A Swiѕѕ company nаmеd LONITÉ, iѕ ореning a brаnсh in Canada оffеring a рrоduсt fоr the canadian market tо hоld оn tо thе mе mоriеѕоf lоvеd ones in a ѕоmе whаt unuѕuаl but creative way. Frоm the lаb, this company iѕ turning cremation аѕhеѕ into ѕуnthеtiс diаmоndѕ fоr mе mоriаl ringѕ аnd реndаntѕ.

As estimated by the U.S. government,  at lеаѕt 15 соuntriеѕ have thе tесhnоlоgiсаl сараbilitу tо produce synthetic diаmоndѕ. Arе роrt bу Trаnѕраrеnсу Mаrkеt Research in 2014 also vаluеd thе glоbаl ѕуnthеtiс diаmоnd mаrkеtаt $15.7 billiоn аnd рrеdiсtеd that thiѕ mаrkеt will almost double bу 2023.

Sуnthеtiс diаmоndѕ are widely used as аbrаѕivеѕ in several mаjоr industries inсluding mining аnd соnѕtruсtiоn. Thеу аrе also in hugе dеmаnd in thе highlу lucrative еlесtrоniсѕ induѕtrу, mаking gооd conductors and оthеr imроrtаnt соmроnеntѕ.

Synthetic diаmоndѕ hаvе аlѕо ѕlоwlу muѕсlеd their way intо thе jewellery induѕtrу thanks tо the equally increasing ѕосiаllу аwаrе соnѕumеrѕ that hаvе rаiѕеd соnсеrnѕ аѕ thе ѕаlе of illiсit diаmоndѕ has соntinuаllу been uѕеd tо finаnсе wаrf аrе аnd humаn ѕuffеring in ѕоmе diamond mining соuntriеѕ likе thе Democratic  Rерubliс оf Cоngо for dесаdеѕоn end.

Mоrе аnd mоrе реорlе аrе being сrеmаtеd

Demand fоr сrеmаtiоn in Canada iѕgrаduаllу creeping а hеаd оf buriаlѕ and this trеnd is likely to соntinuе over the next fеw уеаrѕ. With сrеmаtiоn, реорlе can kеер thеir loved оnеѕ’ аѕhеѕ in one рlасе using urnѕ, ѕсаttеr thе аѕhеѕ at a favourite lосаtiоn аnd nоw thеу аlѕо hаvе thе орtiоn tо turn thеm into jеwеllеrу ѕuсh аѕ thе bеаutiful mеmоriаl diamonds mаdе by LONITÉ.

Frоm сrеmаtiоn ashes to diamonds

Sуnthеtiс mеmоriаl diamonds аrе mаdе in the lаbbу applying a high-temperature high-pressure (HTHP) process to саrbоn. Thiѕ process wаѕfirѕt used in the 1950s by American рhуѕiсаl сhеmiѕt Howard Tracy аt General Elесtriс (GE).

LONITÉ uses a ѕimilаr mеthоd to turn сrеmаtiоn ashes into ѕуnthеtiс  diamonds and has nоw bесоmе a wоrld lеаdеr in the synthetic diamond buѕinеѕѕ, ѕресiаlizing in memorial diаmоndѕ. Thе product iѕ a bright bеаutiful diаmоnd that you can сhеriѕh аnd carry with you any where. LONITÉ ассерtѕ bоth hаir and ashes аnd requires at lеаѕt 200 grams оf ashes аnd 10 grams оf hair for every one diаmоnd.

“Wе do ассерt аll thе аѕhеѕ whеn thе fаmilу wаnt tо ѕеnd аll thе аѕhеѕ tо uѕ,” says  Prоjесt Aѕѕiѕtаnt of LONITÉ, Niсоlаѕ Blаnс. “If thеrе is extra carbon lеft оvеr аt thе end оf thе рrосеѕѕ, it can еithеr bе сrеmаtеd bу uѕ in оur lаb оr ѕеnt bасk with thе diаmоnd if rеԛuеѕtеd by the family.”

The ashes аrе ѕеnt tо thе LONITÉ lаbоrаtоrу whеrе they аrе аnаlуѕеd аnd 99.99% рurе саrbоn еxtrасtеd.Thе саrbоn iѕ thеn рlасеd in the HTHP ѕуѕtеm to make the diаmоndѕ.

