Top 7 things to do in Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. It is recognized for its fabulous architecture with a strong Jewish influence. But there is so much more to do at Vilnius than just watch old buildings and museums. There is a lot of culture around to live. Activities range from adrenaline to relaxation.

We have selected the top 7 things to do in Vilnius. Remember to take this list when you are in town.

1: Stopover the Vilnius Street Food Festival

Every year during the summer, you can enjoy the exquisite local cuisine of Vilnius. No single local restaurant can compare to the experience of having a taste of traditional meals gathered together for you at this festival. The Vilnius Street Food Festival is the annual community event that promotes local food and culture. You can often find live music and other exhibitions. A wide variety of food is prepared for you in front of your eyes. You can try different dishes in one place and live with the locals. An exceptional ride to discover how different cultures have influenced local food; from Italian to Jewish, you will find much more than meat, potatoes, and sour cream. The pleasant weather makes it an enjoyable afternoon, recommended for all, not just food lovers.

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2: Just Relax! Get a Massage in Vilnius

Let professionals in oriental massage from Thailand and Cambodia help you relax. The best place to get an amazing massage is the Thai and Khmer. The traditional Thai massage is just exceptional. Having the bus and train station near makes it a convenient place no matter where you are staying. A unique experience you cannot miss while you are in town. The aromas, oils, and essences will remain with you even after you have left the place. Calls first to make a reservation to be sure you don’t have to wait for available space, but if you decide to go at the last minute, you can get free Wi-Fi while you are waiting.

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3: Get a Beer at Loftas

Loftas is the right place to go if you want to enjoy a cheap beer and listen to some industrial music. Different artists perform all oriented to this genre. The place has had the ability to stay valid over time, and it remains as one of the most recognized places in Lithuania and the Baltics. Every year Loftas organizes the Loftas Fest as an anniversary celebration in early September. It is highly recommended because you can enjoy in just 2 days the most remarkable artists that have been on this forum. However, it is an enjoyable place to go at any time of the year. You can check the schedule on its Facebook page to find out who will be performing when you are in Vilnius.

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4: Go to the Arts Printing House Center

Performing arts, debates, contemporary music and other events are regularly held in the Arts Printing House Center. Inside and outside you can enjoy a day full of talented artists that gather at this place to show their skills to the public. It is open during weekends from 10 AM. The walls of this building are covered with paintings. The place’s named comes from its previous use. The art center was established in a former printing house built in 1585. The building has been restored to become the artistic venue of Vilnius. You can check the schedule in advance to see if there is some particularly exciting event for you.

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5: Shoot some real Weapons!

Shoot with real weapons. You can choose among an impressive arsenal, from pistols to rifles. If you are not familiar with guns, this is the right place to learn some basics. Vilnius’ shooting camps have trained staff to teach the basics in the use of weapons and security measures. If you are already a fan, you are going to enjoy the gauge shotgun and the classic Russian Mosin-nagant. Get your hands on the Coller revolver and a famous Colt 1911. And overall, learn how to shoot the most popular pistol in the world today, the Glock. After trying them all, you’ll just wish you could take your favorite as a souvenir.

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6: Visit the Lukiškės Prison while it is still working

The historical prison of Lukiškės is located in the very center of Vilnius, near the Lukiškės Square. The remarkable thing about this prison built over a hundred years ago is its unique architecture –for a prison– that resembles that of a church. You can now see it as a functioning facility, but not for a long time, since there are plans for relocation in 2018. Many famous people have been imprisoned behind these walls. Menachem Begin is perhaps one of the most important since he became Prime Minister of Israel. Other famous people range from Russian, Polish and Lithuanian political activists, revolutionaries, writers, philosophers, singers, and poets.

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7: Take a Bike Tour and get to know the City

Go sightseeing a different way. Vilnius has a guided bike tour to go around the city. You can choose from various packages. I suggest to get a 2-3 hour trip if you are not in a good shape, or you’ll just get too tired. If you regularly exercise, then take the all day tour to get to all the places Vilnius has to share. The long tour goes beyond the historic downtown, and you can get to know how Vilnius has grown in the modern times. You can choose among all places you just visited to take a closer look the following days after you have taken the bike tour. They operate every day from 10, and you can just show on their base to start a tour any day, but it is better if you call to make a reservation.

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