TechRave Tried And Tested!

I am someone who spends a lot of time on the internet visiting different websites; scrolling through their content and making notes of their features and flaws. I recently came across TechRave after a friend of mine told me that it’s one of a kind Pakistani Tech-based News Portal. I decided to give it a shot and here is my review on it.

First Impressions
Proper categories for different topics and layout is outstanding. It works very well on desktop and smartphone.

When I first opened the website on my phone, I was happy to find that its layout had been adjusted in a way as to facilitate mobile users. I liked the website’s color tone i.e light blue and white which combined to provide a feeling of calm. Scrolling below, I found that they had updated accounts available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This was a treat to see because in today’s lazy world opening a website specifically unless of dire need is too much work.

A detailed examination

After the initial inspection, I started skimming through the content. I found the content to be carefully constructed with numerous topics yet each of them contained information previously unknown to me. The content seems to be written with a level of expertise; the writer has sufficient background knowledge and delivers it well to the readers. Moreover, the text size and the text font are not too flowery or artsy as to confuse the readers.

What I further liked about this website is how fast it loads a web page. I personally hate waiting for a web page to load. Thus, it was satisfying to find a website which understands this and has dealt with it properly.

I checked their reports list and most of them are famous and serious reports with solid news reporting background.

I followed their twitter and Facebook pages to get the attest updates, for every new piece of news their social pages update me quickly.

Latest Pakistan News

For latest Pakistan news TechRave is the new and authentic source of news with thousands of daily readers across the globe. The best part is they cover not just the technology news but also the technology related updates in the government.

It covers many topics including latest technology news, mobile apps and software.

To conclude, I would give this website a thumbs up and would definitely visit it again. Before this website I used to visit different other websites for technology news but TechRave cover the all the topics of my interest and I don’t need to browse different websites to get the latest technology news related to Pakistan especially.

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