What Makes A Super Event Planner?

What Makes A Super Event Planner?

In every event-related business, two of the essential things that are substantially considered the lifeblood of successful events are sales leads and referrals, and in order to achieve this goal, an effective marketing strategy must take place. However, it is not an easy job.

Marketing in the real world doesn’t come with ease. It takes a whole of persistence, consistency, experience, skills, and knowledge to obtain the best marketing strategy in the market. Though today, new event projects are often launched behind closed door meetings, emails, and phone conversations. This is among the problems of every service provider. The information about the new event projects is unlikely to be announced. So, it would be hard for service providers to learn about possible new event projects and promote services up front.

This only means that service providers will only be able to react or respond to various inquiries regarding the event rather than being part of the discussion. When we are in a perfect world, our event planning services should be recommended in the first stages of a client’s event discussion. In order for this to happen, service providers should be effective marketers.

Below is a list of strategies that will place service providers in the minds of prospective clients at the time the clients discuss the event.


  • Invest on Marketing Strategy

The most effective way to communicate well with potential clients, event staff and vendors is to set up a company’s website, and various links to different social media sites. The internet definitely provides the biggest networking method for generating sales leads. Building an attractive website with the products and services offered, and set up enticing and a traffic magnet of the social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.


  • Set up a Public Exposure

A service provider should set up a public exposure, so people will learn more about the services offered. This further means a public participation in several industries projects and events as well as media appearances.


  • Help in a Nonprofit Organization’s Event

These non-profit organizations have long-time sponsors, usually big companies and well-recognized individuals who have an affluent of influence in the society. In this way, word-of-mouth spreads out fast.


  • Keep Current Customers Updated

Due to the need of inviting new customers, we tend to forget our existing customers. We should not forget our current customers by sending updates and news about our new services and offers, and thanking them for considering us. So, in this way, we are gaining new customers and keeping existing customers.


  • Venture in Trading Potentials

Trading potentials such as posting discounts and valuable offers to other online businesses is also a way of promoting our services.

To become an event planner, we need to be accredited. So, people can trust us. Thus, we must earn event planner certification.

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