What are the Pro features of Cool Timeline?

Cool Timeline is a WordPress timeline plugin. This plugin ensures that user creates their own timeline on their website. This enables not only attractive content for the user but also attractive enough to promote the data for the users out there. Such timeline Meta has been recently introduced and has been famous around the market for a different large category of users. People are adopting it because it is easy to use people get to see different kinds of data in an attractive way.

What are different kind of Pro Features of the Cool Timeline?

Pro features are those which are availed through buying the product. Some companies tend to charge monthly. Some companies charge yearly or once in a lifetime. Following are the Pro features of this WordPress timeline plugin.

The Cool Timeline plugin helps in creating both horizontal and Vertical Timeline. This means timeline won’t be created in one format. This is totally dependent on the user how they want to customize content. Some Website hardcode the timelines. But this plugin allow users to get attractive and set the timeline according to their liking.

Step by Step Timeline is also a new but interactive feature for the user. The user will simply have to upload the content or the picture but they have to set up the timeline in a way that it will be interactive step by step tutorial for the user. Developers have taken into account about the user needs. They have gone through the hurdles of developing and testing the plugin according to the current Meta.

Product Timeline is also available in this plugin. Before 2014 when a website owner had to display their content online. They would take different surveys and then create a blog document online to display different products. But now due to this WordPress timeline plugin user can create different kind of product information in form of the product timeline. They can create pros and cons of the product for the users to decide the product itself. They can also create different kind of coloring scheme on the timeline. The coloring scheme is also effective for the Graphic user interface. As this attracts the user towards the product. Highlighting the products Pros with different attractive colors can be really effective in the marketing product.

Different marketing experts are moving their product information in such way so that user can be attracted towards the product. The timeline was a great idea but this plugin takes it one step ahead of that idea. Using cool timeline plugin for a school website can also makes a different to show different events throughout the year. Effective and full of life content inform of the timeline is a dream come true. Giving user control of their information always come handful towards creating loyal visitors.

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