Reasons why you should get your next event catered

Being your own caterer can take time, be stressful and challenging. Wouldn’t you want to be enjoying your own event without having to worry about food or your guests?  Everybody does. So why not just hire your own caterer?

Hiring the right caterer will save you time, stress and get the job done right. Professional catering companies will ensure your event is structured, guests are looked after and food and beverages are available throughout the event. Hiring a catering service will even make a statement towards your guests!

There are a few catering services out there. And so you should take advantage of what hiring a cater can do for your event.  As a professional company specialising in catering in Sydney, we understand the true benefits of having your event catered.

Listed below are the top 4 things hiring a caterer can do for you:  

  1. Save time and stress

Preparing food and drinks, positioning tables and chairs, and ensuring your guests are looked after can be the most time consuming and stressful aspect of catering. By hiring a caterer for your next occasion they can plan and prepare everything before, during and after the event. They will deal with specific food and drinks to provide, the decorations and most importantly your guests.  This will definitely be better for your mood, and health as you will be allowed to enjoy the party!

  1. Offer a versatile menu

Caterers know what they are doing. They do events all the time! So if you don’t know what foods or drinks to serve at your event, hiring a paella catering in Sydney is perfect you! Prior to the event they can sit down with you and propose the marvelous dishes they can provide. And since they’re the experts, you can bet it’s going to be amazing!  Caterers have such a variety of menu options; you and your guests will surely be satisfied.

  1. Leave an impression

There is something about catering that will signify importance and a classier feel to your event.  Whether it’s a business gathering, wedding or even a birthday party, having caters at your occasion will definitely make a statement to your guests. On top of this, guests will see you have put time and thought into the event and will get them to appreciate your efforts. Who wouldn’t want their guests leaving happy?

  1. Attention to detail

Boy Eats World includes on their website a tip about restaurants and all details. For example, when you cater at a party you will be rushed. You will want to get the food out as soon as possible and not worry about decorations. This can lead you to neglect detail resulting in an awkward and stale event. Upsetting your guests will be the last thing you want to do. The solution: hire a catering company. By hiring caterers their core purpose for the day will be to present themselves and most importantly the food and environment to perfection.

Paella Amor is one of the leading catering companies in Sydney.  You can trust this catering company to provide outstanding service, delicious food and beverages as well as a structured event leaving you and your guests satisfied. Whatever the occasion Paella Amor is the way to go.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spa Treatment

Are you a complete novice when it comes to spa treatments, unsure of what to expect from them? Or are you someone who’s had a bad spa experience, one that left you feeling disappointed?

Spa treatments can be expensive affairs and so, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned spa goer, getting the most bang for your buck is very important.

If you’re looking for some useful tips on how to get the most out of your spa treatment, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an extensive list of things you can do to ensure that your spa experience is worth every dollar you spend.

Find the Right Fit

The very first step to ensure a positive spa experience is to find the right spa for you. All of us have different expectations and ideas of what a spa experience should be like.

Some women want a luxurious, champagne-sipping spa experience while some others are looking for a more natural, wholistic spa or massage experience. Know your preference and then search online for spa Sydney to see all the available options.

Talk To the Experts

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of spas that ‘fit’ you, call them and talk to them. One of the major reasons for bad spa experiences is because the spa goer picked the wrong treatment.

Be clear on what you hope to gain from your visit to the spa and communicate this clearly to the experts. They will then help you choose a spa package that is customized to suit your needs.

Don’t Forget the Luxury Items

While choosing treatments that address your specific issues—be it neck or shoulder pain, leg cramps and whatnot—is important, it is equally important to add-on some luxury items to your package.

After all, the whole idea of going to a spa is to indulge and get pampered! So, opt for a mani-pedi combo or a hot oil scalp massage for that little extra something to make your spa visit special.

Time It Right

Of course, when going to a spa, the expectation is that we’ll get to unwind and relax in a calm environment. But to do that, you need to time your visit right. Spas tend to be crowded during the weekends and after-work hours on weekdays. So, if you want to enjoy your spa treatments without feeling rushed or having to wait for your turn, then go on a weekday during midday.

Also, be punctual. Make it a point to arrive early to your appointment. You will likely have to fill up some forms and consult with the spa specialist before your treatment begins.

Being early will ensure that all this happens before your ‘time’ begins, so you won’t waste precious minutes taking care of these mundane details instead of enjoying your treatment. Remember, time is money!

