A Home Away From Home

A Home Away From Home

Leaving home to attend campus is a complicated transition period young people face constantly. The familiarity and close bonds of home are lost as one goes away to study. The atmosphere in campus hostels does not really help the situation. It is very easy to feel lonely and even lost. But there is a place where students can stay within the university and never feel the longing for home. The York University housing provides some of the best homes for students to stay in and feel at home with lots of care and comfort.

The Canadian style

Each and every room of the house is perfectly stylized in Canadian style which makes students relax and study better. Students are also spared from walking long distances to get to class. This is because everything is based inside the campus. The rooms are fully furnished with warm couches and stylish bedrooms. The York University has got 812 bedrooms where every student can spend his or her time in peace and comfort.

8 different room styles

In order to find the right room for your stay, it is important to know the styles and types of rooms available. These are the 8 different styles of rooms available:

  • Premium shared suite
  • Deluxe shared suite
  • Deluxe single
  • Premium single
  • Premium single accessible
  • Two bedroom suite
  • Two bedroom suite with premium shared unit
  • Four bed suite

Living in this rooms helps you settle down quickly in your new environment and easily make friends. The rooms are well furnished with all the necessary amenities to make you enjoy your stay.


The rooms not only have fully furnished beds but also cooking gas, unlimited Wi-Fi and water. Vehicle parking is quite flexible within the campus. Other facilities and items provided in the rooms include:

  • Full XL bed
  • Appliances
  • Couch
  • Smart flat television
  • Cooktop
  • Dresser
  • Study table
  • Smart lock door

These are just some of the furnishings available for you in the rooms to help make your stay here pleasant and memorable.

Style your hair inside the campus

Students have no need to struggle in the tasking search for reliable styling salons. Barber and salon services are present in the university grounds. Even dental care is available within the campus. If you are in need of grabbing a whole burger then get to subway which is near the campus. Likewise, all the basic things which are essential to a vibrant campus student community are present in the campus grounds. There will be no inconveniencing reason for stepping out of the campus. All necessary maintenance is provided so that you don’t have to worry about anything while on campus.

Thinking about cost?

Don’t worry about cost because there are lots of considerations for students. The houses are specifically made to provide the best possible stay for students at the university at the most affordable rates. At only a small cost you can turn your campus stay into another home experience. You can study without being lonely in such a warm and welcoming place.

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