Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort – Ultimate Vacations For Families

Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort – Ultimate Vacations For Families

Disneys Caribbean Resort in Orlando, Florida

One of the best Themed resorts We’ve ever been to, Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort is by far an awesome experience. Of course by being in Disney World itself your going to have amazing experiences, but when your hotel is just as cool it truly becomes a magical vacation.

The Caribbean beach resort is one of the moderate resorts running around $120-$200 a night. There are many different areas in the resort that you can stay which all center around “Centertown” which is where the main pool, food court, and restaurants are located. The Caribbean beach resort is not a high rise hotel, each small complex of hotel rooms is only two stories high and each complex is separated from the others.

Each complex is also actually names for islands in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad, and many more. The food court is a coolest, its set up like a little marketplace where each different little food shop is in its own little house. They even took the detail to paint clouds on the ceiling. Not only are there many choices of food and things to do, there are plenty of pools here, and there is a man made lake in the center of the resort in which you can spend the day on a boat, or paddle boat you rent. There are also tons of wild animals at the resort, beautiful birds and ducks, lizards, bunny’s, gorgeous herons, its like a little jungle.

All in all the Caribbean Beach resort is somewhere we go every year because we love it so much. It is such a wonderful resort we would go there just to stay at the hotel and not go to any of the parks! A great resort for you beach lovers and one of our number one picks for resorts in Disney World.

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