Communicate with Your Therapist

Don’t hesitate to communicate with your therapist. If you want them to deepen the pressure during a massage, or skip a certain area where you’re ticklish, be sure to let them know. Getting immediate feedback will help them give you the best treatment and you will in turn leave feeling satisfied with your spa Sydney experience. Therapists are not mind readers, so be vocal about your likes and dislikes and connect with them to get the most out of your treatment.

Know The Cost

Another major area of dissent when it comes to spa treatments is the costs. If your therapist suggests that you get an extra twenty minutes of neck and shoulder massage because those are your problem areas, ask them how much it would costs.

These in-the-moment customisations almost always come with an added cost. Some people assume that they are a part of the treatment and are later frustrated when they see the bill. So, don’t shy away from asking the cost of everything just to avoid such confusions.

Inform Them of Allergies/Sensitivities

This is a very crucial step. Before your treatment starts, be sure to inform the therapists of allergies, if any. Spas use a lot of potent stuff, from essential oils to herbal remedies. If you are allergic to something, or if you have a strong dislike for the smell of something, then let the therapist know.

Don’t endure anything, however small. The idea of a spa day is to relax and enjoy, not fret about a smell that you don’t like or worry about whether you’ll have a bad reaction to some of the stuff used on you.

Follow these tips to make the most of your spa day. It’s all about knowing the potential potholes and how to avoid them.

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The Basics of Point of Sale (POS) and Merchandise Logistics

Every company needs to know how to organise and implement the complex processes of their business. Logistics refers to how your business runs and how you get your product (or service) from one point to another.

There are a lot of different types of logistics and what you need will depend on the type of business you run. For the purposes of this piece of content we will be taking a look at the basics of point of sale logistics and merchandise logistics.

It is important you understand the basics of these two forms of logistics because it will help you understand if this type of logistics is needed. As well as this, if you are looking to outsource your logistics services, some basic information will help you choose the most suitable business.

Point of Sale (POS) Logistics

POS is where the sales are actually made. This could be either a physical place, like a checkout counter or it could be a virtual space if you had an e-commerce website. There are a lot of different tools that fall into the POS category. Things such as cash registers, barcode scanner and electronic card readers all assist in POS logistics.

POS logistics have advanced in the last couple of years. Normally when completing a transaction in a physical store, consumers would be issued with a paper receipt. Now some businesses are asking for consumers email and the receipt will be provided to them that way.

You need to ensure your POS logistics runs smoothly otherwise it will act as a major deterrent for consumers. Your electronic POS will streamline the transaction process no matter the industry you are in.

As well as this, by having proper POS logistics in place you will be able to track important sales data. This will help you in the future as the POS system will be able to tell you what products are most popular and when you need to order more. There is also the ability to increase functionality by using devices including barcode scanners and card readers. Using these tools will do wonders to streamline the POS logistics process.

You will probably need to have POS logistics for your company. If you don’t have a proper POS system in place it could be difficult for consumers to actually purchase anything from you. As well as this, with a POS you are able to easily track inventory which will help understand your gross revenue and your sales patterns.

Merchandise Logistics

Merchandise logistics usually forms the link between purchasing and sales. There are a few key areas that merchandise logistics typically covers:

  • Merchandise distribution – this helps to regulate the flow of goods from a vendor to either the store or a customer. Think about how your products are going to make it from one place to another. Will you need a distribution centre? If so, how many will you need? You also should think about the location of your distribution centres.
  • Inventory management – your merchandise figures will change as consumers purchase products. It is important to keep a close eye on stock changes so you know how much of each product you have left. This is where POS logistics comes in, to help better manage inventory.
  • Goods receipt – when a transaction has taken place (or the goods have been delivered to a consumer) you need to provide identification for the goods. This is done through printing a receipt.

When thinking about your merchandise logistics it is important that you understand what you want to get out of the process. When you have a better understanding of what you need merchandise logistics to do, you can choose a more suitable logistics firm for the task.

Pendulum Logistics can help you with everything point of sale and merchandise logistics related. We take the time to understand your individual situation and therefore can provide you with the most tail-made solutions to your logistics problems.

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Cool Timeline is a WordPress timeline plugin. This plugin ensures that user creates their own timeline on their website. This enables not only attractive content for the user but also attractive enough to promote the data for the users out there. Such timeline Meta has been recently introduced and has been famous around the market for a different large category of users. People are adopting it because it is easy to use people get to see different kinds of data in an attractive way.

What are different kind of Pro Features of the Cool Timeline?

