Why Speak English if Important?

Why Speak English if Important?
We have always wondered why it is so important to speak English in market products, in perfumes, in food and in our environment always find someone to articulate very well this language, but because it gives us so much evil genius hear a person speak English ?, is simple something within us makes us feel less and without the same capacity of language proficiency. So it’s time to stop along the way and open arms English !!! I need the English in my life !!
Why Speak English if Important
Influence of language teacher learning:
         How would you feel if your doctor tells you not know if your treatments are effective? Or if you hire an electrician and says queno you can guarantee results? Following this line of thought we can think: What makes a good teacher? Are the results … but what results?
In many academies and language schools learning success is guaranteed, but how to measure that success? If your ability to speak English can be measured from the results of a grammar test, then if possible to offer a guarantee. However, I believe that there is no school to ensure that you can maintain a ten-minute conversation with any Anglophone on any subject. This would be a better indicator of the guarantee of success.
The truth is that success in teaching language depends on most occasions the ability and motivation of the student. The ability to combine all the irregular verbs in English, it means nothing. The brain stores the information in a different area from which depends on our ability to talk. Therefore, the only way to improve our communication is oral conversation. This does not guarantee getting to speak like a native, but at least being able to communicate more fluently.
Following the same criteria, the evaluation of a language teacher should be based on how challenging is the class that teaches and not based on how much grammar explains. A boring teacher can definitely leave your English classes. However dynamic and participatory classes can make more and have more interest in learning the language.
And what do you think about the influence of language teachers in student learning? Do your experiences have been good? Feel free to make and share with other readers.
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