American TV show – FRIENDS

My favorite American TV show – FRIENDS

It’s been 12 years since the last episode of Friends was aired on television and even today no other TV show has been able to compete with its global success. A story revolving around the lives of 6 friends, who live together, treat and care for each other like family and share a lot of secrets is just fantastic. Just like every other group they have their misunderstandings, their moments of laughter and a hell lot of humor. Trust me on this, if you’re having a bad day all you need to cheer yourself up is binge watch some episodes of it because it will make you forget all your problems in a flash of a moment. Each and every episode of this show is filled with humor and wit.

 American TV show – FRIENDS

Chandler being my favorite character had tough life growing up and yet turned out all okay with a great deal of sarcasm in him. Remember the time when Monica and he were looking for a home and they ran into Janice to which Janice said “Oh My God! What a small world.” and Chandler being all witty he replied ‘and yet I never run into Beyoncé’. Phoebe on the other hand was not pampered like others, she lived off streets, her mother killed herself and her twin sister was not on talking terms with her. Now with such a disturbed childhood who would have thought that she could build such a wonderful life for herself. (Friends T-Shirts India)

A troubled on and off relationship between Ross and Rachel that frankly describes half of the relationships these days holds all the characters together. A huge line of guys used be ready to date the spoilt brat Rachel and she chose the best of all – Ross. A ladies man with his famous dialog “How you doin’?” Any guesses? I know you know who I am “quoting” right now. The one who doesn’t know the use of “” while speaking. #WhaddupFriendsReference. Joey, the star of those days of our lives who loved like a kid, flirted like a charm and ate like an elephant because Joey shares no food.

“A lot can happen over a coffee.” Well, that’s the slogan of a popular Indian coffee chain but fits perfectly for Central Perk where the friends spent most of their time. It shows that you don’t always need a bar to hang out at.

P.S. – Their lives were a hope, that even if your life is not perfect right now, it is going to be alright in the end. You will have a bunch of friends as broken as you yet competing with life at every moment. Every single character had their pros and cons, they were all going through rough times (I mean Ross had 3 divorces, just saying) but they had each other as their strength at every step who also made a few jokes about each other’s problems because what is a true friend if he doesn’t make fun of you, with you.

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Barclays contact number to connecting with head office

Organization was founded in 1690, in the small area of London on Average Street known as Lombard Street. No one knew that this organization will be competing it pre abettors such as Germany’s, France, USA, UK and Japan top banks. It was a small bank back then in late 1700-1743’s. The main fathers of this organization John Freame and Thomas Gould two best close friends has done so much on this organization to raise up above from their expectation. Within their living days they have earned enough respect, money, name and reputation that they can surely be given in safe hands. You can connect with Barclays contact number head office to gain access via different ways, Such as:

Barclays card

Application: You can download our application on android, IOS or Black-berry OS to begin your purchases. Application is free to download and can work in all district within its range. App is free to download, you just simply enter your whole account information in this tiny manufactured software to view all of your data, packages left, balance, banking info, Payments and bills etc. You can also transfer your money from one account to another if you have multiple links with single bank as Barclays.

Bottom are the progress made earlier by this shop.

  • In 1966, this Universal bank has introduced their very first credit card.
  • In 1995, Barclays has introduced online management system on all over the place in order to reduce live stress and can give people a comfortable life.
  • In 2003, chip and pin was slide and rolled away from the track.
  • In 2007, Bank has announced free account payments for the new one to make their assets much bigger than ever before.
  • In 2014, the free account they have just announced in 2007 was all over across London to North-America and so much more.
  • Android app have just released to do Barclays Contact number head office.

The first person to sign for Barclay card was women in 1973, she sign up for Barclays card for very first time in their history and it was only beginning. In 2015, these card have completed their revolution of 50 years and must celebrate with a surprise, so what they have done with all customers and owners of Barclays card is that they gave them 300$ free shopping entry on prize bond approaching which has done so much with them.

You can also create your multiple accounts with Barclays to spare more money into one place which is safe and secure. If you linked your secondary account with your primary one than you will get bonus hourly on primary account and some decent discount to be touched. Barclays has also introduced their new head office number that is situated in London and the number is 00 44 24 7684 2100. They have also decreased their duty timing and vice-versa has increased the income of their workers. They also give their rental to workers. In order you want to begin with Barclays contact number head office and want to arrange a meeting with manager, you can begin with above mentioned number.

