, and be more relaxed about investing in your photos that will present your special day in the best possible way.

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