How To Plan Your Paleo Meals?

You have heard about the Paleo Diet and how popular it is across the world. However, when it comes to planning your Paleo Diet meals, it is often a mammoth and challenging task for many men and women. You need expert guidance and consultation from skilled professionals when it comes to planning the diet meal for yourself or a loved one. It is here that you need to undertake some time and research to find the right credible source to help you.


In the USA, the specialists of the Weston A. Price Foundation  have been instrumental in helping men and women plan their Paleo meal. To many people the meal really seems to be a tough challenge as generally you are used to having beans and grains as your staple food. However, the experts here state-

The basic concept of the Paleo meal is as follows-

  • Taking lots of vegetables- at least half the plate
  • Consuming 1 to 2 palm sized servings of animal protein or at least 3 to 4 eggs
  • Taking healthy fat like coconut oil or olive oil
  • Consuming starchy vegetables, nuts or a fruit- this is purely optional

Now, you may wonder how the above diet meal will work for you?  You may go in for a two week Paleo meal plan that the experts here have created for you.  They also have given you a grocery list on their blog that you may follow if you are serious about experimenting with the meal plan.

Expert notes about the Paleo Menu

The Paleo menu plan assumes that you consume three meals and one snack daily. It is okay for you to skip the snack or one of the meals. You may eat larger quantities of food at the other two meals.  It is perfectly okay for you to add additional food to your menu in case you are hungry.

The Paleo meal plan has been designed for two people and as per the size of your household, you can adjust the amount.

The lunches that you take in this diet meal are portable if necessary. This has been intended for people who are working or studying. The breakfast food can be made very fast and they are portable too in nature.  If you can follow this menu for two weeks, you will be able to find a considerable improvement in weight and health. This Paleo menu can be taken by men and women safely, say the experts here!

Follow the menu plan and the grocery list

Weston A. Price Foundation  experts have made it easy for you to follow the Paleo menu. If you go to their blog, you will find that a printable PDF on the menu and grocery list are available online when you contact them . You may take a printout of both of them and stick them on a board or wall so that you do not miss out on the salient facts of the menu.

Once you start, you will find significant improvement in health, the experts here say!

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