Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Review

In case you didn’t know, a hybrid bicycle is designed to offer you some special abilities such as recreational riding, city touring, mountain cycling and daily commuting.

The Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike, priced at best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars is a good bike. It’s flashy, it’s well crafted, and it gets the job done. But is it the bike for you? Everyone is different, but there are some things everyone needs to consider while researching and purchasing their rides.

What piece of equipment is more important than the bike itself? If the vehicle’s no right, then not even Olympic cyclists can make a good ride out of it Not to mention it could be dangerous.

The manufacturer (Giordano) describes it as a versatile road bike with real road bike geometry and a combination of top-notch characteristics from some different bicycles. So what are the features of the RS700? Well, read on to learn about them and other things such as pros and cons.


Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike Features

It has a hand-made aluminum frame construction with a steel fork, so it is lightweight yet sturdy. Also called the Giordano RS700 Flat Bar Road Bike, this bike is sleek with red, white, and black designs.

The bike’s geometry is well designed to hug the road and give a smooth riding experience. Slightly heavier than other hybrids, it may be a tad slower than more expensive hybrid bikes.

The bike has 21 speeds, and it comes with Shimano Shifters and derailleurs. The rims are 700c aluminum for improved acceleration and climbing.

The front tire has a quick release assembly. This is a good option for commuters to help reduce theft concerns.

This men’s bike comes in two sizes.


  • Fits riders 5’7″ to 6′ tall with inseams between 29-31 inches
  • Tube top reaches 57.1 centimeters A Weighs 31.11 pounds


  • Fits riders 5’9″ to 6’2″ tall with inseams between 30-33 inches
  • Tube top reaches 59 cm A Weighs 31.09 pounds

The Pros:

-The manufacturer, Giordano, is a well-respected Italian bike designer and maker.

-The flat handlebar is more comfortable than the curved road handlebar.

-In general, customer reviews said this bike was smooth to ride and comfortable.

-It has two sizes which mean you can get a more precise fitting ride.

-Shimano parts are considered top of the line.

-Favorably compared to Schwinn bikes without the higher price.

-Very fluid gear shifting capabilities

-Designed for both paved road and mountain biking excursions

-Very user-friendly and straight forward usage

-Excellent for beginners and intermediate bike riders, both series and casual

-Giordano admits this is a budget friendly choice. It costs $299.99 per the manufacturer’s website.

The Cons:

-The brakes squeal very loudly because the white painted rims. But the brake works well.

-Assembly is complicated, so it is best to pay for an expert to put it together.

-Derailleurs and Gears are usually needed tuning after assembly.

-The seat provided is not high, so you may need to replace it.

-Some riders prefer the aerodynamics of a curved road handlebar for increased speed.

-The steel fork and other alloy parts can add weight and may rust.

-The bike is a little heavier than more expensive hybrid bikes, so it is a bit slower.


How your bike treats you all depends on you, and what you get out of it is about what you wanted to get out of it in the first place. The casual biker might be able to overlook the minor hiccups of this bike only to enjoy a healthy way to commute during their day.

But if you’re looking for some serious trekking and off-roading, then the minor flaws in this might be a deal breaker for you Most people suggest bringing a new bike that requires assembly to a shop, regardless, so any of those minor fixes could be handled right there.

After all, if you’re a big bike person, you’re no strange to the occasional tune up and shop visit for yourself.

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