How to Select the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Website

Selecting a web hosting is not as easy as many people believe. A common perception is that if one hosting provider offering hosting plans in $4.0 per month whereas another provider offering in $2.95, then the latter one is the better option. But remember cheap is not always the best. For a new website or for a new business, obviously, you have to look for the low price in order to keep things in control, but you have to consider carefully, what are the services you are getting for that price?

The few things that you must consider before buying a hosting service are mentioned below:

  • Hosting Space: The first thing you should consider before selecting a hosting provider for you is to check how much storage space they are offering to host your website. Few web hosts will offer only 1GB to 2GB storage space while many good web hosts have great packages to offer unlimited storage space with fair usage policy. So you have to see what is your requirement, how much data you need to host on your server and then you have to select the provider.
  • Bandwidth: Just hosting space is not enough; bandwidth plays a vital role when you start getting visitors on your website. They consume bandwidth while they are surfing on the website and exploring different pages. 2GB storage space might be enough for the website but it is not enough as a bandwidth in any case. So you have to look for web hosting provider offering unlimited or unmetered bandwidth.
  • Domains you can host: In the start, you might need the hosting service only for one website but in future, you might be interested to host more websites/domain on the same hosting account. Especially freelancers and bloggers need to host 3 to 4 websites on the same host because the main purpose of their blogging is to make money online using Google Adsense. So it is better to get a hosting plan in $5 or $6 per month with unlimited websites hosting facility rather go with a $3.0 per month that allow hosting only one domain.
  • Free Email Addresses: To communicate with your clients, you need different email addresses for the different departments and employs of your company. So look for the web hosting offering unlimited free email addresses for your domain name so that you can communicate with others in a more professional way.
  • SQL or MySQL Databases: You can run different scripts on your single domain, for example, you can host a PHP script on your main domain, and install a WordPress blog at and also you can host a forum as well at; and for this, you need different MySQL databases. You should have the option to use unlimited MySQL databases rather than only with 1 or 2 MySQL databases option.
  • One Click Script Installation: Installing WordPress, Magento, phpBB, or other scripts might be tricky for new website owners. You can find many hosting providers who offer 1 click WordPress installation to set up the WordPress blog/website in no time. So look for this; if the hosting provider offers you this facility or not?

These are the few tips about how to select the best web host for your website. You can find various hosting services that offer such type of services, for example, Hostgator, Fatcow, iPage, and many others. One more thing that you should consider before selecting the web host is whether they are offering free website migration facility or not? From the above mentioned hosting providers only Hostgator is good enough that is offering to transfer your website from your old hosting provider to your new hosting account at Hostgator.

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5 Business Ideas for Students with Almost No Startup Cost

To make your life easy and to fulfill all your needs, you need to compete with the rest of the world. These days, it is not possible to survive for a family with only one person working to earn money and to support all other family members. Usually in developing countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is the responsibility of the head of the house to go out and work to bare the expenses of all the family members including the study expenses of children. But now, students get some awareness that they can at least do some work as a freelancer or a part time job to bare the expenses of their own education and give some relief to the head of their house which is usually their father.

Here I am giving 5 business ideas for students with almost no startup cost:

Web Development

These days, almost every student has a computer or a laptop for studies purposes along with a good internet connection. Students can work as a freelance web developer and can offer their services to different startup companies who want online presence. There is no startup cost at all if the student has his own computer and internet connection. He just needs to learn some basic techniques on how to develop a startup website.

Most of the students from IT field have knowledge of different programming languages like PHP, JAVA and ASP.Net but even if he is not familiar with these, he can easily learn how to setup a WordPress website by watching different step by step video tutorials from YouTube. From part time web developer a student can easily establish his own startup business by hiring few more freelancers and outsourcing the work in low price.

Content Writer

Students are normally good in searching different things on the internet and they also have good writing skills. So content writing could also be a good Startup idea for a student to work in free hours and make money online without any startup cost. Different companies regularly asks for the content for their websites and students can provide them their required content in relatively low price as compared to a professional writer without compromising on the quality of the content. So it could be a good idea to start a part time business without investing anything except the expertise and time.

