Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

The Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

The Set of Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone  is simply an amazing item. They are comfortable in use and easily attached with cell phones like Samsung and iPhone. It does not take too much time to start about  4 to 6 minutes take which is include to add folder items and recommended to just read out instructions very easy to know how its work, pause, play, reverse, forward and attached. It has flexible in adjusting to any size and looks good.

It’s can wear for the hour or long easily because there is no problem come out like pain and aches. Ear stuff having fleece and smooth material, it’s made with a great quality of techniques to make more comfortable.
Its feel awesome when you are working anywhere and there is no worry to handle with a cord. You can put your cell phone on the side and can handle your listing with your headphones while walking or be cooking; etc., blue tooth power is great to go away approx. 10 meter or more. Another big benefit is to answer the call with them the problem solve you don’t go back to your cell to just pick up a call.


Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

It’s having HD stereo quality of sound, the productivity of sound is amazing by these headphones you can find definitely available at tvc-mall.com . Headphones have clear sound quality with the high pitch and great quality bass. Easy to use for non-important listings, even you can’t listen to your own voice.
It’s adjustable in listing and folding to take anywhere and it will not take too much space. Its light weighted and easily and quickly chargeable for a long time as its battery timing is remarkable. There is also On/Off buttons to save charging which is very useful.

You can avail Easy access to Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone on https://www.tvc-mall.com/ any time available in electronic wholesale and in china products.

Important features:
1) Insubstantial / Lightweight
2) Easy to use
3) Great sound quality
4) Assembled in mic
5) Rechargeable
6) No cord
7) Quick start
8) Long time battery
9) Left or right mention to use
10) On/off buttons
11) Sound volume, play, pause, reverse, forward buttons
12) Long-lasting
13) Used on any cell phone
14) High capacity
15) Stand-by
16) Natural sound

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