Dafni straightener

This survey is for DAFNI, the first hair fixing artistic brush. In it, we will talk about the elements, attributes, advantages of this model. After opening the container, there were not a single extra thing in sight. The container contained just the brush or Wazor. There were no guidelines included either, however, this is not an issue since these gadgets all work in comparable design with comparative controls. In the meantime, it would be pleasant if a conveying case or sack was incorporated.


  • Dimensions:
    It is hard to not pay heed to the smooth, advanced look of the brush. The tinge is very strikingly similar to the geometry of the swarms. The real measurements are 15.5×6.5×4.6 inches.
  • Buttons Layout:
    There is just a single control on the handle, and that is a straightforward on/off catch. That implies that the main accessible working temperature is the production line setting of 365°F (or 185°C). At the point when the catch is discouraged, the unit rapidly warms to that temperature.
  • Materials:
    The body of the brush is made totally of plastic. The matte complete is low profile yet tasteful looking, and it guarantees that your hand will safely clutch the handle amid utilize. The main other material on the outside is artistic which is the thing that the warming swarms are made of. Earthenware is a fantastic conductor of warmth, and accordingly, it fits an exceptionally predictable surface temperature. This is extraordinary in light of the fact that the final results are predictable execution and reliable outcomes.
  • Bristles:
    The head shape is the standard oval. What makes the Dafni Straightener stand separated from the contenders is the plan of the bounds on the head. This hair straightener uses a patent pending 3D (three-dimensional) plan. This plan spreads the warmth out over various purposes of contact with the hair to guarantee straight solid hair with speedier outcomes. Likewise, the form of the bounds supplements the shape of the client’s head.
  • Color:

The brush is just offered in one shading, and that is dark. This is very decent however as it diverges from the blue shading of the set out toward a striking, yet outwardly engaging complexity.


The brush takes around 60 or so seconds to achieve the working temperature of 365°F (or 185°C). This makes it common sense for the individual who is in a hurry thus requests brisk yet reliable. This unit has neither a turning rope nor a hanging hook. These things are both absolute necessities for a rectifying brush. A pivoting line is a decent element to have as it keeps the line off the beaten path. A hanging snare takes into account impermanent capacity that is effortlessly available yet off the beaten path.

Additional Features:
It is pleasant to have this element in light of the fact that the area of the catch makes it genuinely simple to unintentionally discourage it bringing on the unit to stop while it is being used. There is no real way to dial in a favored working temperature. Push the single catch to turn the unit on, hold up around 60 seconds, and it will be prepared to go at the full working temperature.

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