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Muslim Prayer Times NYC Schedule in USA

Prayer Times in NYC

Muslims live all over the world and prayer is the part of the religion Islam that the Muslims cannot ignore at any cost. Allah has ordered Muslims to offer prayers and in the Holy Quran, there are many verses about the importance of prayers. Therefore; here I have shared Prayer Times in NYCfor the Muslims living in New York City.


Prayer Times in New York and Other Countries

Prayer Times in NYCand in other parts of this world cannot remain same throughout the year. The times to offer prayers five times a day are calculated by looking at the sun. There is a different prayer time schedule each day. Prayer Times NYC and in all other countries keep on changing slightly.

Muslims offer five obligatory prayers each day and the time to offer each prayer Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha is different each day. Here you will find the guide about Prayer Times in NYC. You will find here that how to know about Prayer Times in NYC.

The Morning Prayer

At the beginning of the day, the time to offer the Morning Prayerof the day starts.To offer Morning prayer, the time limit is the time between thebreaking of the dawn and sunrise. There are four Rakats in Fajr prayer. Offering Fajr prayer is a good way in Islam to start your day by worshipping Allah and by beating Satan.

The Noon Prayer

After the morning prayer, the Muslims offer noon prayer. Muslims offer this prayer when it is noon. Therefore; the name of this prayer of the day is also noon prayer. The decline of the sun from its zenith indicates the start time to offer the noon prayer. One can offer the noon prayer till midday.

The Afternoon Prayer

After the noon prayer, it is the time to offer the afternoon prayer. There are four Rakats in the afternoon or Asar prayer. With the end of the time to offer noon prayer, the time to offer the afternoon prayer starts. The end time of the afternoon prayer is just before sunset.

The Evening Prayer

Muslims offer a prayer in the evening. Therefore; the name of this prayer is Maghrib or the evening prayer. There are three Rakats in the evening prayer. Right after the sunset, one can offer the evening prayer. A little before the spreading of the complete darkness of the sky, the evening prayer time ends.

The Night Prayer

The next prayer after the evening prayer the Muslims offer is the night or Isha prayer. When complete darkness has spread on the sky, it is the time one can offer Isha prayer. The time of the night prayer extends to dawn time.

This is all about Prayer Times in NYC. If you do not offer prayers on time, it is also a sin. For Muslims, offering prayers on time is as essential as to offer prayers. Always rememberthese prayer timings and always perform your prayers on their exact times.

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person got a Speeding Ticket after his car got towed


This person got a Speeding Ticket after his car got towed

his is a true story when the Australian speeding camera caught an SUV speeding down the highway above the speed limit. The speed camera captured the license plate of the vehicle and an automated system delivered a notice along with a photographic proof to the registered vehicle’s owner. You think the Justice got served, right?
The problem here was that the SUV was loaded on the back of a tow truck, and of course sometimes technology can’t be right.

Delion Towing West Hollywood can handle any roadside assistance and towing problems you have. With over ten years of activity and experience they are providing the best service in the city.
You can take a look at the copy of speeding ticket that was received in the mail.
Earlier that day, the registered vehicle owner had been in an accident which was of low-impact and no one was hurt. But the real damage came when the owner of the car received an Infringement Notice from Department of Transport, fining him for speeding despite the fact that he wasn’t in the car and most importantly his car wheels were not even moving. His car was being towed by a Towing Services in West Hollywood, CA. This isn’t the first incident of its kind but obviously we cannot even blame the speed camera for this kind of incident.


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Islamic Prayer time schedule DC Washington

Prayer Times DC

Do not know about exact DC prayer times? Azan informs us that it is the time to pray. If you missed hearing the sound of Azan or if the voice of Azan does not reach in your region, you will know that how you can know about prayer time DC here. Signs of the day tell us that which prayer of the day is to offer at what time.


The Five Daily Prayers in Islam

Prayer is the pillar of the religion Islam. A true Muslim cannot ignore to offer his prayers regularly on time. For him, his prayer is everything as a prayer is a call from Allah. It is just like an attendance in the school of Allah and your result in the world after this world depends on it. There are five prayers named as Fajr, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha every Muslim offers a day.

Prayer Time in DC

How to know about prayer time in Dc? Here are the time limits for offering each prayer of the day mentioned below. Offer each prayer within set time limits else it would be a Qaza prayer.  Each prayer of the day is offered at a different time of the day.

Fajr Prayer Time

Muslims start their day with Fajr prayer and it is the first prayer out of five prayers in Islam. The prayer is offered to start your day with the name of Allah Almighty. The Fajr prayer time DC starts with the appearance of morning light on the sky.

