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The Three most reliable Chinese electronics wholesale webshops

electronics wholesale webshops

Chinese electronics wholesale shops. And we mean the internationally operating, dirt-cheap shops where ‘everything’ is for sale except food. In Belgium, the store using public starts slowly warming up to this exotic online stores. Especially young people know more and more find their way to sites with names like DealExtreme, LightInTheBox, Focal Price and CooliCool. Whether it comes to smartphones, gadgets, Apple accessories, clothing or decoration, the supply of this type of shopping is huge and with a little luck you have the stuff quick at home too. Nevertheless, you can hear discords or at least critical questions about the reliability of these sites. About the quality of their dirt-cheap products. Or unexpected customs fees. These matters we will soon address in an FAQ. We are now already five Chinese retailers in a row which have since built up a good name and where you feel confident can make your fortune. Nevertheless, of course, at your risk. To assemble the top 5 (and determining the order) we let weigh several scores, including those on the major review sites (such , the world’s leading review site for online stores), but also the number of Facebook likes and Google Pagerank (website authority).

1. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox is a large online retailer that has been active since 2007. She has become a global player in size, with a site in 12 different languages. The offer is large, and the prices are surprisingly low. An Unlike other Chinese e-shops LightInTheBox focuses on clothes and less on electronics. However, LightInTheBox also has a sister site, MiniInTheBox, which focuses on gadgets.

LightInTheBox has a very user-friendly and informative website with the most popular products many ratings and reviews. Too few complain about the service. Flawless payment by credit card, then you will be kept closely informed via email about the status of your order. We chose clothes with “Fast Shipping” and within 48 hours we had everything in the house. However, the order was delivered in two parts – 3 pieces one day, two pieces the next day – which is not very practical. Delivery was done by DHL, no customs fees. About the products, we are moderately satisfied. The shirt is simply too small, even though we are slim summer and companion M chose. So pay attention to the size you select. M is often the minimum size at LightInTheBox, but even if you usually wear S, it may already be too small (as often to read the reviews on the site itself). The other attire fits fortunately and looks quite critical out. One shirt has slight damage. Because of the hassle and the relatively low price of the product, we decide not to return it. Something which of course is possible, as the return policy confirms. Did you receive the correct product without defects, but you are not completely satisfied with it, then return a lot more difficult. At European stores like Zalando applies a statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. Chinese shops are not bound by it, even if they sell their wares in Europe. Something you especially need to keep up with the online purchase of clothing, especially pre-charged. Apparently only one previous personal experience. On comes LightInTheBox customer satisfaction all the way nice off the bus.


Best Bang For Your Buck, it sounds at, a retailer based in the city of Canton (or Guangzhou). Founded in 2005, initially as a distributor of computer software, in recent years engaged in a worldwide march as department store over the internet. Good Bang specializes in Apple accessories, smartphone gadgets, electronics, and games. Even so, you will find clothing and thingy for home and garden back, and even, quite exceptional for this type of shopping, gadgets for adults. Good bang can count on a lot of positive feedback from its customers. The good price/performance ratio but also the service (especially the transmission speed) is often praised in reviews, as you can see on and Trust Pilot.

3. DealExtreme – DX

The “mother of all Chinese online shops. DealExtreme is a giant global store, with an endless variety of discounted electronics products, including mobile phones. In recent years, the range expanded to include clothing, nursing, and private stuff. Nevertheless, DealExtreme is above a shop for gadget lovers or geeks. There is a particular department for Europeans EU directly, with Europe matched products dispatched from a European distribution center, which can deliver faster and cheaper.

And also…
Of course, there are still many more Chinese electronics wholesale department stores on the worldwide web. The best and most reliable six you will find above, but also below e-shops have a good reputation and are worth trying:
TVC Mall

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