Thе diаmоndѕ аrе аѕ rеаl аѕ thе nаturаl ones аnd реrhарѕ thе only diffеrеnсеiѕ the рrоvеnаnсе оf the carbon. These сrеmаtiоn diаmоndѕ can bе сеrtifiеd аnd rе-vеrifiеd аt an indереndеnt  gem institute, likе thе Gemmological Inѕtitutе оf Amеriса (GIA), оr  thе Swiss Gemmological Inѕtitutе (SSEF) in Switzerland.

Whу people сhооѕе tо turn аѕhеѕ intо diamonds

Duе tо thе fасt that thе memorial diamond buѕinеѕѕ еnсоmраѕѕеѕ bоth jеwеllеrу аnd funeral induѕtriеѕ, LONITÉ hаѕ dеvеlореd a customer relations ѕtrаtеgу thаt pays a lоt оf аttеntiоn tо thе emotional wеll-bеing оf thе сuѕtоmеrѕ during thiѕ highlу еmоtiоnаl time fоr thеm.

“It’ѕ muсh more thаn a diаmоnd.Wе рrоvidе ѕuрроrt, wаrmth, аnd rеmеmbrаnсе.Pеорlе соmе tо uѕ because thеу nееd ѕоmеthing tо kеер thеir loved ones with them,” Jеff Gоnzаlо, the head оf thе соmраnу’ѕ сuѕtоmеr ѕеrviсе division, highlightѕ.

Because a “diаmоnd buriаl” саn соѕtjuѕt оnе third tо оnе hаlf the аvеrаgе аmоunt оf a trаditiоnаl burial, реорlе are nоw starting tо opt оut оfthе rеlаtivеlу more expensive traditional  buriаl.

A LONITÉ memorial diamond mаkеѕ it very еаѕу tо ѕhаrе thе memory of a lоvеd оnе with fаmilу and friends thаt livе far араrtаnd аlѕо eliminates worries of fаmilу mеmbеrѕ nоt being аblе to visit the grаvе уаrd or ѕitе of thеir loved one.

“I grеw up with my grаnd mоthеr аnd ѕhе ѕuрроrtеd me аlwауѕ.I nееdеd to hаvе something with mе from hеrаll thе time.I knоw that she iѕ nоw hеrе аgаin.Shе will continue tо support mе. It’ѕ really nice.Shе lооkѕ young  аnd bеаutiful.” Eva Sсhiffеr a сuѕtоmеr frоm Frankfurt, Germany ѕаid.

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Buying a property is never easy if you are moving to a new city or looking for a new place to live. It is always challenging to find the perfect place for you in terms of purchasing or eve renting to live for a few days. There are many companies and property dealers who claim to provide you the best residences in Marbella, but not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. If you are in search for property in Marbella, Property sales Marbella is the best option for you. All the customers are provided with the offers of buying the most beautiful villas all around the Marbella.


This is located in the center of Costa del Sol, Marbella and I providing their services since many years.  The location is indeed one of the mot spectaculars. There are luxurious and finest apartments built for you that provide the most comfortable place to live.

The aim:

The main goal of property sales Marbella is to help you find the perfect place for your living in Costa del Sol. They get for you the perfect property keeping in view your demands and needs in the best possible way. You just have to tell them your requirements and rest of the work I to be done by them; they will let you know all about the available places for you closest to or exactly according to your requirement. Also they’ll keep in view the budget you have and will offer you the services in the money limits you offer.

One of the best things about the company is that they know the importance of your time and intends to save your time by working efficiently.

Once you have chosen them as your property dealer you can be stress-free as they will not let you be worried about anything out of your choice or budgets. They deal with all the completion of documents, shifting, and many other finer details that are involved in the further processing of property sales etc.

On their website, you can give a visit to the details of available apartments and penthouses with beach views and hill views. Besides this, there are townhouses and villas located that you can rent. Also, you can know about the recent developments of Mijas Costa and long term rental conditions. There is detailed information about the rooms, washroom, kitchen, lounges, golf clubs and everything that is available for you in the area.

The features places include Nueva Andalucia Penthouse that is located in the golf valley of the area and has a stunning location. EL Paraiso Detached Villa is one of the best places for investment located in New Golden Mile that is rented by many people who come here to spend holidays. Many other villas with their beautiful location are there.

Indeed it is a difficult task to buy property abroad. Being expert about the Marbella property for sale they can offer you the best of their area. They offer you the best location in a coastal area that is sought by everyone.

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Hiking can be quite a fantastic experience, for people, friends, couples as well as families, and is also used by lots of individuals to get in shape, and lead a dynamic life-style.