Online Courses & Tutoring

It is very common that Indian, Pakistani or Bengali students work as a tutor and they join different academies or they start home tuitions. But for these they have to go out of their house or hostel and they can only teach few students. But starting online courses, and offering online teaching facilities have a good scope for students. They can teach a student of lower class and grades online using Skype or other video confessing apps.

They can make a handsome amount by offering online teaching facility and they can also put their courses online at their own websites or on YouTube and then they can monetize their content for making easy online money.

Social Media Consulting

Almost every business and companies have their social media pages to spread the awareness about their services and products to a wide audience. Students are very good in communicating with other people and they also knew different tricks and methods to spread their content on social media and get good reach. It is a fact that big groups and pages on Facebook and other social media sites are run by students but they don’t know how they can make a good use of these pages. So they can offer their services to different startup companies to handle their social media pages or they can be their virtual assistant to guide them how to run a successful campaign on social media.

Graphic Designing

Logo designing is also a very good business and it can make good money for you. A student who is good in using Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw can offer his services to different companies or start his career as a part time freelancer at any freelancing site like UpWork or Fiverr. Photo editing, logo designing, Flyer designs, designing visiting cards, business card, and even website’s templates could be a good startup business for the students and they can make money online with no startup cost at all.

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Cheaper Internet Protection with Norton Security Deluxe Coupon

The Internet has evolved the world in a very positive way. It has done miracles regarding saving time, educating people of all the ages, connecting and entertainment people. However, some points make the internet not too safe a place for an organization or a family.

Viruses, hackers, and bugs destroy a computer and might also have access to the personal information of the user on the computer or even in any of the social media websites. Viruses get access to the user’s PC or any other device through some unsafe web pages or apps. These viruses can make the user’s device slow that is something no user would ever want.

Symantec Inc. has been providing a broad range of internet security products for computers, mobile phones or tablets to protect users from any data corruption, information theft and blackmailing. A user can get these products and save their business-related data and other personal information from being accessed by the hackers. The reader will get valuable information about the importance, features, pricing, advantages and ways of getting the Norton security deluxe at lower prices by using Norton coupon code.


Internet safety is essential like never before due to its extensive use. Measures should be taken to save the device or network from being threatened. Viruses and hackers completely ruin the user’s device and might end up sharing the valuable information of an organization on the internet. Government and military based organizations are highly recommended to get the Norton security deluxe for all their devices as it is the most reliable and trustworthy internet security. It is not much expensive; yet, many Norton coupon codes can be used to get the web security at the lower prices. I found my own Symantec coupon at


One of the key points of buying the Norton security deluxe is its reliability. Norton has been serving the users on both the domestic and professional level since decades. Various internet security packages are available for the users, but the Norton security deluxe is the package that has most of the important features like:

  • Protection of the users’ personal or business related data.
  • Protecting various devices only with one subscription.
  • Allows the subscriber to manage the security features accordingly.
  • Norton security deluxe protects the devices from viruses and other related threats.
  • Norton security deluxe guarantees a subscriber with the fact that their devices will remain protected and safe or the subscribers will get the cash back.
  • Norton security deluxe secures the subscriber’s device with the strongest protection.
  • Warns the subscribers before they are downloading an app or visiting a web page that is not secure.
  • Protects the device by warning about any threat from the social media sites and apps.

Customer reviews:

The price of the subscription for the Norton security deluxe is $49 for one year. The price reasonable as the features are worthy. Subscribers of the Norton Security deluxe are found satisfied and happy with the product. The advantages of this product are endless.

Save money by using the Norton coupon code:

Many Norton coupons are available online that can help the interested users in saving some money. Different websites are offering different Symantec deals and percentage of cash back. There is nothing more important than having a contented mind that your data, files, personal information and the device are safe. Subscribe to the Norton security deluxe now using a Norton discount code for you and your family and surf on the internet carefree.