Fajr Prayer Time Ends

The time of Fajr prayer ends at sunrise. Therefore; Muslims offer Fajr before sunrise early in the morning.

Zohar Prayer Time

 When the sun on the sky has passed its zenith, it indicates the starting time of Zohar prayer. It is important to offer this prayer with 12 Rakats as it is during the time of the second prayer of the day when Allah closes the accounts of his people. Therefore; the time must be spent worshipping Allah.

Zohar Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Zohar prayer 20 minutes before the starting time of Asar prayer.

Asar Prayer Time Ends

The Asar Prayer is the most important prayer of the day. The Asar prayer time in DC starts in the late afternoon. There are 8 Rakats in Asar prayer. It is the time of the day when everyone is busy in his activities and taking a short break to offer Asar prayer is a way to keep the Allah remembered even in the busiest time of the day.

Asar Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Asar prayer until the time of sunset.

Magrib Prayer Time

 The time of the fourth prayer of the day starts when the sun goes down. Maghrib prayer time in DC is the time to close your day by remembering Allah.

Maghrib Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Maghrib prayer till there is red light seen in the sky.

Isha Prayer Time

Isha prayer is also of great significance. To end their day with the name of Allah, the Muslims offer Isha prayer. It is the end of the day and Muslim ask Allah for forgives and guidance for the coming day. The Isha prayer time in DC starts with the disappearance of red light after sunset on the sky.

Isha Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Isha prayer till the appearance white light on the sky.

This is how you can know about prayer time DC. We can say that offering a prayer indicates that you are a Muslim. Uniformity is visible when Muslims offer five prayers a day this way. While offering a prayer they stand in a straight position facing Kaaba. Homogeneity exists while the Muslims all over the world offer prayers. A Mozin makes a call five times a day at DC prayer times to call Muslims towards Allah in DC. The same happens in other parts of the world too.

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Nail designs have become a very popular trend now days. Both men and women have the desire to look more beautiful and cute so they adopt some fashions to make them self cute and different from others. However, in women this desire is much higher than males. Women do make up, wear jewelry and also do some other things to achieve this goal.  For them, one of the cheapest and amazing thing is nail designing.

The nail designs enhance the beauty of women or ladies and they look so cute and pretty among others. There are a lot of pretty nail designs that are very popular and enhance enough beauty .The pretty nail designs consists of both simple and complex designs. These designs look so cute on all types of nails like short, long and artificial nails also.

Before you go to make any type of nail design, it is necessary that you should have to complete knowledge of following things.

Nail preparation:

For Nail preparation, first of all it is very important for you to remove the previous nail polish from your nail. For this purpose use the nail polish remover. After that take a nail polish filer and start to shape your nail accurately. Here, you have two options to shape your nails in different ways like round or square shape. So take filler and make the desired shape on your nails. Keep in mind that shaping the nails is very important in order to make any design. click here for more info about nails and their solutions and Specially you will learn about Acrylic nails.

Design the nails:

Apply the base coat on the nail while shaping the nails. Keep in mind that always use light color nail polish for this purpose. A light color nail polish is easily available in the market and it is cheap also. It prevents your nails from gaining yellowish color.

Select the pretty art design and paint it accurately on your nail. It is good for you to select the simple nail design in the beginning and after that you can adopt a complicated design. After some time you will be able to get command in art designing. To enhance your nail beauty you can select combination or different colors.


Tool play vital role to make designs on the nails. For pretty nail designs it is very important for you to have right tool for this purpose. Here are some tools that are essential for any nail designing.

Nail brushes: Nail brushes are the essential for making any designs on the nails. Keep them in proper way and don’t let them to dry. Many people use nail art pens to make the design on the nails. These are the perfect for making lines. These works like pens.

Sponge: It is also an important tool that is used to make ombre design on the nails. You can also use nail brush in place of sponges for the same purpose. But sponges make the designing very easy. These are very helpful in attaining the softer look on nails.

Dotters:  Dotters are used in nail designing. These are very cheap and easily available in the market.