For short hikings,hiking gearand equipment is not normally important, nevertheless for regular hikers, or those wanting to go hiking for very long time periods, probably right away, must always ensure they already have the required hiking gear to make their journey easier, as well as better.


Perfect examples of necessary hiking gear could possibly be hiking boots which have been created specifically with added grip, as well as hiking sticks. Needless to say, there are various hiking gear that can be obtained for the hiking jaunt, and whatever you bring completely relies on where you would be hiking, as well as for how much time.

If you are intending for hiking more than a day, you will need to don’t forget to take along with you loads of food and water, water-resistant clothing, a sleeping bag, as well as a camping tent to name a few. Of those hiking trips, you need to make certain you take a backpack to hold your entire gear. Along with the above mentioned, your hiking gear should likewise include essential survival tools should you need them, a survival hand book if you need to lookup advice and hiking tips, together with a flashlight.


When selecting hiking gear, try to find high quality hiking items which are light in weight, and small, since these is likely to make a significant difference not only in conserving

space inside your backpack, but additionally conserving your own energy, not having to bring around large items every day. You may also have a lightweight stove in case you are camping overnight to prepare yourself a nice meal, especially in the winter months. You will be able to locate many space serving hiking gear on-line as well as at professional camping shops.

You may also contemplate purchasing a sleeping bed, that’s a sleeping bed lifted from the floor making use of steel bars. Camping beds are really preferred, as they keep campers from the cold ground, far from bugs and insects, as well as give a much bigger comfort in comparison to a hard flooring. It may be affordable and be definitely worth the expense for the progress in sleep you will receive. These are very sturdy, and simply fold down to be attached with your backpack to bring around along with you.


Ensure your garments is also waterproof and safe from nature’s elements. If you are hiking in the winter, wearing a thicker and additional heavily insulted coat and trousers will surely make you stay warm and make sure you do not get sick on your trip. These might be more costly, nevertheless, you will regret not buying them in case you face intense weather conditions. The identical can probably be said for locating the right camping tent as well as sleeping bag, always be certain they’re fitted to the time of year that you are hiking, and definitely will provide ample comfort through the nights.

When selectingcamping cots, it can be smart to talk to a specialist in the camping trade, as they will help you pick the right hiking gear to make your trip a confident one.

Read More about hiking/camping gear review, travel experience, guide, and resources:

Best Camping Hammock

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Composed of 74 islands in total, all interconnected by sparkling white sands and crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea, The Whitsunday Islands have soon become one of the top travel destinations in all of Australia. With a picturesque landscape paired with a most perfect tropical climate, those who frequent this corner of the continent quickly find that its nearly 7,000 kilometers of coastline make for the perfect getaway. Whether looking to explore this destination through a Whitsunday Islands tour, joining in on a sailing adventure, or simply spending your days digging your toes into the warm sand and soaking up the sunshine, it is all possible and right at your fingertips at Whitsundays.


Surrounded and sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands make for the prime spot to embark on a sailing journey around its dozens of attractive islands and inlets. Whether a day trip or a week-long stint, sailing The Whitsundays tends to be the most sought after experience in this part of Australia. While sailing The Whitsundays, you’ll find that because of its ideal location, the waters are completely free of crashing waves and deadly undertows; meaning that all you have to worry about is where you’ll decide to cast anchor and jump on in. A great sailing tour that takes you to Whitehaven Beach is Avatar Whitsundays the only commercial trimaran sailing these islands, Its fast comfortable with experienced fun crew,

Sailing The Whitsundays isn’t the only activity available – everything from scuba diving and snorkeling to interacting with the wildlife and enjoying full days at one of the many renowned spas scattered throughout. Several Whitsunday Island tours offer any and all of the before mentioned activities, plus a whole lot more! If planning every little detail of your trip isn’t quite your thing, then consider joining in on one of the many Whitsunday Island tours where you’ll not only get to experience some of the best parts of The Whitsunday Islands but also get to meet other travelers just like yourself. Most of the Whitsunday Island tours are based in Airlie Beach while very few can be found taking off from individual islands.

For those travelers who have a significant amount of time to explore The Whitsunday Islands, they’ll have the option to either choose from one of the several resorts on any of the seven inhabited islands such as the luxurious Hayman Island or the more affordable Hamilton Island. Another option would be to camp on one of the permitted beaches throughout the area; all depending on the traveler’s preference. The great thing about The Whitsundays is that there is truly something for every type of traveler. From adventurous thrill-seeking explorers to laid back sailing enthusiasts and club hopping partiers – any and all can find something to enjoy while traveling The Whitsundays.

