Islamic Prayer time schedule DC Washington

Islamic Prayer time schedule DC Washington

Prayer Times DC

Do not know about exact DC prayer times? Azan informs us that it is the time to pray. If you missed hearing the sound of Azan or if the voice of Azan does not reach in your region, you will know that how you can know about prayer time DC here. Signs of the day tell us that which prayer of the day is to offer at what time.


The Five Daily Prayers in Islam

Prayer is the pillar of the religion Islam. A true Muslim cannot ignore to offer his prayers regularly on time. For him, his prayer is everything as a prayer is a call from Allah. It is just like an attendance in the school of Allah and your result in the world after this world depends on it. There are five prayers named as Fajr, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha every Muslim offers a day.

Prayer Time in DC

How to know about prayer time in Dc? Here are the time limits for offering each prayer of the day mentioned below. Offer each prayer within set time limits else it would be a Qaza prayer.  Each prayer of the day is offered at a different time of the day.

Fajr Prayer Time

Muslims start their day with Fajr prayer and it is the first prayer out of five prayers in Islam. The prayer is offered to start your day with the name of Allah Almighty. The Fajr prayer time DC starts with the appearance of morning light on the sky.

Fajr Prayer Time Ends

The time of Fajr prayer ends at sunrise. Therefore; Muslims offer Fajr before sunrise early in the morning.

Zohar Prayer Time

 When the sun on the sky has passed its zenith, it indicates the starting time of Zohar prayer. It is important to offer this prayer with 12 Rakats as it is during the time of the second prayer of the day when Allah closes the accounts of his people. Therefore; the time must be spent worshipping Allah.

Zohar Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Zohar prayer 20 minutes before the starting time of Asar prayer.

Asar Prayer Time Ends

The Asar Prayer is the most important prayer of the day. The Asar prayer time in DC starts in the late afternoon. There are 8 Rakats in Asar prayer. It is the time of the day when everyone is busy in his activities and taking a short break to offer Asar prayer is a way to keep the Allah remembered even in the busiest time of the day.

Asar Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Asar prayer until the time of sunset.

Magrib Prayer Time

 The time of the fourth prayer of the day starts when the sun goes down. Maghrib prayer time in DC is the time to close your day by remembering Allah.

Maghrib Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Maghrib prayer till there is red light seen in the sky.

Isha Prayer Time

Isha prayer is also of great significance. To end their day with the name of Allah, the Muslims offer Isha prayer. It is the end of the day and Muslim ask Allah for forgives and guidance for the coming day. The Isha prayer time in DC starts with the disappearance of red light after sunset on the sky.

Isha Prayer Time Ends

One can offer Isha prayer till the appearance white light on the sky.

This is how you can know about prayer time DC. We can say that offering a prayer indicates that you are a Muslim. Uniformity is visible when Muslims offer five prayers a day this way. While offering a prayer they stand in a straight position facing Kaaba. Homogeneity exists while the Muslims all over the world offer prayers. A Mozin makes a call five times a day at DC prayer times to call Muslims towards Allah in DC. The same happens in other parts of the world too.

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