Protect Your Data with Android data backup App

Protect Your Data with Android data backup App

In modern business enterprises, the confidential data is always a headache for employers. It is a very obvious thing that data may be accessed through company’s owned android cell phone devices, tablets and through pad when connected to the internet.  Therefore, having a number of employees within business organizations it becomes a very tough job for employers to keep an eye on their every single employee along with the company’s owned android gadgets. Business owners always feel insecure about the protection of the private data within the devices; it can be theft, breached or hacked. Yes, all the postulates made by the employers can happen, that’s why they have to keep their eye open within the workers within the company and also make check and balance from the outer digital world to protect their data. Here are some following factors through which a company’s data may compromise within no time.

Factors of data breaching and how can employers deal with it through android data backup software?


Scammers are very clever peoples; they do scams with the help of fake websites which seems to be very similar to genuine websites. Therefore, be careful from all the scams based websites, before sharing or entering your private data, make sure that the websites are genuine. Otherwise being an employee or employer you have to face a massive setback for your business. If you are serious about your company owned data and you want to avoid all the scams then you should use TheOneSpy data backup app. It allows you to see what sort websites your employees are visiting through browsing history logs of android monitoring app.


These are the most talented, well- educated and dangerous community in the modern world. They can hack your complete data with the help of one single click which you have made on particular link which they have sent to you. So, all the business owners who are working in your company may touch some sort of links by visiting your email through which an employer can be looted by the hackers. The data backup app enables to surveillance on emails which your employees are visiting on company owned android tablets through read emails of the data protection software. It also allows you to Emails and Gmail’s.

Dishonest Employees:

Every organization usually has once or twice black sheep. Therefore, business organizations have to keep a hidden eye on them. They can view or get access to the confidential documents available within the company’s devices. However, you can keep a strong check on that particular employee within working hours. Employers should use the spy on messages in order to check all the text messages, messaging monitoring, and BBM chats messages. It also allows you to monitoring on calls and you can listen to live recorded calls and see view call history by using the employee monitoring software.

Weak passwords:

Having weak passwords on the company’s owned mobile devices, it may compromise. Therefore, you need to use the lengthy and unique passwords on your company’s owned device; it would be the very tough job for scammers and hackers to bypass your passwords. In order to check the situation of your passwords applied by your employees, you need to use the keylogger of employees spy software. It will allow you to see password keystrokes applied to the devices, SMS keystrokes, Email keystrokes and messenger keystrokes.

 Same passwords for all services:

If your employees are using the same password for all the services they are using over the internet through company’s owned gadgets. Then you need to guide them to use different and based on random number passwords to avoid from all cyber threats. You can check the entire password applied on the services with the help of employee tracking spyware.

Outdated OS versions and installed software:

If your employees are using the devices without updating the outdated operating systems, then it should be updated. Otherwise, their well is most chances of having online attacks. Having third party installed software on your device, it may contain malicious malware and can freeze your device within no time and your data can be encrypted. Employers need to use the remote phone controller of the employee’s cell phone surveillance tool.


Employers just need to use the TOS employees monitoring spyware in order to protect the data of the business enterprise. It will protect your data and provide you capacity to recycle it within no time.

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