Rubicon Launches A Game Changer In Recycling

Rubicon Launches A Game Changer In Recycling

Every year, the United States leads the world in marking Earth Day. Mounting wastes remains a daunting challenge globally. Research indicated that trash is capable of impairing the public health, destroying the environment and drowning developing countries in toxicity.

According to World Bank, countries produce an average of 1.3 billion tomes of trash annually. The figure is expected to reach 4 billion tons in the next 82 years. To add salt to injury, half of the world’s populations have no access to a well-managed trash collection and disposal mechanisms. Waste management experts believe that the situation is critical.

Recently, Rubicon Global launched Rubicon Method that could be a game changer for organizations planning to reduce waste generation. The Atlanta based Company unveiled a guide with an aim to improve the way we manage wastes.

After years of development and trials, the company successfully provided a state of the art waste recycle program acronymic DIVERT, which stands for Determine Initiate Eliminate Roll-out Track. The idea is an advancement of the reduce reuse recycle strategy. It moves the previous strategy to the level of implementing the best waste recycling and reduction mechanisms.

Here is an in-depth look at the guide

Side by side bin stations
The major challenge with recycling is contamination. The new guide introduces a new twist in the equation by providing bins with RAA signs to minimize contamination. Changing people’s habits is not a walk in the park.

By using labeled side by side bins, people will take time to think about what they are trashing and if it’s the right bin. Apart from building employees conscious of waste habits, others can identify recyclable items they may have unknowingly put together with non-recyclable.

Different Colored Liners 
For both waste collection process to be easy fast and efficient, it has to start with the disposal. The use of different colors for landfill garbage, recycling and organic ensures that similar materials end up in the same place. Consequently, stuff in charge of collecting them will have a minimal time sorting them out.

The new venture focuses more on trash elimination from the user. Previously, one could find leftover food, disposable tableware, and packaged products put stacked together in the same place.

According to David Rachelson, Rubicon Global mission of solving waste management will only be attained if the world embraces Rubicon Technique. The Sustainability Vice President at Rubicon acknowledges that businesses who have tried to recycle program face the challenge of reducing materials in landfills as well as changing habits.

The organization proudly provides the method on a nonprofit standardized basis to help make recycling economical and achievable. RAA’s director reiterates that people need not recycle only but also do it the right way. The confusion has been at the bin that makes the process expensive and difficult for small businesses to venture and adopt. Furthermore, the technique can be simplified to suit big organizations, SMEs, and local governments.

Rubicon Global partners with local governments, businesses communities, and organizations globally to make the process of waste management simple, efficient and economical. Being a Certified B Corp, the company intends to take Rubicon Method internationally.

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