For more info:

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How to remove icloud lock from iPhone

So on the off chance that you purchased it your iPhone from companion, Amazon or second-hand and the past proprietor still has his data information put away then the IOS 9.3.2 Bypass iCloud Activation Lock IOS 9.4, IOS 10, 10.1 screen is the best technique to use to expel the bolt for all time. Losing an iPhones generally iPads running IOS 9.4, IOS 10, 10.1 can be a standout amongst the most appalling encounters in your life as both of your devices may have numerous individual for icloud lock activation in addition to private points of interest of yours. Other than discovering some individual’s iPhones can be uniformly testing as you wish to (or require to) give the telephones back to its proprietor. Simply envision that you have unearthed an iPhones that has a place with a vital individual else, and with each one icloud lock activationgreat goal, you wish for to give back that iPhones to its proprietor. Still with your trusts, you own not have the capacity to do as such until you gain the contact number generally email id of the holder. As the telephone is bolted, you can’t have admittance to anything put away inside. Besides if the proprietor has not put its iPhones on Lost Mode, you won’t have the capacity to watch a custom message set by the proprietor.


See this:

Well, you iPhone will look like this if you try to call anything or whatever. Following are the most important and useful to get rid of this problem for icloud lock activation:

  • Tap on the Menu.
  • Go down to Applications and tap on it.
  • Presently tap on Crash. With this activity, your iPhone will respring to the home screen, where you can see Apple logo.
  • Presently select your dialect and nation.
  • Tap on the home catch and select more Wi-Fi settings.
  • Tap on “i.”
  • Look down and tap on Menu under HTTP PROXY.
  • Clear the location bar and tap on the Globe on the console.
  • Sort in 15 to 30 characters haphazardly and sort in “8888” before Port and tap on Back for Bypass iCloud Activation Lock IOS 10.
  • Presently again tap on Next.

In conclusion, stay sliding to open and tap the dialect choice for 2 or 3 minutes with no giving your fingers some rest. This activity will demonstrate the route you to the home screen of iPhone. At the present, you can get to 3 applications, Phones, Newsstand, and Face Time. Other than each time you open one of the applications, you require restarting the iPhones. You can now quick Bypass iCloud Activation Lock just with this administration which Cloud Remover Company is putting forth. You can without much of a stretch IOS 9.3.2 Bypass iCloud Activation Lock IOS 9.4, IOS 10, 10.1 and it works for all iPhone models from 6, 6 or more, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 2 to the most seasoned and it doesn’t make a difference from where you have purchased it since this administration can help you expel the Activation screen bolt or Bypass iCloud lock activation forever.

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Features of the Best Women’s Casual Shoes

Features of the Best Women’s Casual Shoe’s

There are women who make it a point to have at least a pair of heels, flats, and sandals in their wardrobe. There are also women who focus on collecting fancy shoe types. There are also women who value function and comfort over style, thus they tend to wear casual shoes more often than formal types.
Shoes that fall into the casual category consist of walking shoes, espadrilles, and other types of footwear styles that are not intended for formal gatherings or for extreme outdoor activities. These are the shoes usually worn when running errands or doing leisurely activities such as strolling or hiking in the park.


But what are the features of the best women’s casual shoes? If you’re on the lookout for these shoes, here are some things you may want to keep in mind:
1. Comfort matters most.

The most important feature of the best casual footwear is the comfort. You need to be at ease with the shoes you’re trying on, as you will be using them for various occasions. When shopping for these shoes, you not only have to see if they fit, but also how they feel when you walk with them. It is a must that you feel comfortable in the shoes, and although it is common to feel a little stiff on them at first, you should be confident enough to say that they will work with your feet for the long term before actually buying a pair.

2. Durability matters too.

Aside from comfort, you also have to test for the shoes’ durability. What material are the shoes made of? Walking shoes are often made of synthetic material or a mix of leather and rubber. Other shoes, such as boat shoes and espadrilles, also come in the same fabrics.

It is also very important that you look at the durability of the soles. The soles of the shoes should not only be sturdy but also flexible enough to keep up with your movements. Stiff soles may cause your feet pressure and require more force to carry them when walking; you may easily feel tired after a few hours of walking in these shoes.

3. Flexibility should be considered.

Speaking of flexibility is also a must that your shoes are able to provide you with the right amount of traction, as yourMICHAEL Michael Kors® Lainey Dress Loafers - Womens Tailored - 949831 feet will be busy moving while in them. There are casual shoes that can be very stiff at first, but once you break them in they become flexible and easy to wear.

When testing for flexibility, you may want to try bending the shoe and see how it bounces back to its original form. You may also have to try it on your feet and see how it follows the direction of your foot movements.

4. The design is a must too.

The design also plays a role when selecting the best casual shoes. While design ranges from simple to fancy, it all boils down to your own personal taste when choosing which one to take.

