person got a Speeding Ticket after his car got towed


This person got a Speeding Ticket after his car got towed

his is a true story when the Australian speeding camera caught an SUV speeding down the highway above the speed limit. The speed camera captured the license plate of the vehicle and an automated system delivered a notice along with a photographic proof to the registered vehicle’s owner. You think the Justice got served, right?
The problem here was that the SUV was loaded on the back of a tow truck, and of course sometimes technology can’t be right.

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You can take a look at the copy of speeding ticket that was received in the mail.
Earlier that day, the registered vehicle owner had been in an accident which was of low-impact and no one was hurt. But the real damage came when the owner of the car received an Infringement Notice from Department of Transport, fining him for speeding despite the fact that he wasn’t in the car and most importantly his car wheels were not even moving. His car was being towed by a Towing Services in West Hollywood, CA. This isn’t the first incident of its kind but obviously we cannot even blame the speed camera for this kind of incident.


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