Pro features are those which are availed through buying the product. Some companies tend to charge monthly. Some companies charge yearly or once in a lifetime. Following are the Pro features of this WordPress timeline plugin.

The Cool Timeline plugin helps in creating both horizontal and Vertical Timeline. This means timeline won’t be created in one format. This is totally dependent on the user how they want to customize content. Some Website hardcode the timelines. But this plugin allow users to get attractive and set the timeline according to their liking.

Step by Step Timeline is also a new but interactive feature for the user. The user will simply have to upload the content or the picture but they have to set up the timeline in a way that it will be interactive step by step tutorial for the user. Developers have taken into account about the user needs. They have gone through the hurdles of developing and testing the plugin according to the current Meta.

Product Timeline is also available in this plugin. Before 2014 when a website owner had to display their content online. They would take different surveys and then create a blog document online to display different products. But now due to this WordPress timeline plugin user can create different kind of product information in form of the product timeline. They can create pros and cons of the product for the users to decide the product itself. They can also create different kind of coloring scheme on the timeline. The coloring scheme is also effective for the Graphic user interface. As this attracts the user towards the product. Highlighting the products Pros with different attractive colors can be really effective in the marketing product.

Different marketing experts are moving their product information in such way so that user can be attracted towards the product. The timeline was a great idea but this plugin takes it one step ahead of that idea. Using cool timeline plugin for a school website can also makes a different to show different events throughout the year. Effective and full of life content inform of the timeline is a dream come true. Giving user control of their information always come handful towards creating loyal visitors.

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Why RFID Wallets are common Requirements of the Society?

Charlie used to say there would come a time when these chips would take over the actual money and people will be scammed helplessly. Guess Charlie was right. The credit users are bothered with the idea to bring their card in the open. This is a trend is going viral between the states and credit card skimmers are the one to blame for such terror.

One might get surprised by hearing that someone using a fake identity card. But would definitely go into paralysis after hearing there credit card has been used to purchase something they have never dreamed off. Now reversing this purchase would take a long process and users wouldn’t be able to use their money.

What is RFID Technology?

All the new technology Credit cards have a famous and commonly used technology known as RFID chips. This technology is advanced from its predecessors. The owner just has to touch the cards to the scanner. Old generation was required to channel between the scanners of the machine or they were inserted in the machine. That resulted in either delay of scanning because of the speed of the user itself or the card remain stuck due to machine taking too long to scan the card.

How can identity be stolen off a credit card?

Credit card identity can be easily stolen. Cases of the irregular usage of credit cards are rising daily. As the great philosopher say “everything has a rise and fall”. RFID credit cards were very superior to their predecessor but take a scenario where you are a proud owner of the RFID credit card and decided to go for a walk. There comes a hacker or skimmer that scans the credit without you realizing all the information will be in the hands of that hacker. They can either choose to buy from any other country or can simply ship a costly artifact to their place. Such kind of threat is being posed with the usage of the RFID Credit cards.

What is RFID wallet?

RFID wallet is the Superheroes of credit cards. They not only defend the person personal information. But they block all the scanning range of those RFID scanning machines. The main idea behind the RFID wallets that each credit card has an RFID tag. Whenever a hacker needs to hack he needs to read the RFID tag through the RFID scanning machine.

Understanding RFID skimming: it’s time block your personal data breach. To block the range of RFID machines RFID wallets were created from a specially designed material which has common properties. These properties block all the radio frequency. Now the credit tags cannot be scanned and the consumers will easily use the credit cards for their purchase. That is why they are known as the perfect Guard against all the extra penetration.

There are different types of RFID wallets available that you can purchase from various online stores. Different designs for men’s wallets with identity protection can fulfill all your needs. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your wallet.

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We frequently get asked the amount it would cost to introduce enough photovoltaic (PV)solar panels on a house or business working to produce one’s own particular electrical vitality. There are sites to help with this, and Solar Power Authority even has a free solar number cruncher and quote apparatus, however they can befuddle unless you’re a technologist .

In the USA, a dependable guideline is that the normal house devours power at the rate of 1 kW for every hour (kWh). There are around 730 hours in every month, and the normal cost of a kWh of power is $0.10. So a normal month to month bill would be around $73 for 730 kWh of power.

Obviously, this can shift impressively in the event that you have non-standard things, for example, a hot-tub, or some electrical system running ceaselessly. Expanded PC utilize, plasma screen TVs and computer games consoles can likewise have an effect. Your use will increment altogether in months when you run an aerating and cooling unit, also. At last, the cost of power shifts broadly over the USA, from as low as $0.07/kWh in West Virginia to as much as $0.24/kWh in Hawaii. You’ll need to modify my rules likewise, on the grounds that they apply to a normal home with normal utilization and normal power costs.

