A home is the need of every one and if you are living in the UNITED STATES then the houses are not that cheap as it seems. But, in this blog I will tell you some of the houses which are not that expensive to buy and also in the city of Houston which has very state of the art houses with every facility you can imagine.

In this city you can buy the houses of your liking and according to your budget. The houses could range from 20,000,000 to as much expensive you want. You can buy the house, as Houston homes for sale in affordable price. This city is not that cheap to live in, maybe that`s why the amount seems a lot to you but trust me, the living here is worth it.

A house worth $3,199,000 would sound big to you. Believe me it really is. It is almost on the area of more than an acre. The house and understand that , why am I pointing firstly at this house. It is situated in the area of Bellaire with every facility you can imagine off. State of the art pools , with spa, centrally installed heat system . My words will not justify the house, you need to see this with your own eyes to believe the house worth the money

But , also there are people who are not very rich or doesn`t want to go up the scale to buy the house then , there is a house not much expensive worth only $1,949,998 with as good structure as the house above but with lesser room and also a bit old design . This house offers you to have an automation system which can be helpful specially in this era. Located in the area of Bellaire this house is preferable for those who want a house with almost every amenity but with a little lesser price than the top sale houses.

Another house , somewhat in the middle range of the 2 houses above is worth $2,499,800. This house is inspired by Italian design with look like a castle but the interior is worth seeing. Having every need of the house with state of the art technology with spacious rooms and open lobby, this place is worth living for every one , no matter if that is young or old. It also offers a media room or game room which can be a good source to enjoy when your relatives or friends want to stop by to your house. It has furniture which makes you look like , you are living in a castle like a king. But, the facilities over here are not from 18th century. This house offers you the facilities the amenities , every big , expensive house could offer. If you are looking for the house which is not much expensive but offering the best design with state of the art facilities then this house is specially for you to make your life worth living with best experience

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