So, whether you decide to go sailing The Whitsundays, explore the area through The Whitsunday Island tours, or head out on your own type of adventure, we’re certain that it won’t take long for you to fall in love with just about everything this gem of Australia has to offer each one of its visitors.

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There are different services provided by pest control companies. Even some specialize in a particular type of pest.

To hire any of the services, you need to make sure about the professionalism of the company. Ask information or request to talk directly with the responsible officials, measuring, in a way, the ability they possess.

Note, too, if employees have appropriate material own health protection, since this control is the company’s responsibility. Products used for pest control are mostly harmful to human health when exposure is frequent.


Also, dedetizadora should do prior visit to the environment to ensure the most appropriate methodology for each case.

Check document compliance with the environmental state agency in the region where demand service. That body responsible for overseeing dedetizadora companie.

 To run a pest control company must have health license with expiration date on a yearly basis. This license is issued by the Sanitary Vigilance and must be arranged in a visible place for the consumer.

Furthermore, you should issue a descriptive report of the procedures performed, which must be signed by a qualified service technician responsible.

Products used in fumigation can cause risks to human health and domestic animas, so all precautions should be taken to avoid poisoning by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption.

Check out the tips of the Health Surveillance for the consumer to hire a pest control company:

– Make sure the work of the executor is properly uniformed with safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, masks, boots and overalls.

– Make sure the products are registered with the Ministry of Health, the information should be in the package.

– Do not accept the suggestion to stay with the rest of the material applied to use it if insects reappear.

– Remove children and pets from the site during fumigation and keep them away, at least for 6 hours after process as guidance professionals.


Rats are classified by systematic – science that studies the relationship between organisms as a biological classification – such as rodents, that is, animals of Rodentia order and also the Muridae family. This family, a sector of the mammalian class, includes rats, mice and rats. They are animals that have a characteristic of this group: incisors. Furthermore, they can be characterized according to a number of external features such as the color and type of hair.

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During the days when the year is nearing its end and the season of winter is dominating the aura, the masses find themselves, desperately in the need of a notion of warmth that eradicates the chills, breathing in a sense of vigour, into the life of the populous. People are very much lucky, for the festival of Christmas, comes knocking on their door, during such times of desirous need and tends to inflate the lives of them, with celebrations and joviality. A festivity that celebrates the birth of the son of the Lord, that is, Jesus Christ, Christmas is widely celebrated by Christians all over the world, but the aspects of it of the sort of decoration of Christmas trees, exchange of gifts, savouring of Christmassy delicacies of the likes of cakes, pudding et al, have allowed the festival to cast a universal appeal, with patrons and followers of it, originating from different religions and cultures.


Children especially are mesmerized by the festive processions of Christmas, clearly smitten by the myth of Santa Claus, who they believe, shall bestow them with innumerable gifts on the eve of the festival. Hence, if the aspect of the festival of Christmas entices you, then you surely must be in need to go on Christmas shopping, thereby granting yourself with a tiresome schedule. But prestigious online platforms grant you with a Christmas offering that enables you to pursue online Christmas shopping, thereby not only easing you but also providing you with innumerable versatile Christmas gifts.

When it comes to the availability of Christmas Gifts in India online, there are a few that trend during the festive season since time immemorial.

  • Firstly, if one is well acquainted with the festival of Christmas, then one shall also be familiar with the notion of the Christmas cake. Hence, when it comes to purchasing an apt gift, online platforms are flooded with an assortment of cakes that are nothing short of being Christmassy in their taste. From the likes of Fruitcakes, Chocolate fudges, and truffles, Chocolate Caramel cakes, butterscotch cakes, pineapple cakes et al, online platforms serve them all to make your festival a merry endeavour.
  • vfdbvdfbvg
  • Secondly, flowers possess the charm to grace any festival with their presence and hence account for one fine offering. An offering of fresh flowers shall surely delight your dear ones on the eve of Christmas, and spread the warmth of their beauty in the aura, spreading the colors of joy all over.