A traditionalist incentive to use as a solar panels creating limit is 10 watts/sq. ft. This speaks to a board change proficiency of around 12%, which is commonplace. This implies for each kW you create, you require around 100 sq. ft. of sun based boards. In the event that the sun shone 24 hours per day, you could set up 100 sq. ft. of boards and have enough vitality to control the normal home.

Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, the sun is accessible just amid sunshine hours, and the sum accessible every day is very reliant on the degree of overcast cover. Likewise, the length of every day is subject to the season. Luckily, there are assets on the web to enable you to make sense of how long every day (by and large) you can rely on the sun to sparkle, in light of where you live.

The midpoints over the USA shift from around 3 hours for every day in places like Seattle, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, to 5 or 6 hours for each day in states like Colorado and California, to a high of 7 hours for each day in Arizona. This means the span of the board cluster required can change, somewhere in the range of 400 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. (i.e., 4 kW to 8 kW), contingent upon where you live. You’ll require more boards on the off chance that you live in an area that gets less daylight every day, and less on the off chance that you live in an area that gets more.

On the off chance that your service organization enables you to have net metering that is, they supply you with a unique meter that will turn in reverse when you create more power than you utilize your yearly bill can normal out at zero. In light of shorter days in the winter, you’ll likely be a net buyer of power in that season and a net maker in the late spring months. A lattice tied framework like this is not the same as off-network frameworks utilized as a part of remote areas with no electrical administration; those require batteries, which can essentially build general framework costs.

At the season of this written work, the introduced cost of sun powered boards was between $7-$9 per watt: A 5 kW framework would cost around $25,000-$35,000. Numerous service organizations offer motivators, and some sponsor as much as half of framework costs. Indeed, even at a large portion of the cost, however, a system that produces a normal $75 of power every month could set aside a long opportunity to pay for itself.

For instance: A system that expenses $18,000 has a payback time of around 20 years. The cost of a sun oriented board today is around $3 per watt, and the additional cost of establishment brings costs up to $5-$6 per watt. Note: Installation costs for PV frameworks incorporate both work and the hardware expected to tie the sunlight based cluster into your current electrical framework.

Standard Solar System Components

This raises an essential point: it takes more than a solar panels to get a PV framework up and running, however. Truth be told, there are for the most part four segments in each PV framework:

Solar panels – catches sun’s vitality and believers it to power

Controller – ensures batteries by managing the stream of power

Batteries – store power for later utilize

Inverter – changes over vitality put away in a battery to voltage expected to run standard electrical hardware

The whole framework is the thing that drives the cost of solar and hardware like batteries should be supplanted after some time.

Fortunately the expenses for solar panels are required to keep on dropping, as thin film boards from organizations like First Solar, Nano solar, and AVA Solar wind up plainly accessible to the private market. At this moment, however, First Solar is just pitching to business clients. Nano solar and AVA Solar presently can’t seem to increase their creation offices. It will enthusiasm to see where this all goes in the following year or two, since these organizations are discussing extremely forceful value targets — in the request of $1-2 for each watt — and volumes that are a few times the present aggregate yield.

Expecting that establishment and helper gear expenses can be decreased to around $1 per watt, at that point a 5 kW framework may cost as meager as $10,000, and the payback time frame would be 10 years, even without sponsorships. This makes PV sun based establishments significantly more appealing. Obviously, this accept electric rates remain steady.

In any case, they are probably going to ascend as fuel and other framework costs increment, so payback periods might be significantly shorter later on. Meanwhile, hope to see more PV sun powered boards introduced on rooftops, particularly in ranges with great solar conditions or with higher-than-normal power rates.

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The Free Ultimate Cell Phone Tracking App For Android and IOS

Cell phone tracking apps are very common these days as many people want to track their device for different purposes. Whether you need to track your own mobile in case you forget where you have placed your mobile and not able to get access to that, you might want to use a tracking app to find the exact location of your cell phone. Or parents can track the cell phone of their kids in order to track the movement of the kids.

You can find various mobile tracking applications on Android or iOS devices that allow the parents to install the application on the target phone, which might be the cell phone of their kids, and then they get the updates of the exact location of target mobile phone. Other than this, parents would also like to spy on the kid’s cell phone to make it sure that they are not using their cell phone for wrong, illegal, or unethical activities.

