How does the Chipolo key finder work?

How does the Chipolo key finder work?

The Steps which need to be followed

One of the very anticipated questions regarding the Chipolo is that how does it work? Well, there is no as such science involved, which shall be implemented while using a Chipolo tracker. The Chipolo key finder is so convenient and flexible to use that it can be used by everyone without any hurdles. Let’s start discussing the steps, which need to be followed while using the Chipolo tracker.

  • Step 1

The Chipolo trackers are categorized according to the characteristics such as the colours, features and prices. There are a variety of colours available on the website from which a customer can choose. Simply select the desired Chipolo and buy it from the online website. The Chipolo trackers are super affordable and user-friendly.

  • Step 2

The Chipolo trackers are very small in size, which enables them to be attached anywhere. The Chipolo key trackers come with a loop, which makes them very easy to be able to fit in the key ring along with the other keys.

  • Step 3

Once you have out the Chipolo along with the keys, simply install the Chipolo application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and follow the steps. If you have lost your keys, just click on the option ‘find my keys’ and the tracker will automatically turn on the Bluetooth signals, which will catch the signals of the Chipolo attached to the keys. The Chipolo will start ringing and the 100 decibel melody is loud enough that one can easily hear it.

The advantages of a Chipolo key finder

There are many benefits, which come along with a Chipolo tracker. These are super user-friendly and very efficient. The Chipolo trackers are available in the seven vibrant colours, which offers customers with quite a variety. There are two types of Chipolo available in total, the Chipolo Plus and the Chipolo Classic. Both of the vary in prices and certain features. The Chipolo Plus is a water resistant and does not require any kind of maintenance. On the other hand, the Chipolo Classic has a replaceable battery with a six month battery life. Both of the Chipolo trackers are designed like a coin and the sizes are same too, as they are only 0.2 inches and 5 mm thin. With a Chipolo attached, nothing can ever be lost. Their efficient Bluetooth technology and the super loud melodies make them very easy to find. The Chipolo trackers can be easily attached, stick and dropped with anything, which you never want to lose such as the skateboards, bicycles, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, handbags, cars and backpacks. If the lost item is within the range of 200-foot, the built in Bluetooth technology will easily find it or if the item is not in this range, then one can simply log in to their web app and can track it down. The web app will show the place on the map, where it was seen for the last time.

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