  • Thirdly, bouquets are a surprise, for the bouquets that online platforms have brought to your disposal, do not comprise of flowers but are rather composed of an assortment of chocolates or innumerable tiny yet cuddly soft toys of the likes of Teddy bears, and are thereby nothing short of being an utter delight to the receiver.
  • fsdfsdfsd

All we have brought to your notice, are the three most trending offerings of the Christmas season, but bear an inevitable fact in your mind, that online platforms are booming with infinitesimal Christmas Gifts that might invite your interest, thereby proving to the apt selection of yours, when it comes to offerings that you shall present your loved ones with.

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Research and development play a great role in the success of any important projects. This is the field which gives a project the unique quality to stand out. For this reason, you need to pay special attention towards research and development. This every company knows. Yet, only some of the companies invest in the area of research. This proves to be a very bad decision, says Russ Lea, an experienced research and science administrator. He has worked in this field long enough to know the importance of R&D. He says it is always better to outsource the job of research and development. It might seem expensive at the time. However, there are more than one reasons to hire professional researchers for your projects.

They know the method is the first reason why you should hire a research analyst. A company which offers R&D service is your best bet when you are looking to outsource the work. They know how to find information. They know where to find the information. Research is not small job. It is not just logging on to Google and finding the contact details. That anyone can do. Here research denotes serious work. Here research can lead to the success of an important project or to the failure. For this reason, you need to find someone who knows the work. Someone who has been offering R&D service can help you find the success.

This is what they do is the next reason. Yes, this is what the research analysts do. They research. They are the experts. They have the know-how. They know how to do the job. Russ Lea says sometimes you should trust the experts to do the job for you. Of course, you can hire a team to handle the research work. But, have you considered the commitment a new division will require? You need to look after the recruitment. You need to allocate the daily work. You also have to look after the execution of the project. Would not it be better to hire a company which is led by an expert? Someone who has been in this field will be able to lead a project through and help in the proper execution.

They do it faster and of course better. Russ Lea says that the research analysts he hires are all professionals with years of experience. They know their job. In fact they love the challenges that research and development work bring. They like to face the problems and find the right solution. This is what experts bring to you. They offer expertise and they look for difficulties which other might not welcome.

They have the proper network. Research is a complicated work. This might take you to various levels. You might have to talk to different types of people. Moreover, you need to have contacts to get the information out. This the experts have. They know who to call when a project is not yielding result. Without proper experience you might not be able to accomplish this level of expertise. Hiring professionals might cost you money. But, it is required for the success of the project.

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Have you ever wanted to achieve that perfect country style look for your home? Imagining your children playing in a country home, on a bright sunny day, looking through your window curtains outside at the beautiful scenery? How can all of these things be done? With some minor touches in the décor of your home, this scenario is highly possible.

The Feel of a Country Home

In order to achieve the feel of a country home, giving consideration to the curtain ambiance is very important. Curtains, in general, are not just important due to their aesthetic appeal, but also due to the functional benefits they provide. A lot of people end up failing to realize that these curtains add a special touch to the home. It adds the homely touch to the interiors of a country home.

There is no better secret in order to achieve this objective than by using Prairie Curtains. These types of curtains help homeowners to reminisce wonderful memories about beautiful, lush fields, as well as all the other good things that are associated with country life. The presence of these curtains also offers an ambiance of peace and calm, which is extremely essential for every home.

Decorating with the use of vintage style country curtains is special in every way. These curtains are a little bit different compared to the typical curtains due to the feel and the function that they can offer. The valances of these curtains are important in giving that cozy and warm feeling to the house. They are perfect, not just for vintage homes, but even for modern infrastructures.

Choosing the Best Option

In selecting the best curtain to complete the curtain ambiance of a room, there are certain things that need to be considered accordingly. For one, you have to think of the colors that you already have inside your home. This includes considering the hue of your furniture, and even the paint of the interior rooms.

With Prairie Curtains, you can also select from a wide selection of fabric. When dealing with fabric, it should be the one to control the lighting of your home. Neutral colored fabrics give warmth to the room light, while fabric that is woven or insulated may block out the light, thus making the entire room dark.

All in all,  Country style curtains here and allow you to choose your style and preference right. Prairie Curtains can match your personality while making sure that it also appeals to other people who will set foot in your house. You may even accessorize your curtains in order to improve the overall appearance even better, getting creative with your options.

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Care of Souls – Supporting, Nurturing, Healing and Restoration in the Minster

The importance of the recurrence of the soul and the equivalent interest in spirituality is tough to overestimate. The soul is the meeting point of the spiritual and the psychological. A proper understanding of the soul reunites the spiritual and the psychological and directs the activities of those who care for the souls of others in such a mode that their care touches the private levels of people’s inner lives.

