What to choose for hunting, a Rifle Scope or a Red Dot?

What to choose for hunting, a Rifle Scope or a Red Dot?

Well, it starts with the personal choice a hunter weather to choose a rifle scope or red dot sight. But, it becomes a bit difficult to select according to your hunting plans and the nature of your hunt.

Here are the pros and cons of both Rifle Scope and the Red Dot Sight. Keeping these in your mind you can better decide what to select:

Rifle Scopes

Using a rifle scope is an old fashion, but more authentic method for aiming. It comes with modern customized design for almost each and every shooting range. Its best use is when you know the target and need help to aim that.

For Rifle scopes, two major specifications are used to be considered: One is the magnification power and second is the size of the objective lens. Magnification power usually to be measured by “x” as well as objective lens size measured in millimeters.

Normally, a rifle scope ranges from 1x to 40x or even larger in specific conditions. If an object can be viewed at the 2x magnification power it will be shown two times of the actual size. Accordingly, at 40x the object will be magnified 40 times larger. The problem with the magnification is that when increase the power your field of vision can be reduced. For that, the magnifying power you should set is 3x to 4x. And a big collection of quality refiles scopes is available at HuntingMark.com.

Pros of Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are more versatile and more accurate when it comes to targeting your aim. If your target is far away, you can aim it by rifle scope and shoot very confidently.

Cons of Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are comparatively heavier in weight than red dots. It also have eye relief which causes delay in getting into position for shooting using rifle scope with a constant position of a shooter required.

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are also called “Reflex Sights”. They are used for the close range targets. The Dot which is called a “Crosshair” is centrally imposed on a plane glass and hunters use it to focus and aim the target. Red Dot Sights don’t have a magnification power at all, but still very preferable than rifle scopes when it comes to close range as you don’t need to magnify your target.

Pros of Red Dot Sights

Hunters use Red Dot Sights to achieve fast aiming acquisition. Using red dot sight you don’t have to lean over it or keep a specific distance of the eye relief area. What you have to do is, just point the crosshair at the target and shoot the fire.


Cons of Red Dot Sights

There are two major cons of using red dot sight:


Because, there is no magnification power so usually hunters can’t achieve their targets at a longer distance.


Since Red Dots Sights are usually criticized for the dim dots or crosshair, so for that reason a hunter can obscure in brighter scenarios.


At the end, after knowing the pros and cons of both Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights, we know that it’s our choice and the nature of our hunting plan to select. Like if you want to shoot your target at 100 or more yards, and then you’ll need a Rifle Scope instead of Red Dot Sight. But, when your target is near around you and you want to shoot confidently, then you have to turn to a Red Dot Sight. If you still need info about this then visit http://huntingmark.com.

So while choosing the right option considers your shooting range and the entire scenario, then it surely will help you to select between a Rifle Scope and a Red Dot Sight.

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