Ideas to spend jokes on the bride and groom

Ideas to spend jokes on the bride and groom

We want to dedicate this section to make a compilation of jokes that can be spent on the bride and groom. Here we leave some of the funniest we have found.

We hope your comments with all the jokes that you have spent to your friends boyfriends or any original idea that you can think of.

Jokes to spend on the bride and groom:

Stick posters with your photo

Fill the car with balloons

Envolvérselo in toilet paper…

Put an ad to sell the car because you need to pay the treat (with car photo and mobile phone number)

The wedding money give it in coins tucked into bottles

More wedding money in €5-threaded bills and tucked into drinking straws

Bribe the orchestra so that the first dance is not a waltz, be it a song… For example the day of the Beast of Extremoduro.

Instead of giving the wedding money in coins put those coins in a huge jar of honey.

30,000 coins of 1 cent tucked all in honey does not have to be anything wrong…

Give the groom a glass of water to calm the nerves, before entering the church, in which we have dissolved a Viagra.

Hiring two actors to Guadias civilian dresses, enter the banquet after dinner asking for the groom, read the rights, handcuff him, take him out and then let him back in. Imagine the face of the bride, in-laws, parents, etc.

Imagine: Hotel suite 11 in the morning after an “intense” wedding night, the groom picks up the phone to order breakfast, “Hello Good morning, we wanted to breakfast for two to room 211 ?, and suddenly you will hear from under the bed,” make it for 5 ?

Put him on a train to Burgos the groom all drunk and without money to return.

Make a replica of the wedding cake with meringue and play with the waiter and throw it to the floor… The bride’s face is priceless.

Send letters to all your neighbors invitandoles to churros and chocolate in the House of the bride and groom the day after the wedding at 8 am.

Bribe the orchestra so that the first dance is not a waltz, be it a song… For example the day of the Beast of Extremoduro.

Put the money in a concrete block or cement and a mallet to break.

Lining the car with transparent kitchen paper, with 4 or 5 rolls is sufficient (much), it took quite a while to be able to mount..

It’s going to cost you the money, but it can be worth it. It is that you offer the groom an amount (20 or 30 euros) for every second that late in giving the “Yes I Want” when asked by the priest. The grace is that to win 20-30 euros does not stop, but equal for 300 (10 seconds) Yes, the guy takes a chance. It must be a poem the face of the priest, girlfriend, family, etc. While the guy holds counting 30-60-90-120-150 euros… 180-210-240…

Find out which car takes the bride and a friend to be dressed as a bride and arrives 5 minutes before she

Jokes at the groom’s house:

Make him a flask in bed

Change sugar for salt

Cellophane paper in the WC

Blue ink in the shower

Fill the house with alarm clocks of those altogether to a hundred and put the alarm of each clock at night with intervals of 15 minutes…. they will spend an entertaining night….

Put a plasterboard septum right on the entrance door when they come back from the honeymoon.

Immerse all underwear in water and put in the freezer.

To dismantle the room of marriage and to put the sand floor with two deckchairs and an umbrella.

Fill the whole house with water-filled shots. It takes time but it’s a chore because because they can’t walk anywhere they can’t get into the house.

They “seal” the toilet bowl with transparent film, if it is a good job is not noticeable, but nothing that is there… not to say I have the surprise when the “Chorrillo” does not enter, but is out.

Plastic flanges to pleasure by assembling chair legs, closing drawers, forks, toothbrushes….

Put in rent the house at a ridiculous price but believable. Calls to your home can be….

Swap all CDs and DVDs of boxes.

Well, these are just some ideas to spend a good joke on the groom or the bride. What are your?

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