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How to Make Your Laptop New Again Cheaply With An Iolo Coupon

The Usual Issue with Computers

Six months after I bought my new laptop with its fast 5th generation i3 processor, 16Gb RAM and SSD, I started experiencing lags. I am a software engineer and own several desktops and laptops, but this Acer Aspire is my best companion when I travel due to its lightness, high resolution and detachable screen. It’s where I store my tutorial videos and travel photos, too. However, I’ve installed a ton of tools for my work and I am constantly in the internet. In the first months I could open lots of programs and tabs simultaneously and the computer would handle all of them with no problem at all. It was impressive, considering that all my previous computers are at least 6 years old with lots of software installations and uninstallations which have left thousands of useless files in the Programs folders.

An Unexpected Solution and a Coupon Code

So, I had to find a way to make my laptop run as it used to. I tried to defragment the disk, clear up as many software as I could, trash the temporary files, but still the problem persisted. Then I turned online to find a solution. My research led me to Iolo, a software manufacturer which makes computer optimizing tools and hard disk cleaners. I also found a few iolo coupons which give huge discount to all its products. Discount coupons for iolo can be found here. The current promo is “backtoschool” and gives a 50% discount to all products.

From all iolo’s tools I opted for System Mechanic. It is known for its remarkable execution and is a Silver Award champ. This program accompanies different components and five stars bolster.

How Does It Work

System Mechanic is exceptionally straightforward to conduct, and the program comes with some categories with supportive icons with concise metaphors which label each tool. This well-organized repair kit was as easy as pie to setup with little endeavor involved.

It put forward a strong set of safeguarding and problem-solving paraphernalia. The Startup Manager and a Startup Guard lends a hand in administering programs that start with Windows.

System Mechanic features the One-Click Maintenance which gives the user the ability to uninstall programs and the contrivance manager which preserve all inaugurated devices, concealed or attached. The Manage Running Processes implement of immense help sustaining the systems performance and practical when dealing with spyware.

This registry cleaner comes with an adept Registry Cleaner which can be modified, and a make safe Delete Program tool which makes accessible system data and a general idea of files cleaned and refurbished. The Search and Recovery tool permits the user to restore data that has been obliterated or unintentionally removed from exterior digital devices such as digital photographs.

System Mechanic program can advance web speed, screening and set confinements on memory utilize and furthermore singular defragment of documents. One essential worry that commentators had was somewhat or not this program has a decent defrag capacities but rather their stresses were let go after the test outcomes demonstrated that it had astounding abilities.

System Mechanic gives excellent support and accompanies a coordinated manual. The online services offer to tutor, and email support. With all its immense characteristics and exceptional support, it is one of the most likable and all-inclusive computers implement software programs.


Now what exactly are automatic computer repair applications and what do they purport to do?

To make things clearer, we need to take an example. Let’s take system mechanic. Why system mechanic, you ask? Simply because it is a very simple tool that requires very little user interference. It is almost as simple as using a tube-light in your room, you simply have to flick the switch on, and it works relentlessly at giving you light. The internet firewall software does the same thing. You only have to install and configure it, and it does the computer cleanup and repair work without you even knowing that it is happening in the background. But to be fair, almost every computer repair tool nowadays is just as simple. It’s only that internet protection is among the more famous ones that it is up here as an example.

Let’s begin then. What does the PC optimization or any other such computer repair application do? Here’s a list of some of the things:

  1. They will clean up the cluttered files that have a very nasty way of clogging your hard drives even as you are working.
  2. They will free up precious memory space on your drives by removing unnecessary files, making your computer work faster.
  3. They will repair problems with the registry systems of your operating system which again maximizes performance.
  4. They try to repair your system on an emergency basis if it crashes.
  5. They maximize your surfing speed and allow you to browse and work faster. (The data recovery software accelerates browsing speeds thrice over!)
  6. They provide you with online security as you work.
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Team Building Activities

Groups are more profitable and shared when they use Huddle. In any case, even and in addition can be normal preferred standpoint from aggregate building exercises; they’re a marvelous strategy for improving correspondence, soul, motivation, gainfulness, helping delegates to wind up noticeably familiar with each other better, and getting some answers concerning one’s qualities and deficiencies. Gathering building activities can be used by any business, considerable or little, to propel better participation in the workplace, and as most business people and managers know, mind boggling joint effort is one of the key segments related with an association’s flourishing.

