How to Install a Kayak Fish Finder

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If you are one of those who are passionate about fishing, I am sure you would agree on fishing test your patience to the limit. With new gadgets now available in the market, fishing is no longer a patience tester. One of the products that have changed fishing experience is kayak fish finder.

What is a Kayak Fish Finder?

It’s a gadget that will help you find the fish virtually in any water type while you are on Kayak. It eliminates all the guess work from your fishing expedition and helps you locate the area where fishes are situated. Of Course, this does not take a fish to bite the hook buy you get to know where they are hiding.

How to Install Kayak Fish Finder?

You can install a fish finder by following the instruction guide below:

Step 1: Position the fish finder

Place the fish finder on the hull to make sure that the fish finder does not get on your way or compartment areas. Mark the bolt hole location by placing the mounting base where the fish finder will be mounted. While mounting doesn’t scrimp on hardware, stainless steel is good for fastening.

Step – 2: Applying the Transducer Cable

Place the transducer cable amid of the four bolts and map it. Using a sharpie, mark the transducer cable and bolt holes so that it can be easily recognized.

Step-3: Wiring

Drill two holes along each side to make holes for transducer cable. Connect transducer cable which is passing through holes from the underside and then join the power cables upwards from underneath.

Step – 4: Creating holes

Create holes for the mounting bolts. Ensure you put enough goop to the holes to stop entry of salt water. Connect the stainless steel – bolts of the mounting base with fender washers and stainless -aircraft nuts by the kayak hull to tighten use a box wrench.

Step – 5: Attaching Wires

Wires should be attached to the plug-head and then retaining clip should be connected. Attach screw of the plug head which is at the front part to the mounting base. For extension of wire use marine cable.

Soldering the wire end is much secure than crimping. With kayak- you would want to seal, seal and seal so that it stays away from salt water. Soldered joints give a strong and solid connection. Don’t leave any exposed cable ends and cover them with heat shrink to avoid any moisture.

Step – 6: Installing the Cable

Near to scupper hole find a flat surface to connect the cable. The back of the transducer should be touching the goop. Lower the cable in the form of a circular motion and then gently pushing it down to avoid forming bubbles.

Fuses should be placed along the positive line of wire. Have a look at your manual for the correct size of the fuse and keep a spare just in case.

Step 7: Enclosing the Battery

Purchasing a battery bag is recommended. Tuck in few connectors to power cable matching with wire cutters. Connect the battery to those wires matching color

As much as you do with your kayak to protect it from salt water, it will still get exposed to salt water, and you need to remove the crusty layer of slat as soon as possible. Using fresh tepid water is perhaps the easiest way. Once the salt is removed, put it in a dry environment.

So are you still wondering if you need a kayak fish finder? I am sue you do, and is interested in hiding and seek game of fishing. So go for it.

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AGBReview chose the best mid-range smartphone in 2017

In this review, the dominant position mainly belongs to aGB Review, the mid-range segment of the smartphone market is attended by most manufacturers. This is also the most exciting segment of the market in 201 and it is forecasted to continue in 2018.

Similar to the high-end segment, mid-range smartphones in 2016 have also improved in many ways, most of them with fingerprint sensors, good quality display, agile performance, and even dual cameras. Premium segment. The difference between the products of the manufacturers began to faint, only differ in one of two factors.

Based on the evaluation of VnReview technology and experience for important factors such as design quality, screen, camera, application, performance, battery time and ability to take pictures, we have choose the best smartphones in the mid-range segment in 2016.

Based on the evaluation of VnReview technology and experience for important factors such as design quality, screen, camera, application, performance, battery time and ability to take pictures, we have Choose the best smartphones in the mid-range segment in 2016.

See more: Pinflux Review

Because this segment has a wide product range and range, we will divide it into two segments: the high end of the mid-range and the low end of the mid-range.

High segment of the mid-range

1.Best Smartphone of the Year: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

The Galaxy A line this year shows Samsung’s serious investment in the mid-range segment. The Galaxy A5 (6) is beautifully designed like the high-end Galaxy S line of 2015, with a combination of metal and glass material. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the grip, use also improved significantly compared to the previous generation to provide a very reasonable overall design.

The battery life of this handset is also impressive. