February is right around the corner. And when February and September roll around, if you love fashion, it can only mean one thing: fashion week.

New York Fashion Week is the first, and one of the largest, fashion weeks in the world. There are generally around 100 designers showing during this eight-day series of catwalks that take place mainly in Midtown Manhattan.

Although many organizations claim to have the official New York Fashion Week schedule, the fact of the matter is, there is no official schedule. The history of New York Fashion Week is pretty long, going back to the 1940s in fact. For a long time there was schedule called the fashion calendar, maintained by Ruth Finley.

Around 2013, that printed and mailed fashion calendar was recreated in a website run by the CFDA. Meanwhile, IMG Worldwide created an official schedule of their own, that reflects their own designers. After all, IMG is an event production company, and the CFDA is an organization for American designers to join.

As a result, their schedules essentially reflect their own self-interest, even as they do a great job of promoting American and even international fashion talent.

Even Kanye West shows at New York Fashion Week, independent of both IMG and CFDA. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci — whose home base in Paris — has also showed occasionally during this time frame. These sorts of movements from one fashion week to another, shouldn’t surprise anyone, because certain designers such as Tom Ford and Rebecca Minkoff lately have been skipping New York Fashion Week and going to Los Angeles instead.

Just as the big designers play musical chairs among the various mega-brands and couture houses, there’s a bit of musical chairs that goes on between the fashion weeks as well. Pierpaolo Piccioli recently brought Valentino to New York for pre-fall, signaling that even the biggest names are eager to experiment in other markets.

Fashion week in general has become a time of experimentation for brands, as new technologies push them to explore different ways of connecting directly with the customer. Not that it’s a forced exercise; in the age of Instagram and Twitter, more than ever brands want to connect directly with their core customers, influencers, and create new fans.

So it’s really no surprise then that brands have turned to celebrity bloggers and Instagram stars to help generate buzz about their collections. Although ironically, many of these self-styled social media stars don’t even necessarily capture anything but themselves at the shows, the cumulative effect is still considered powerful in the collective marketing psyche.

Another big change coming profession events will be in the so-called Internet of Things. IoT has to do with the way devices connect and speak to one another. IMG recently partnered with AGT International to create a whole new level of experience for the many events they produce.

Fashion week is really only one series of events in IMG’s massive portfolio. AGT will be partnering with IMG to create an all-new platform that will encompass more than 800 events worldwide, from Wimbledon to music concerts. It was recently tested at Toronto Fashion Week, where the models wore biometric sensors and cameras that essentially allowed the audience and the models to switch places. That’s right, the audience was able to see what the show looked like from the point of view of the models! At the same time, members of the audience wore biometric sensors that sent real-time data to the designers, so designers could monitor physical reactions to the pieces as they appeared on the runway.

If that second part sounds a little creepy, that’s not surprising either. It means your physiological reactions will be tracked and aggregated for the purposes of marketing. It’s definitely a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley sort of move.

It reminds one a little of the DNA tests run by Big Pharma, where the ostensible purpose is to tell you your genetic history, but the data is also being collected and aggregated to develop pharmaceuticals for tomorrow.

Are these great ideas, or are they crossing Google’s famous “creepy line?” Only time will tell. The one thing to know for sure, is that fashion week is changing like never before.

For now, there are lots of ways to enjoy the shows online, without going quite so deep into the experience. I think we can all agree these changes are great, as long as our privacy can be protected.

Fashion is a beautiful thing, and it’s wonderful that we get to enjoy it twice a year at fashion week.

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Hacking nowadays is no longer considered as a task only reserved for international espionage and other high-stakes situations. Professional hackers can now help you with even extremely mundane things. Do you want to hack an email, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, or get a Facebook password and a lot more? Legit Hackers for Hire can do that on your behalf.

What is a professional hacker?

A professional hacker is apparently someone who is far above average for PC or computer hackers. Professional hackers are generally adept and knowledgeable about the nature of hacking and have not just learned how to hack through watching some ‘how to’ videos on YouTube.

Because of technological advancement and easy information access, however, people do not have to be a pro to be able to hack simple accounts such as your Facebook account. The simple tutorial on how to hack an email and the like posted on YouTube empowers individuals interested in hacking an account. This is why these types of hacking attacks are frequently experienced. And this is the reason why you need to consider seeking the help of professional hackers for hire.

What do Professional Hackers for Hire do?

Professional hackers will help you with the following:

  • Social Media Hacking – If your own Twitter, Facebook, and other social media account have been attacked by a hacker, Professional hackers can get it back.
  • Lost Password – Whether you forgot your password or someone has changed it, professional hackers can recover or crack it from wireless and mobile devices, computer, Facebook, and more.
  • Email Hacking – Email of any kind is hackable. If you lose your access to your account, professional hackers can get in and recover your own password and personal data.
  • Data Encryption – Professional hackers can help encrypt data of any kind and help protect and secure any sensitive information.
  • Database Hacking – Hackers can help you get information from dump databases and database
  • Cyber Stalking Investigation – Are you, your loved ones, or kids being bullied or stalked online? Professional hackers can help you find the source, close the case, and protect yourself and the people you love from cyber predators.

The list goes on.

Legit Hackers for Hire

If you own and are using a computer, mobile device, and laptop as well as social media accounts, you are bound to encounter hackers who will keep you from getting an access to what you have. In fact, hundreds of thousands of individuals have their own computers hacked each second every day. Most of the hackers tend to get away, leaving the computer owner with massive problems especially when an important data was hacked.

Hacked accounts and a system should not be a huge concern, though. Legit Hackers for hire are just one call away if ever your social media account has been hacked if you lost your password or simply need help with cyber stalking for investigation purposes.

Is this legal? Hiring a professional hacker is not illegal unless you use it for unethical works.

Hack a hacker through hiring hackers.

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There are several benefits to purchasing some extra followers for any social media website. The main topic of discussion here, as far as social media connection goes, is the popular Instagram application.

Instagram is a social media/photo sharing website. Much like Facebook, it allows users to connect to one another through common interests. In the case of the Instagram app, it focuses most heavily on photos and photo editing. The application allows for those who download it, to edit their regular photos with their choice of filter. It’s then up to them whether they would like to share it with the world, through the Instagram app on its own, or whether they would like to connect their new creation with their other favorite social networking sites, in order to share their masterful creation with their friends and family.

The key benefits when choosing to purchase followers for any website, will vary. When you choose to buy cheap Instagram followers (for example), there is a difference between the benefits there, versus the benefits of buying followers for Facebook or Twitter.

Now that businesses, as well as individuals who wish to spread their name, are relying more heavily on social networking websites, it’s vital that they have an appearance of popularity. In order to get your name out there nowadays, it’s practically mandatory for you to be the member of more than one of these types of websites. It’s for this reason that many will choose to buy Instagram followers. Since creating an account on Instagram, on its own, is not adequate enough for popularity to grow. Sometimes you need an added boost, in order to gain a chance to get ahead of the game.

Another benefit of buying Instagram followers, is the increased exposure that comes with the purchase. This pays itself, in the long run. One person tells another person, and that person tells another. Before you know it, word spreads like wildfire on the web. As long as your exposed product is up to snuff, with added exposure, you’ll get the business you’ve always wanted.

The highlights of this service include some exceptional pluses to keep in mind. There is no password necessary. You absolutely do not need to remember a password and worry about losing it, or any other technical difficulties that could arise. When you choose to buy Instagram followers with this service, you do not need to follow others, in order to be followed. Your purchase is delivered within three days of purchase (which is speedy in comparison to similar services), and our friendly team is available to you 24/7, for any questions or concerns that you might have.

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Most gun owners, at some point, want to invest on a quality gun safe. Whether for the home or office, there’s a wide selection of gun safes that can serve the purposes and requirements of gun owners.

Not all gun safes are pry-resistant and robust, though. There are low-priced and lightweight options, and there are the heavy duty, resilient types. Some gun safe manufacturers take pride in the attention to detail, the sturdiness, and the value for money of their product offerings.

Having a quality gun safe that offers secure storage offers a glimmer of hope that kids nor burglars won’t get hold of one’s firearm. The beauty about having a modern gun safe is that the owner need not feel consigned to keep a gun and its storage house in the basement or out-of-the-way place in the house, like the attic or garage. Today’s gun safes have a contemporary design and exude character, making them worthy of being placed in the living room, bedroom, or den. It’s best not to put the gun safe in plain view that invites theft (in case of burglary).

When planning to buy a robust gun safe, discerning buyers look for certain features. It’s safe to say that most gun safes don’t wear out with the passage of time. Some gun owners may opt to go without a safe, thinking they’d have to shell out a huge sum of money. This may not be the case. While a high quality gun safe bearing a good brand may set back buyers at a hefty sum, there are affordable options, too. Some gun owners may also opt for a used gun safe that they may purchase from a leading e-commerce site.

Gun safes come in different sizes, textures, materials, and colors. Some can be used as best gun safe for the money. Some can be mounted in a wall, or kept in a drawer. Features may include a fingerprint lock, fire-resistant, tamper-proof properties, strong metal material, and motion sensors that can transmit a signal to the gun owner’s phone. On the other hand, there are very simple options.

To purchase the gun safe that meet your specifications, comparative assessments can be found online. The comprehensive reviews may highlight features that are not necessary and those which are essential. Among the components that can be put to good use are a solid steel door and thick walls/body. There are flimsy gun safes in the market. Opt instead for a gun safe made of a weighty but secure concrete based amalgamate. The lock is another important component a gun safe buyer should check. Consumers need a gun safe that won’t be easy to pry open yet provide trouble-free operation for themselves. There are also compact gun safes the size of a laptop that gun owners can carry along with them when traveling.

When you get right down to it, solid construction and a reliable, high-strength lock mechanisms are the two important things to look for when purchasing a gun safe. A gun safe with decent fire protection rating and gauge steel body may be worth the purchase, if an entry level safe is all you want. Online comparisons, reviews & ratings may turn out to be helpful when choosing a gun safe.

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The Happy Wheels could be a terribly easy and quick paced flash games wherever you decide on a personality to play and take a look at to be alive for as long as doable so you’ll complete the extent. Also, there area unit several levels to finish within the game and you’ll unlock several characters as you clear the degree.You can Watch it out the demo full version 2017..

Happy Wheels Unblocked

This Happy Wheels unblocked game has several options to form it a selection of many individuals all round the globe with many alternative levels to unlock so because the characters. Initially, you’ll be offered with four characters to settle on from and a default level, that you wish to finish to advance within the game.You can unblocked at faculties and offices conjointly. The below area unit character selections you have got at the start:

A Professional on a Scooter – a person dressed well during a eveningwear are going to be riding a scooter you see in animations or for teenagers.

An recent man on Wheel Chair – The second choice is AN recent man World Health Organization is sitting during a wheel chair sort of a dead piece of flash.

A man on a bicycle – Another selection could be a man riding a bicycle with a boy sitting behind him.

A fat lady – The last choice you’ll build could be a fat lady World Health Organization is riding a streetcar with legion food for the patients.

However, the extent you’ll get could be a default for all those characters and you wish to clear that before you advance to ensuing one. you can  play also: cool math az

How to Play Happy Wheels Unblocked

The game controls of this Happy Wheel game area unit terribly simple to use and here below area unit the main points.

  • Use arrow keys, that’s upwards, backward, left and right to maneuver ahead, back, inclined back and inclined front severally.

    • Use Spacebar to eject the seat or jump.

    • Also, don’t let even a drop of blood start off of your body as an alternative the extent can get finished and you’ll be beginning everywhere.

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This survey is for DAFNI, the first hair fixing artistic brush. In it, we will talk about the elements, attributes, advantages of this model. After opening the container, there were not a single extra thing in sight. The container contained just the brush or Wazor. There were no guidelines included either, however, this is not an issue since these gadgets all work in comparable design with comparative controls. In the meantime, it would be pleasant if a conveying case or sack was incorporated.


  • Dimensions:
    It is hard to not pay heed to the smooth, advanced look of the brush. The tinge is very strikingly similar to the geometry of the swarms. The real measurements are 15.5×6.5×4.6 inches.
  • Buttons Layout:
    There is just a single control on the handle, and that is a straightforward on/off catch. That implies that the main accessible working temperature is the production line setting of 365°F (or 185°C). At the point when the catch is discouraged, the unit rapidly warms to that temperature.
  • Materials:
    The body of the brush is made totally of plastic. The matte complete is low profile yet tasteful looking, and it guarantees that your hand will safely clutch the handle amid utilize. The main other material on the outside is artistic which is the thing that the warming swarms are made of. Earthenware is a fantastic conductor of warmth, and accordingly, it fits an exceptionally predictable surface temperature. This is extraordinary in light of the fact that the final results are predictable execution and reliable outcomes.
  • Bristles:
    The head shape is the standard oval. What makes the Dafni Straightener stand separated from the contenders is the plan of the bounds on the head. This hair straightener uses a patent pending 3D (three-dimensional) plan. This plan spreads the warmth out over various purposes of contact with the hair to guarantee straight solid hair with speedier outcomes. Likewise, the form of the bounds supplements the shape of the client’s head.
  • Color:

The brush is just offered in one shading, and that is dark. This is very decent however as it diverges from the blue shading of the set out toward a striking, yet outwardly engaging complexity.


The brush takes around 60 or so seconds to achieve the working temperature of 365°F (or 185°C). This makes it common sense for the individual who is in a hurry thus requests brisk yet reliable. This unit has neither a turning rope nor a hanging hook. These things are both absolute necessities for a rectifying brush. A pivoting line is a decent element to have as it keeps the line off the beaten path. A hanging snare takes into account impermanent capacity that is effortlessly available yet off the beaten path.

Additional Features:
It is pleasant to have this element in light of the fact that the area of the catch makes it genuinely simple to unintentionally discourage it bringing on the unit to stop while it is being used. There is no real way to dial in a favored working temperature. Push the single catch to turn the unit on, hold up around 60 seconds, and it will be prepared to go at the full working temperature.

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John Isner is American professional tennis player. His  salary or earning is $ 30Million. His yearly income is $1.5, Million. John Isner made his Millionaire fortune with Wimbledon& French Open and by endorsing brands. He currently has 10-most Aces in the history of ATP, having severed more than 7300 aces.  In 2010, John played the longest professional tennis match in tenis history, in this match he defeat Nicolas Mahut in a total time of 11 hours and 5 minutes of play over the course of three days. In the year of 2013.

Some Basic Information about Isner:

                         Full Name                 John Robert Isner
                         Zodiac Sign                          Taurus
                         Birth Date                   April 26, 1985
                         Birth Place                    Tampa, Florida, United States
                      Johnn Isner Net worth                       $ 30 Million
                           Age                             31 years
                         Per Year Income                       $ 1.5 Million
                        Occupation                         Tenis Star
                         Father                        Bob Isner
                         Mother                        Karen Isner
                         Brother                        Nathan Isner, Jordan Isner
                         Sexuality                        Straight
                         Hair Color                        Black
                         Debut Year                        2007
                         Build                        Athletic
                         Eye Color                        Dark-Brown
                         Nick Name                         Isner
                         Residence                         Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
                         Education                         Senior High School
                         Universty                          Universty of Georgia
                         Plays                          Right Handed
                         Manager                          Unkown
                         Race/ Ethnicity                           Wight
                         Brand Endorsements                           Fila, Prince, Lactose, Ebix etc.
                         Religion                           Unkown
                         First Film                          The Discontentment of Ed Telfair
                         First TV Show                           Rome Is Burning (2010)
                         Personal Trainer                           Craig Boynton
                         First Name                           John
                         Middle Name                           Robert
                         Last Name                           Isner
                         Facebook Followings                           239,578
                         Twitter Followings                           260,987
                         Instagram  Followings                           794,187

These are some basic facts and figures about Tennis Star John Isner.

Body Measurements of John Isner:

                     Chest                    48 in or 122 cm
                     Arms/ Biceps                    16 in or 41 cm
                     Waist                    38 in or 96.6 cm
                     Shoe Size                     15 (US)


  • Wears cap during the match.
  • Towering height.
  • Big Body.
  • Long arms


 Important Facts about John Isner:

  • John Isner take a keen interest in tennis when he was at age of 11, his hobbies include fishing, playing poker and watching TV.
  • Isner’s Childhood idol has been Karl Malone and currently he is a fan of Fremantle Football Club of Australian League.
  • He plays basketball when he was in 9th class and in same year his height grew more 5 inches and he became 6’8 from 6’3
  • Madison MicKinley is in a relationship with John Isner since 2011 Madison was an American Model. They didn’t announce their engagement.
  • John Isner Favorite TV show is Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-present) and his favorite surface is Hardcourt.


The weight of US Tennis star Named John Isner according to his official website of ATP is 108 in Kg’s and 238 in Lb (pounds).

Source: Networthupdates.com

        Height and Comparison with other Tennis Stars:

                          Name                             Height
            John Robert Isner                            6’9 and 2.8 m
            Ivo Karlovic                            6’10 and 2.11 m (Tall)
            Andy Murray                            5’10 and 1.9 m (small)
           Milos Raonic                            6’1 and  1.96 m ( small)


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Marko Stout Rocks the Art World

A recent article in the New York News referred to Marko Stout as a “rockstar of the art world”, and anyone who ever attended an open night of one of the artist’s exhibitions knows why. This renowned New York artist draws very large crowds of younger millennial art fans to his exhibitions. For years Stout’s popularity was cult like and localized to New York- however after a series of high profiles sales and international exhibitions his reputation has grown rapidly, making him one of the hottest artist working today- with the Huffington Post calling Stout “the next Andy Warhol”. Below is an exclusive interview with the artist:


RL: Your work is really cool and very insightful. Where do you get your ideas or inspiration?

MS: It’s the stuff and people you see around the city every day- you just need to be looking.

RL: The Huffington Post and many other publications are calling you the next Warhol. How do you feel about that?

MS: I’m cool with it. There’s certainly a lot of pop influence in my work- but, I really have my own style and do my own thing. I don’t want to be limited by anything that was done in the past.

 RL: You’re certainly like Warhol in your versatility. Your exhibitions feature prints, photography, sculptures, video and short films. Which is your favorite to work with?

MS: I dig them all. They all help tell the story and have their place- I don’t like to stay with just one medium, it’s way too limiting- especially nowadays with so much tech available.

 RL: You’ve been selling a lot of your work to cool, trendy nightclubs, bars and restaurants

MS: Don’t know. But, I think it’s because they have large budgets and can afford my work- or maybe they like it more when their drinking (Stout smiles).

 RL: I read that you have a reputation for turning down many high end galleries that want to exhibit your work. Why is that?

MS: I don’t like the pretentious nature of many galleries. I don’t like quiet boring, sterile galleries where people politely talk in whispers and really don’t get the art. My work needs to be viewed in an energetic environment. I like to have music at my shows.

 RL: Your work is a very edgy form of pop art and you have your own style. What would you call your style?

MS: It’s just my style. The way I see things- a critic recently called it industrial pop- whatever the fuck that it is. But, I kind of like it- so let’s stick with industrial pop.

 RL: You’ve been discussing with NetFlix the idea of developing a reality show about the New York art scene. I like the idea. Will you tell me a bit more about the premise for the show?

MS: We’re going to be highlighting the drauma that goes on in the art word and behind the scenes. The show will center on lives of a group of models I regularly use in my work- the craziness at exhibitions, putting together are show and the intensity of NYC. Should be lots of fun.

 RL: You are also producing a film festival in New York City. Can you tell us a little more about this festival?

MS: I’m working with a few movie theaters, film producers, a few other celebrities and lots of other people to develop a large art film festival here in New York. There’s really nothing like it. We will be showing experimental movies, art films and have performance type pieces at the festival. It’s going to be an annual event and will be really amazing.

RL: What is the name of the festival and what are the dates?

MS: The Editable Apple Festival. Where still working out the dates with the venues, but it will likely be late spring next year

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MOLLY is known as MDMA in medical terms. Molly gives you a feeling of peace, a sense of happiness and a state of nirvana. That is what a drug does to you, it suppresses your brain and lightens your body and makes you forget your emotions, failures and unhappiness in life and gives you a feeling of contentment for the time being.



The drug molly can be found in a pill form, crystals form or a powder form. There is no specific way to consume it, that is totally up to the consumer’s preference, either he takes with water or just like that. For a first-time user, the normal dosage of 90mg is usually preferable. For regular users, the dosage may go up to 130 mg. For the first time, Molly may take around 30 to 60 minutes to settle or kick in. it means that after this time the effects will start on the person’s body.


One may experience different kinds of feelings after taking Molly, for a first-time user they may feel alien and unique, but regular users get addicted and want more of the increases feelings. Some basic feelings that Molly brings in a person are stated below:

  • As Molly starts to kick in the most basic feeling one gets is peacefulness and happiness, however, a first-time user may not know it initially as it is slowly setting in.
  • Another feeling one gets is a feeling of warmth and to want to wrap and snuggle in soft comforters or clothes.
  • The physical effects which one may experience are dilation of pupils and visual glows and slight hallucinations.
  • One may feel a decrease in fear and anxiety and sadness and lead to openness
  • Another feeling is that one may feel to try those things which made him frightened or distressed in the past.
  • The person experiences a state of emotional change, feeling love for those around and brings back emotional memories.
  • After taking Molly, one can easily express their emotions or worries which have been preserved inside the heart.
  • It gives an overall feeling of relief and relaxation.
  • It can also lead to you being un sober with those around you.
  • The effects stay for around 3 to 4 hours.


After the Molly has worn out or the effects have subsided, one starts to feel back to normal self. This can cause disappointment as for the time he was on Molly, he had forgotten his worries and problems and was in a state of contentment and was feeling relaxed. These feelings can cause addiction of the drug and increased dosages which can be harmful.


How long does molly stay in your system?  It stays 90 days in hair, and  your system. The side effects of the Molly are the person may experience fatigue and a drained body and tiredness for up to two weeks. The side effects differ from person to person. Some may also experience dehydration so it is advised to drink lots of water when the drug wares of. Some may feel mentally rained and a heavy headed feeling 2 to 3 days. It is advised to take a good night’s sleep and rest because Molly can be mentally tiring. Some may feel more open and relaxed as Molly helps a person to think clearly during its effects, if a person was going through some personal trauma. Those facing problems had reduced emotional feelings after taking a dose of Molly and felt much better.

Sources: http://dentgap.com

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If you need to build a new web application, create an e-commerce site or secure sensitive data, you would require managed dedicated servers. It can provide the required technology, resources and the support needed for critical projects. With this guide, you can understand the details, requirements, and configurations required for the successful launch of projects on managed dedicated server.

Dedicated servers transmit data over various protocols such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Shell (SSH), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) among others. The servers offer computing power when needed during the hosting of the website, handling business database transfer, rendering rich media or running a virtual server instance of a local desktop. Most professional collocation companies host your personal hardware or even lease a machine to meet your needs. Dedicated servers are at many times housed in data centers that provide connectivity, redundant offsite backups and several levels of security.


The main advantages that anyone gets in selecting a dedicated server are improved security, greater computing resources, ease of scale during the addition of resources and increased control. Dedicated servers enable you to upgrade the hardware to allow you reliably scale as the traffic grows for projects build for growth such as consumer web applications and private network. Before selecting a hosting provider, consider the advantages of dedicated servers:

Full control of file system, security settings, and OS

In shared and virtual private server, there are some restrictions set by web host administrator. If you have a dedicated server, then you have a full root access to your server. When you lease or own a dedicated server, you won’t worry about potential security threats caused by virtual users or any SEO implications from the user’s content within your IP block

Reliably scale the server with changes in the hardware

You can add memory and buy more bandwidth by requesting the provider since you have control over your dedicated server and operating system. Most vendors provide time guarantees for replacement of hardware and ensure that repairs and upgrades are done quickly.

Make sure your application reliably run without any problems

In shared hosting, users are limited when it comes to the root access and the ability to change the necessary configuration settings. A shared server for Linux won’t offer access to httpd.conf. It is useful when setting port values, server admin rights, user access levels, MIME extension settings, and log settings. Root access also have same importance when you have full access to core IIS files in ASP.Net server settings.

Irrespective of the server type you have, the developers would probably need root access to build, test and install an IT project effectively.

Professional developers would need full root access to the server for effective testing, debugging and creating and developing large scale applications to fully functional application. When you have root access, you can produce a dedicated development environment using 3rd party server libraries and tools required for security, software compatibility issues and caching. Well, dedicated servers offer many functions and advantages that you ought to know before getting a hosting company.

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