Common Dental Procedures in Orillia

Common Dental Procedures in Orillia

The people of Orillia and surrounding areas have a wide range of different dental needs, ranging from standard cleanings to cosmetic work and even emergency dentistry. Fortunately, there is a reliable group of dentists in Orillia ready to handle all your dental needs. The Orillia Smile Centre covers the most essential dental procedures that residents are likely to need. If you are wondering what might be in store for your smile, here are a few examples of common dental procedures that need to be performed.

Dental Maintenance and Hygiene

 With the hectic lifestyle that most adults live, routine dental maintenance and care can sometimes fall by the wayside as people focus on other aspects of their busy lives. Very often, people who receive regular maintenance as youths and teens eventually stop seeing their dentist regularly, which opens up the potential for dental emergencies later in life. You can reduce the level of emergency care that you need later on by making sure that you see your dentist on a regular basis for routine checkups. This allows the dentist to identify potential troubles before they become major problems and also leaves you teeth feeling cleaner and looking whiter throughout the year.

Dental Implants

 Even if you receive the preventative care and maintenance you need, you might find yourself needing dental implants eventually. Typically, a patient receives an implant when they have either lost a tooth unexpectedly or when they are about to lose a tooth. This could happen due to a number of different factors, including trauma, tooth decay, or a unique factor in a patient’s dental history. When you get a dental implant, you will be receiving a high-quality prosthesis that looks and functions just like a normal tooth. This is a surgical procedure, but once it is finished you will feel like you never lost your original tooth.

Emergency Dentistry

 Any tooth or gum condition that requires immediate assistance and cannot wait for an appointment qualifies as emergency dentistry. This usually happens when a person experiences significant trauma, such as a cracked tooth, that causes a great deal of pain or bleeding. Emergency dental procedures need to be completed as quickly as possible, but that does not mean you should panic. Skilled dentists, such as those as the Orillia Smile Centre, are capable of fixing virtually any emergency dental problem with ease while making sure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible. The important thing is to know who you would go to if such an occasion should arise. That way, you don’t have to scramble to find a dentist in Orillia at a moment’s notice.

This is just a short list of the many different dental scenarios that a patient can find themselves in. If you establish a relationship with a reliable dental practice like the Orillia Smile Centre, these issues and a number of other possible problems can become a minor inconvenience at worst. Going to a skilled dentist means that you will have a healthier smile for many years to come.

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