teambuilding matlagning stockholm

Two Truths and a Lie

Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Begin by having each colleague subtly record two realities about themselves and one lie on a little bit of paper – Do not uncover to anybody what you recorded! Once every individual has finished this progression, permit 10-15 minutes for open discussion – much like a mixed drink party – where everybody tests each other on their three inquiries. The thought is to persuade others that your lie is really a fact, while then again, you endeavor to figure other individuals’ certainties/lies by making inquiries. Try not to uncover your facts or mislead anybody – regardless of the possibility that most of the workplace as of now has it made sense of! After the conversational period, assemble around and one by one rehash every last one of your three explanations and have the gathering vote on which one they believe is the lie. You can play this amusement intensely and grant focuses for each lie you figure or for baffling different players all alone lie. This diversion empowers better correspondence in the workplace, and also it gives you a chance to become more acquainted with your associates better.

Life Highlights Game

Time Required: 30 minutes

This is an astounding icebreaker movement that is ideal for little and vast gatherings alike. Start by requesting that every member close their eyes for one moment and consider the best snapshots of their lives. This can incorporate minutes they’ve had alone, they’ve imparted to family or companions; these minutes can relate to proficient triumphs, individual disclosures, or energizing life enterprises. After the members have had a minute to gone through features of their lives, educate them that their look for features is going to be limited. Keeping their eyes shut, request that every member pause for a minute to choose what 30 seconds of their life they would need to remember in the event that they just had thirty seconds left in their life. The initial segment of the movement empowers members to ponder back their lives, while the second part (which we’ll examine in a minute) empowers them to become more acquainted with their colleagues on a more close level. The second segment of the amusement is the “survey” area. The pioneer of the action will ask every single member what their 30 seconds involved and why they picked it, which will enable members to figure out each other’s interests, loves, and identities.

Coin Logo

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

Start by requesting that all members discharge their pockets, handbags, and wallets of any coins they may have and put them on the table before them. In the event that somebody doesn’t have any coins or just has not very many, others in the room can impart their coins to them. Educate every individual to make their very own logo utilizing the coins before them in only one moment. Different materials they may have on them, for example, pens, journals, wallets, and so forth can likewise be utilized as a part of production of the logo. In the event that there is an especially vast gathering, individuals can be separated into groups of 3-6 individuals and educated to make a logo that speaks to them as a group or the entire room can assemble to utilize the coins to make a logo for the association/gathering/division/and so on. Every lone member can disclose their logo to the gathering or if the room was part into gatherings, the pioneer can have each gathering examine what prompted the group logo and what it says in regards to them. Not exclusively does this action advance self and common mindfulness, yet it likewise empowers members to become more acquainted with each other on a more individual level.

The One Question Ice Breaker Activity

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

This icebreaker gets collaborators conversing with each other, as well as makes them work with each other. It’s very straightforward: the pioneer gets the opportunity to choose the circumstance the inquiry will relate to. Case circumstances incorporate looking after children, the organization, or being hitched. Subsequent to matching members into groups, the pioneer will suggest this conversation starter: If you could pose only one inquiry to find a man’s reasonableness for (embed point here), what might your inquiry be? Say the pioneer ran with a marriage circumstance. That implies every individual in a two-man group would think of one inquiry that would enable them to find regardless of whether their accomplice was appropriate to be hitched to them. On the off chance that the subject was looking after children, colleague would need to think of only one inquiry whose answer would enable them to decide if the individual was reasonable to keep an eye on tyke. This icebreaking action can likewise get stirred up by issuing one circumstance for the whole gathering or apportioning an alternate circumstance to each colleague or combine to deal with. Contingent upon the circumstance picked, the action can be extremely fun, yet it can likewise show that vital inquiries ought to be created legitimately.