However, if you don’t have the keen eye for design, then it’s best to stick to the basics. You may want to choose a simple yet versatile design in colours that are easy to clean, such as blue, black, or brown. Greys and whites are great shades too, although they can be difficult to maintain especially when you will be wearing them to various activities.

You may also want to consider shoes that are easy to slip on, such as those that have no fasteners or those that have fasteners that can be easily removed (such as Velcro tape). String-based fasteners can be annoying to tie and untie especially when you will be removing your shoes from time to time.

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Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

The Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

The Set of Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone  is simply an amazing item. They are comfortable in use and easily attached with cell phones like Samsung and iPhone. It does not take too much time to start about  4 to 6 minutes take which is include to add folder items and recommended to just read out instructions very easy to know how its work, pause, play, reverse, forward and attached. It has flexible in adjusting to any size and looks good.

It’s can wear for the hour or long easily because there is no problem come out like pain and aches. Ear stuff having fleece and smooth material, it’s made with a great quality of techniques to make more comfortable.
Its feel awesome when you are working anywhere and there is no worry to handle with a cord. You can put your cell phone on the side and can handle your listing with your headphones while walking or be cooking; etc., blue tooth power is great to go away approx. 10 meter or more. Another big benefit is to answer the call with them the problem solve you don’t go back to your cell to just pick up a call.


Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

It’s having HD stereo quality of sound, the productivity of sound is amazing by these headphones you can find definitely available at . Headphones have clear sound quality with the high pitch and great quality bass. Easy to use for non-important listings, even you can’t listen to your own voice.
It’s adjustable in listing and folding to take anywhere and it will not take too much space. Its light weighted and easily and quickly chargeable for a long time as its battery timing is remarkable. There is also On/Off buttons to save charging which is very useful.

You can avail Easy access to Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone on any time available in electronic wholesale and in china products.

Important features:
1) Insubstantial / Lightweight
2) Easy to use
3) Great sound quality
4) Assembled in mic
5) Rechargeable
6) No cord
7) Quick start
8) Long time battery
9) Left or right mention to use
10) On/off buttons
11) Sound volume, play, pause, reverse, forward buttons
12) Long-lasting
13) Used on any cell phone
14) High capacity
15) Stand-by
16) Natural sound

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Boost Your games unblocked at school With These Tips

Now you can effortlessly ingress to games, which unblocked at school through our website which offers you definitely mind hacking and refreshing games. As you know what are unblocked games and how to play them. Today we are going to tell you ways through which you can get access to games unblocked at school and how to play them masterly. Basically what we need to know is the types and categories of games you want to play at your school because it will be great if you will choose games that will also aid you in your learning processes.

games unblocked at school

Generally children are more addicted to games or video games mostly and this could give them negative results by means of their study levels. For coping up with this incredible situation, internet admin blocked various sites which offered video games online. But this is not a big deal if you still want to play those blocked games, just read more. You can easily get games unblocked at school by just clicking on our site link. Our site also give you a free hand from any type of restrictions or rules & regulations, so enjoy playing your favorite game with us without getting irritate with blocked links.

Other than this way, you will need to change your browser setting to approach unblocked games. Or you can also download VPN or can use Hotspot shield VPN to unblock games at school. VPN technology is very effective in getting privacy protection, your Wi-Fi security/connection, access to unrestricted data or content and much more. So by using VPN you can play games unblocked at school.

If you use Hotspot shield VPN service, it will help you by swapping your IP address with the IP link of their servers. All that’s all, this will help you to open any restricted site now because after doing so neither web spies nor network admin can track your activities on your smart phone or on your pc or even on your computers available at schools. I guess nothing is easier then this VPN technology service. Enjoy flashing and interesting games at school or anywhere you want.

List of some most famous and most wanted games by children at school are available below, by which you will be helpful in choosing games which are just perfect for children.

  • Hay Day
  • Ben 10 series

Ben 10 – rampage

Ben 10 – gadgets

Ben 10 – dragon blaze

Ben 10 – space invaders

Ben 10 – saves the city

Ben 10 – boxing 2

Ben 10 – space shooter

Ben 10 – alien kill zone

Ben 10 – truck smash

  • Subway surfers online
  • Air defence 3
  • Mario cart
  • Happy wheels
  • Drag racer
  • Into space 2
  • Pandemic 2
  • Raft wars
  • Pacman online

These are the games, which are unblocked at school very easily. Play them and get access many of famous other games too. Hopefully we will cooperate with you in spending you time in your boring class lectures.

Thanks for visiting, don’t forget to comment your queries.

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