The process of hair transplantation has become very popular across the world. there are lots of people suffering from the problem of hair loss which has ruined their social as well as personal life. Baldness has become so common among both men and women however the most of the victims of the disease are men. A person with baldness gets into depression and feels inferiority complex. The invention of follicular unit extraction technique has solved many problems related to the baldness. The process is one of the most successful surgeries in the world which are carried out in almost every part of the world as well in Turkey however; there are some areas which have special level of expertise in the field of hair transplant turkey.


In follicular unit extraction method, the healthy hair follicles are taken from one part of the head where the hair are present in excess and those follicles are transplanted to the other parts of the head which have no hair. The hair transplantation is carried in number of grafting methods. The type of grafting and the frequency also depends on the baldness and the number of follicles you want to get transplanted.

Hair transplantation has become very common and popular in the world and it has become an industry. The biggest of hair loss transplantation is running right now in Turkey. Transplant Istanbul has 5000 clinics where the hair loss treatment is administered. It has been reported that nearly 5000 people each month visit Istanbul for the hair transplantation surgery. Due to the advancement in the industry, Turkish transplant clinics are now providing many services to the both national and international visitors. Due to those facilities, the number of visitors is enormously increasing.

The clinics which are working in Istanbul use modern techniques and tools to carry out the surgery. The expert surgeons have been appointed in each clinic to conduct high quality surgery with the assistance of other team members. The clinics not only provide the patients with the high quality surgery but they also provide with hotel reservations, vacation services, tour service, local guides about the hotel and clinic to the people coming from other countries, transfers between airport and many other facilities. These facilities have compel the people across the world to visit the Istanbul.

Transplantation Istanbul clinics are specialised in carrying out many other surgery such as plastic surgery, breast implantation, liposuction etc. Due to many facilities, Istanbul has become one of the most famous cities of the world which has specialised treatments for the hair transplantation. There are many services which are provided to the people coming to the Istanbul clinics. In order to facilitate the international visitors, there are many languages which are spoken in the clinics such as Arabic, English etc.

Hair transplant cost is different depending on the method used. Normally, the Turkish clinics are not too expensive and they conduct the surgery at very affordable rates.

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