For Christian ministry, this embraces the probability of reversing their relegation from the matters of the soul. The acceptance of the discrepancy between the spiritual and psychological aspects of persons that was suggested by the growth of modern therapeutic psychology stemmed in the church being judged applicable to only the spiritual part of persons. This eventually led to the dislodgment of clergy by analysts as curates of the soul. If clerics are again to occupy a pivotal role in the cure and care of souls, it is necessary that the spiritual nature of the soul be clearly understood.

The SCOAN has been described as “the most visited destination by religious tourists in West Africa”, and “Nigeria’s biggest tourist attraction” with thousands of foreigners assembling to attend the church’s weekly services. Spiritual healing at The SCOAN has been the matter of several media reports.

Christian pastors may be in even greater need of recuperating an understanding of the soul and its care. Christian mental health specialists who dare to comprehend their counseling as soul care are offered the possibility of a cure and care of souls that is more spiritual, vital and distinctively Christian. And churches that challenge to convalesce the care of souls as vital to their ministry are offered the probability of relevance that has often been missing.

Churches that seek to recuperate the care of souls as an essential part of their ministry need to begin by safeguarding the existence of an adequate foundation of family and communal care. Additional, more specified, forms of care (such as spiritual direction and counseling) build on the care provided by friends and family. Nevertheless, soul care is assisted by an understanding of the spiritual dynamics of the soul, the weights of dialogue, and ways of cultivating spiritual response in others.

Although the therapeutic ministries of the church have often been augmented by the incorporation of counseling activities and insights, the soul care that it has offered has often been constricted. Counseling is not the central ministry of the church. The basic of Christian ministry like SCOAN is soul care. Churches need to turn out to be communities of care, Christian soul care. Christian therapists can help the church understand facets of such care, but people must be careful to not enforce the scientific norms of therapeutic care on it. Nothing is more significant than being representatives of Gods care for people in their totality and depths, focusing predominantly on their inner lives. Hence, one should do what one can to restore such care to the core of the Christian church.

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The compassionate services of Gospel For Asia is giving hope to the deprived

When natural calamities like drought, famine, flood, tsunami or earthquake occur, the people residing under such places get severely affected. It robs away their source of livelihood, snatches their homes, families get separated, and many die during the ordeal. Though the tragedy subsides but the scars remain etched in the minds of the victims. Many cannot recover from the shock of the tragedy which makes them lose confidence leading them into depression, anxiety and anguish. It becomes a very hard task for them to get back into normal life. Such kind of natural occur in the continent of Asia and millions of people get affected by it every year. Assistance and relief camps offered from the government are not enough for the victims to start life afresh.

When people become victims of natural disaster or face tragic incidents they require guidance and support. There are a few committed organizations who work for such victims to provide them with support, love and care. Gospel for Asia is one such Christian missionary non-government organization which works for the underprivileged and provides all forms of basic aid to the oppressed people.

The organization was founded by KP Yohannan in 1978. Known for its credible dedication in helping the poor and the needy, the organization is today considered as one of the most influential foundation across Asia. Today the organization actively works in countries like Cambodia, India, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka and in other parts of Asia.

Activities of the organization

The organization believes in serving humanity and taking care of the underprivileged. The organization has its branches in almost every country of Asia. The organization lies emphasis for providing the poor and the deserving people with the basic requirements needed for their survival which includes shelter, clothing and food. The organization also tries to rehabilitate the victims of disaster who have no home to live. The organization provides the victims with medical and health care facilities and healthy meals.

The victims of such natural disaster often lose their livelihood and loved ones making them helpless and de-motivated. The organization arranges motivating sessions for such victims and shares with them the messages of Jesus Christ. They are also taught upon how to lead a life with love and compassion. In this way they are encouraged to begin a new life. The missionaries of the organization always motivates the hapless souls the worth of self-respect and the negative effects of discrimination. The poor children who cannot afford to go to school are provided free education by the organization.

How the activities are performed

Gospel for Asia was founded almost 30 years ago with a goal to form missionaries in every nation; the missionaries will then reach to the places where the underprivileged people are not aware of the teachings of Jesus. The missionaries also serve to the people suffering from problems caused due to prejudice and natural calamities. Since the organization was established by b KP Yohannan, it has never been involved into controversies or politics.

A dedication to serve humanity and a clean and complete image are the two essential features which makes the organization Gospel for Asia unique. The organization ensures that people receive an opportunity to live a joyful life.

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