You can find various android applications on the play store which allows performing all these tasks for the security purposes. Almost all the phone tracker app android or iOS based uses the mobile hardware to track the phone; these applications have nothing to do with the service provider. Mostly these applications use the GPS of the mobile to track the location and other activity of the cell phone.

A good cell phone tracking app will allow you to get the exact GPS location of your target phone and it can also show you the complete route history that provides you information about the different locations where the target phone was used. This is the best feature if you want to monitor the movement of your kids to know where they go and what they do.

Then these applications can also show you the SMS history from the target phone. All the messages which are received or sent by phone could be monitored using your laptop or computer. Same like, SMS, you can also check the call history, in & out, using these cell phone tracking applications.

Learn about: How to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone FREE

Website blocking is another feature which parents want to have on their mobile tracking apps so that they can block the unethical or harmful sites for their kids on their target phone. You can get the free cell phone tracker app that has all these features in a single phone tracker app android version. There are no charges to download the application. This application has many more features like Skype tracking, Snapchat tracking, website history tracking, Facebook tracking, and much more. Just give it a try; we hope you will like this free cell phone tracking application.


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This marketing tool has become remarkably popular with the entrepreneurs and the startup businesses use this tool to promote their goods and service to the people. There are a number of processes involved in this supply and each of them is equally important for the success of the effort. The effort starts with the designing of this leaflet or flyer. Then the prospective customers are identified as well as the flyers are distributed after selecting the perfect distribution method. Finally, you can monitor the delivery and make sure that the flyers are really given to the appropriate folks.

The Flyer

Designing the flyer is quite significant in flyer distribution. There are a number of areas of a flyer such as the size, shape, weight, color and wording. The smaller size is preferred for hand-to-hand supply on the roads. If the flyer is quite small and lightweight, it can easily be folded and stored in the pocket or handbag. The large poster size may also be designed for those who have some images to present and in addition, if the product requires a colorful representation. When you decide the dimensions, you can consider the color and form of the flyer. Based upon your product, you can pick a sober color and a rectangular form of the flyer. You can even pick bold colors if you would like. The wording from the flyer is aimed to draw the people and so should have a revenue tone. State the advantages and the characteristics and appeal to the people to purchase today.

The Method of Distribution

Important ones can be categorized as door-to-door and hand-to-hand. From the door-to-door method, the flyers are given out in the houses of the people. The flyers could be given solely by themselves or shared with other flyers or a paper. From the hand-to-hand method, the flyers are handed out right to the people on the roads. The flyers may also be stored at vantage points on the roads so that individuals can pick them up when wanted. These flyers are also stored under the windshield of parked automobiles below this flyer distribution technique.

Tracking the Flyer

Really getting the flyers. You may request the distributor to take a GPS unit on them to monitor their position. These vendors also have a daily goal to meet and take a camera to document the actual delivery of their flyers. They also need to report back when they’ve covered each street. This manner, you can monitor the delivery of every flyer. You may also track the response for those who have a promotional offer with the flyer. By counting the amount of individuals who come after obtaining the flyer, you will figure out the success of this flyer distribution effort.

Door Hangers

Now you want to figure out just how you’re going to get the most out of them. Your ultimate objective will be to increase awareness and create revenue for your business, but how are yours going to actually make that big of an effect? Here are some useful hints to guide you through the process of door hanger distribution efficiently to be able to maximize profits.

The success of your effort is Going to start during the design and design procedure. While you’re likely to contain all pertinent information somewhere on your door hangers, the main issue to be certain of is that you have an attention-grabbing headline. You need to be able to have your door hanger stand out immediately. Whether this is by means of a terrific headline in bold font, or a bright picture with vivid detail, then you need to accomplish this task first of all.

Attention and be sure that your prospective clients follow through with a purchase, include a call to action or voucher of some type. Perhaps it’s a buy one get one free sort of offer, or just a coupon to get a percentage off of the purchase. The point being that you’re likely to generate a much bigger response rate if you include a while of enticing offer on your door hangers.

Then choose your paper inventory and It’s ideal to publish them on a heavy card stock. This way, they will be more lasting than your average flyer or mailer. If you’re really interested in earning your door hangers are durable and weather proof as possible, you might look at completing an aqueous coating over them or laminating them. Based on the message you’re sending and how long you need them to continue will dictate your finishing choices.