Order Game

Time Required: 10-15 minutes

The order amusement can be a fast icebreaker or a more unpredictable movement. For the reasons for this case, we will regard this movement as a brisk icebreaker. Before part the room into groups of four, clarify the idea of “categorizing somebody,” which implies ordering somebody as something or stereotyping somebody. It ought to be clarified that this kind of characterization is subjective and unhelpfully judgmental. Teach the members to acquaint themselves with those in their group and rapidly talk about some of their preferences, loathes, and so forth. After the presentations, uncover to the groups that it will be their business to find how they ought to arrange themselves as a group into a few subgroups by utilizing criteria that contains no negative, biased, or oppressive judgments. Cases of these subgroups can incorporate night owls and morning individuals, pineapple pizza sweethearts and sushi darlings, and so on. This movement urges associates to become more acquainted with each other better and empowers them to by and large consider the idea of all people inside the group.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a typical issue in which you have at least one delay in breathing or shallow breaths while you rest.

Breathing stops can last from a couple of moments to minutes. They may happen 30 times or progressively 60 minutes. Regularly, typical breathing at that point begins once more, now and again with a noisy grunt or stifling sound.

Sleep apnea more often than not is an incessant (progressing) condition that upsets your rest. At the point when you’re breathing stops or winds up plainly shallow, you’ll frequently move out of profound rest and into light rest.

Subsequently, the nature of your rest is poor, which makes you tired amid the day. Rest apnea is a main source of exorbitant daytime tiredness.

Untreated rest apnea can:

  • Increase the danger of hypertension, heart assault, stroke, heftiness, and diabetes
  • Increase the danger of, or exacerbate, heart disappointment
  • Make arrhythmias (ah-RITH-me-ahs), or unpredictable heartbeats, more probable
  • Increas the shot of having business related or driving mishaps

Sleep apnea is an incessant condition that requires long haul administration. Way of life changes, mouthpieces, surgery, and breathing gadgets can effectively treat rest apnea in many individuals.

About the author

Considered among the 16 best specialists in the Mexico by the renowned magazine Forbes.

Dr. Rafael Moreno Sales is a professor at the UANL Medicine School, one of the most prestigious in Mexico. He obtained his degree in medicine by the UANL (with Honorable Mention), which granted him a recognition obtaining the 1st. place of his class. During his training, he obtained a scholarship to finish his studies at the University of Heidelberg, the oldest in Germany and considered as one of the best in the world.

He completed his training at the UANL Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González “, receiving the Distinguished Resident Award in the specialization program of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. He also received a training in Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Oncology Surgery at La Paz University Hospital, in Madrid Spain.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founding president of Christ Embassy International which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds meetings which attract large growths in various parts of the world. The minister preaches the Word of God to edify the body of Christ and prays for the congregation. Miracles and wonders are recorded in the meetings. His ministry has various arms which include Healing School and LoveWorld. He also has the Christian television channels that broadcast in the different countries in the world. The television channels include LoveWorld TV and LoveWorld SAT. Pastor Chris has received several honorary degrees due to his passion for winning the lost souls and the commitment in building the church of Christ. For instance, he was awarded in 2015 with an honorary doctorate from Benson Idahosa University

Pastor Oyakhilome organizes meetings in many countries such the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada. Higher Life conferences are attended by thousands of people across the globe. Pastor Chris preaches in the meeting and encourages the attendees on the life of Christ. International School of Ministry is held for ministers who are equipped with the mandate of taking care of other Christians in the church. The leaders are also enlightened on the need to win the lost souls for Christ. Pastor Oyakhilome uses the social media platform to send spiritual messages to millions of members in various parts of the world. The daily devotional which is known as Rhapsody of Realities is available in over 142 countries.

The Haven Convention 2017 was held at LoveWorld center in Lagos Nigeria. The conference was attended by thousands of delegates from various countries in the world. The delegates got awesome moments of worship and praise from anointed choirs. The delegates were enlightened by the captivating messages from the talk shows on the obligations of Christians and the need to serve God. Chris Oyakhilome edified the delegates with infallible word of God and encouraged them to work for God. Senior ministers of Christ embassy also had some sessions in which they talked to the delegates.

