iTube Pro Download For Android Smartphone

iTube Pro Download For Android Smartphone

iTube Pro Download for Android Smartphone: We use to watch the movies, video, TV show to stay entertain. iTube pro is the best software for download and searching the videos from YouTube. You can also watch the videos directly on the YouTube but there is some restriction on that site like you can’t watch bookmarked videos without the internet, but on iTube you are able to watch without the internet. You also need a third party person to download the video from YouTube. But iTube provide you the feature for direct downloading the videos.

 How to Install iTube Pro?

iTube Pro is not easily installed on the Android smartphone before you download iTube from the store you have to download and install the.APK file on your device.  It is the best tool introduced ever, as it provides many features to the user. It provides you the search bar option that enables you to search the desired videos. It also enables you to download the videos or save it to the cache so that you can access it without any internet connection. For the proper installation of the iTube pro at your smartphone just follow these steps.

At the first most step you should change some settings in your mobile, for that you have to go to settings then to security and then allow the Unknown resources. Now, download the.APK file for the smartphone and install on the phone. Now it is the time to visit the play store and download the iTube Pro app.  After the download is complete then install the application on the phone. After the installation is complete then you are able to use the app to watch and download the videos.

 Multiple options of iTube Pro

Here are main feature and option of iTube Pro:

  1. Playlist option

The feature that makes it different from the other video downloaders is that it allow the user to save his/ her favorite videos in the mobile’s cache. So that he can access it anytime anywhere without connecting to the internet.

  1. Search Bar Feature

This app gives you the search bar option. You can search the desired videos, clips, movies, and TV shows from the different sites like YouTube, daily motion and so on. It accesses the databases of the main sites like YouTube, daily motion etc. and provide you the desired result.

  1. Background Function

The smartphones allow the user to run multiple application in the background. iTube for the android works similar to the iTube for PC. You can check your email, use text services, can play games and so on while using the iTube app. Just set the video to download and perform the other pending tasks.

  1. Headphone Feature

iPhone and other similar devices do not support the drivers of the headphones. You can only listen to music from headphone but can’t control the volumes from the volume button on the hand free. But iTube provide the drivers and allow you to control the volume through the headphones.

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