Hangers, it is going to be time for you to distribute them. You want to have a certain area that you’re going to go door to door and deliver every one. It’s a fantastic idea to have someone who’s knowledgeable about your organization and will have the ability to answer any questions which a customer may have when you arrive at their doorstep. Occasionally during deliveries, you may run into the homeowner and this is why you have to have prepared staff to answer queries.

Another Great practice for door It’s a smart idea to Have an additional stack available to you whether in your car or in your workplace. This way, you’ll have yours ready whenever you need them. Though they Are meant for somebody’s doorknob, they may be offered to a possible Client at any time. Order information published on each door hanger for each possible client to see.

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Capturing YouTube Videos with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

YouTube has grown to be synonymous with viewing online videos, and odds are you watch content on it fairly regularly. In fact there may even be certain videos that you enjoy watching repeatedly due to how funny, inspiring or useful it is.

The only problem with watching your favorite videos repeatedly on YouTube is that you will have to be online every time that you want to do so. Additionally the person who initially uploaded them may take them down without any notice, in which case you won’t be able to watch them.

In both cases the solution is simple: Save the YouTube videos so you can watch them without being online and whenever you want. Since YouTube doesn’t have a feature for you to do that however, your best bet is to use Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to capture the video and then save it after that.

Assuming you’re already on YouTube and have the video open, just launch Movavi Screen Capture for Mac and click on ‘Record screen’. Next define the capture area by drawing a frame on the screen using the mouse cursor.

In the interface that appears you should check to make sure the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted, or click on it once if not. At the same time you may want to ensure the ‘Microphone’ icon isn’t highlighted, so that Movavi Screen Capture for Mac doesn’t record audio from it.

That is really all that you have to set up, and when you’re ready you can click ‘REC’ to start recording and play the YouTube video once you do. Once the recording is complete click ‘Stop’, and Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will automatically save the video to your hard drive and open up a preview window so you can go over it.

Within the preview window you could trim out any excess video that may have been inadvertently recorded by using the ‘Scissors’ icon to split the clip and then the ‘Trash can’ icon to delete the parts you don’t want. When you’re done you can click ‘Save as’ and choose a format or preset to save your video.

It is worth noting that Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will let you control all the other recording parameters as well including the sound levels, frame rate, and so on. It also has features that will allow you to schedule the recording, capture keyboard and mouse actions, or grab webcam footage.

As you can see it is easy to capture YouTube video on Mac with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac. It should only take you a minute or two to set things up, and you can then record any video you like from YouTube so that you can watch it at your pleasure.

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Basic Attacking Mistakes made by Players on TH9 War Base

To win Clash of Clans, you should retain strength of your army. Do not lose your army and troops because they are bigger and important part of your game play. At times, players make common kind of attacking mistakes when they play from TH9 war base. As soon as you start to suspect some kind of traps then as a smart player you should better make a deployment of your troops and army. Traps made by opponents might make your army weak. But strong deployment of troops will let players to face these traps smartly. Do use these troops of yours and spells at their best.

How to deploy your troops?

As long as your troops are not in really much fitting mode on coc th9 war base, you cannot handle your opponents. Your selected troops and army should be deployed in a manner that both sides of your war base should be covered. If you face any of the defense damage then you should have enough tank power at your end. This tank power will cover with your defense damage. Players should have a side line plan that how can they defend theirselves if they are right in clan castle. It is best if you will have some spare troops in your Clan Castle and in the camp of your army.

Use your heroes correctly and right on time

One of the most powerful and best attacking troops in this game of Clash of Clans are these heroes. These heroes will work for you only if you will use them on correct timings. Do not waste and ruin potential of your heroes. Most of the players, they simply deploy their heroes in the middle of their play. Deploying your heroes in the middle of game plays will ruin their ability. You should correctly use ability of your heroes. Improve this hero usage of yours. You can carry out hero ability test as well. Through this ability test, real potential and real capability of heroes can be known by you.

Do suspect your traps correctly and on point

On coc th9 war base, you should suspect your traps on point and correctly. Create a strategy to out smartly tackle these traps. You can un-arm all those traps which are laid by your enemies. Players should be prepared that bad surprises and bad attacks are waiting for them. First identify those traps and then un-arm them. Attackers in this game have laid many dangerous traps for players. So identify and un-arm these traps courageously.

Never deploy all of your troops in together or combined form

This is a silly mistake when a player deploy all of his troops in one single go. You should not use all of your troops together. Deploy them smartly and do learn that how you can use them productively. Through these silly mistakes, your attackers can easily jump on you and counter attack on you.

Stay tuned.

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