Pastor Oyakhilome in collaboration with Benny Hinn launched a Christian TV channel in the USA. The channel is known as LoveWorldUSA, and it airs on Spectrum cable in various parts of USA. The TV channel is meant to reach millions of people across the USA with the gospel of salvation among other spiritual messages. The programs which are being aired are produced from Pastor Oyakhilome‘s ministry and Benny Hinn’s ministry. Benny Hinn is a renowned evangelist who has carried the gospel to various continents for 40 years. His ministry has recorded many healing miracles in the crusades which he has held in various parts of the world. Some of the programs that are being aired from Pastor Oyakhilome‘s include Atmosphere for Miracles and other messages from conferences and crusades. Other programs that viewers will enjoy from the TV channel include “This Is Your Day” and ‘Pastor Chris Teachings.’ The TV channel also features some of the anointed ministers such as Kenneth Copeland and Rod Parsley. Chris Oyakhilome prays for the viewers and teaches them the Word of God.

The anointing of Pastor Oyakhilome has brought light to many Christians. He has given himself wholeheartedly to the Word of God. He has trained thousands of ministers who are preaching the Word of God in various parts of the world.

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Taking advantage of software inefficiencies is a rather lucrative opportunity, and the TensorBit project sees this potential. They have aptly noted that all cryptocurrency projects and blockchains are taking place by using inefficient proofs of work that involve solving useless hash functions.

As just one example, the computation power of the BitCoin network is currently using enough electrical energy to power over 1.5 million households. All of this power is being used entirely to solve a basic hash computation with no other purpose than to secure the blockchain from centralized attackers.

TensorBit envisions responding directly to this problem by their new proof of work which is based on solving machine learning friendly algorithms which provide an actual valuable result. In a similar manner to projects such as Folding@Home, distributed computing will now not only secure the blockchain, but also power advances in the machine learning field.

The platform will also provide developer apis to those who are familiar with machine learning such as data scientists. The potential is huge as machine learning is being used by most of the top technology companies and will only continue to grow as more data and compute resources are needed to be fed into these learning algorithms.

The TENB token will allow for platform users to submit workloads to the network of miners in order to solve their data analysis computations. This is a huge step for encouraging adoption, as many businesses are already having to invest millions of dollars in GPU farms or rent from services such as Amazon at high costs. The already existing mining resources provide an economies of scale that centralized services simply cannot match.

The TensorBit project is ongoing, and to learn more on the project, visit

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Avaya IP office solution are here to give you seamless kind of voice communication and also video mobile communication with your team and customers. They know and fully realize that team as well as customer engagement is the top priority for any company. If your telephone systems often ran into trouble and messy situations then Avaya telephone system is here to decrease this trouble of yours. You need to have reliable support communication system and this is what Avaya delivers! Immediate improvements and addons should be added in your communication system so that your business line can stay all the time connected with their team mates and customers as well. This proper telephone system services which is provided by Avaya offers Avaya support and also Avaya maintenance contracts.

What services are offered by Avaya?

Apart from this Avaya PBX support, below are number of services which are hence provided by us:

Diagnosing communication problem in your telephone and then to rectify it.

Diagnosing programming issues in your system and then to find a solution of them.

Extracting installation problems and then seeking a solution of these installation problems.

Importance of Avaya Maintenance Contract?

A proper and fully customized telephone system is the need of time if you are in business line. To make your business communication flawless, seamless telephone system should be installed in your firm area. A good telephone system make it easier for you to remain in touch and too connected with your customers. You might face huge costs if there will be connection and communication failure at your end with your customers. This Avaya maintenance contract can maintain your telephone system. Their services can solve your issues quickly and also efficiently. Their response speed is just within the time frame of 4 hours. If you have face critical kind of system failures then Avaya services will reach to you immediately. For non critical failures, their team will reach to you within time frame of 16 hours.

Avaya Telephone System makes your business communication more functional

Complete peace of mind sense is shown and fully depicted in the services which are provided and given by Avaya. Their telephone system services, maintenance contract, PBX support system help all business owners and business managers to retain flow of their communication system with their clients and team fellows. Their services are quite reasonably priced.

