Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Rocks Jewelers of London is a full-service jeweler providing the highest quality of gemstones and diamonds. Their manufacturing facility allows them to source their diamonds for wholesale which means savings to their consumers. They can custom design any piece of jewelry to exact specifications, and display over one thousand product items in-store with designs their experts have created, giving clients many choices in their jewelry selections.


High quality stones for the best value is of the utmost importance with Diamond Rocks. They assume their clients are discerning in their search for the perfect selection, whether it be for a shining engagement rings, pendant, bracelet or earrings. When they assess the diamonds they will be selling, they pay close attention to the “4 C’s”: Carat weight, Color grade, Clarity of inclusions, and Cut workmanship. Perhaps the difference between this company and others is that they add another “C”: Customer Satisfaction.

Their highly qualified diamond experts are ready and willing to work with each and every customer in their pursuit of the perfect diamond or other gemstone. They take their time whether it be in finding out customer tastes, giving them suggestions for designs, showing store samples, or getting a representation of your concept for a custom design of your creation. They use state-of-art CAD technology for precise planning of designs. Expert craftsmanship is behind every piece of jewelry sold, and Diamond Rocks stands behind their product.

Examples of the diversity and plethora of choices in gems pieces are represented by many types of designs that run from the most contemporary to the most unique vintage pieces. Bridal sets, Groom rings, Trilogy Engagement rings, and Bespoke Engagement rings; precious metals include white, yellow, and rose gold, and platinum. Men’s jewelry choices are include rings and cuff links.

Traditional shoppers will want to visit the brick-and-mortar gallery to be able to see their jewelry up close, compare pieces, talk with an expert with any questions or concerns, and try on samples to see how they look on. At diamondrocks.co.uk, an easily navigated website is at your fingertips for careful, leisurely at-home shopping. There are instantly available representatives at your service via Live Chat for questions or help finding what you are looking for.

Purchasing a diamond must be done with care for many reasons, and for most of us, that reason is because of the high price of a quality gem. As experienced jewelers, Diamond Rocks understands that things happen. They gladly offer a 30-day return refund policy on almost 100% of purchases. They allow exchanges for custom-made pieces that didn’t come out the way you’d expected. They will allow you to select a diamond of higher quality in case they do not have your choice available.

Additionally, Diamond Rocks guarantees that they are the lowest price online diamond store, and will beat any other dealer’s price on the same item they sell. Their confidence in offering you the highest quality product at the best value possible is their authentic promise to you.

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