In times of crisis, the best one has to do is invest in Digital Marketing

The vast majority of companies make the big mistake of cutting funding for Communication and Marketing. The sad reality is that marketing is still seen as a not very necessary expense, when in fact with this crisis that Brazil is experiencing, companies have to appear to their customers more and more.

The challenge is enormous, this is fact, but companies have to take advantage of the unfavorable scenario and invest more and more, the secret is to go contrary to the great majority, since all companies are disappearing in the face of crisis, the company that Investing more and more in marketing and appear more will end up growing and conquering new customers, the issue is very simple, competition is getting smaller.

Inbound Marketing, for example, can be an outlet for your business to grow faster and more profitable. Investing in content to capture leads, as well as analytical technologies to improve sales efficiency, can bring innovation in the purchasing and marketing processes. The web is a channel that offers ready-made sales opportunities, and allows you to win prospects for your business, which will shorten your sales cycle. This is an essentially inbound channel. And what does it mean? We’re talking about strategies that should focus on customer loyalty through quality content that meets your core needs.

Another reason that should be taken into account so that the crisis does not affect your digital marketing strategies is the fact that on the internet everything is measurable. In this way, you can test all the available options, and when the marketing action taken turns into leads, opportunities or sales, you will know exactly which way to go.

While marketing may require more of your time, it’s also worth noting that they will require less of your money if compared to traditional marketing. According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, 86% of marketers planned to increase spending on content marketing by 2015, which proves they can not give room for competition.

However, do not forget the importance of Strategic Planning, since it is a fundamental part in the process of drawing assertive strategies for your business, since through it it is possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the market, as well as brand diagnosis, study Competition, audience definition, and other important milestones. This work is accomplished through the creation of the communication strategy for traffic generation, leads and sales, which consists of establishing and conceptualizing the experience that will be experienced by its customers in each digital channel.

Investment in marketing will provide a steady improvement because as soon as you can measure the actions, you can also improve them. And in that context, we are talking about bringing a sales increase with a smaller budget.

The big bet is to invest in Digital Marketing, just so to go on a path contrary to crisis and grow any kind of business.

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