So if your office communication solutions are facing errors, if your telephone system in your office is not working according to your standards then you should reach to services and expertise of Avaya. You need to be engaged with your customers 24 hours and this is possible if you have fully installed telephone system in your office. So avail their support services, avail their contract and maintain your communication and telephone system in your office effectively.

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Taylor Robinson Music – Reinventing Online Guitar Lessons for The Age of Distraction

Online guitar lessons have gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, and for good reason. To aspiring guitarists on a budget, learning from free videos on YouTube seems like a great deal. Students with a little bit of money to spend, but not a lot of time, might try lessons on Skype. Both students inevitably end up with guitars gathering dust while they get caught up in the rest of the modern world. With the all of the information and knowledge easily accessible through the internet, you’d think everyone would be able to play guitar like a pro. Why are online lessons failing guitar students, and how can we make it better?

Problem #1: One-size-fits-all instruction

Pre-recorded music lessons on DVDs or on YouTube are designed to work for as many people as possible. Students of all ages and interests all start on the same “Lesson One” video. Impatient students often end up falling into the “I already know that” trap, where you keep skipping around until you’re totally lost and frustrated. Or, you get so bogged down with the simplistic folk songs in the first beginner videos that you never make it to the songs that you actually want to play.

Problem #2: No Feedback

When learning from a video, it’s easy to get stuck in  a loop, rewinding the same clip over and over again to try to figure out why the chord you’re playing just doesn’t sound right. Without somebody to point you in the right direction, you can end up making mistakes without even realizing it. Some people give up on guitar because it seems like it’s just too hard, when in reality, they were just putting their arm in the wrong place.

Problem #3: Lack of Commitment

Self-paced learning requires a level of internal motivation that a lot of us just don’t have. We might make a plan to do a lesson every week, but it’s hard to stick with it when there isn’t anybody to hold you accountable. You might drop big bucks on the perfect “Teach Yourself Guitar” course, but you aren’t going to learn anything if you aren’t using it.

Solution #1: Get real, personalized attention with a webcam instructor

Webcam lessons are a great solution to many of the problems presented by video lessons. Even though your lesson is over the internet, your instructor will be able to direct it towards YOU, not just any cookie-cutter guitar student. Your instructor will see you play live and tell you exactly what’s wrong. No need to worry about practicing the wrong thing and then having to break the habit. Webcam lessons rely on keeping a schedule between you and your instructor, which helps provide a level of accountability and consistency that you may not be able to get on your own. You also aren’t limited to the best instructor in your neighborhood; you can get the best instructor in the world. If you live in a teepee in the mojave desert and want to learn mariachi guitar, you can now be connected with THE mariachi guy in Spain. Instructor finder sites like are great for locating the best webcam instructor for you.

Solution #2: Take advantage of technology

You don’t need to struggle with Skype or low-fi YouTube videos to learn through the web. In fact, online guitar lessons can be just as good, if not better, than face-to-face lessons. In-person lessons will always have advantages that can’t be replicated through a computer screen, but webcam lessons can integrate technology in ways that enhance learning beyond the capabilities of your typical classroom. Webcam lessons are now supported by high definition, low latency, browser-based applications with nothing to download or install. They come with neat widgets, like interactive voice pitch detectors, tuners, metronomes, chord chart displays, and scale generators. They come with live speech language translation. You can even record your sessions and post your progress automatically to Facebook.

Solution #3: Set up your workspace to learn

Just because your lessons are online doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take them seriously. First, get the gear: You’ll need a decent webcam, headphones, and a high speed internet (at least 5 up and 20 down). Then, set up your lesson area to minimize distractions. Pick somewhere quiet and private where you can focus without interruption. Keep your phone silent and away. Close all other windows on your computer and turn off pop-up notifications. If you give your guitar lessons your undivided attention, you will learn much faster and have more fun.

To get started taking webcam lessons with a world-class instructor using the latest technology, check out Taylor Robinson Music Lessons. Rock on!

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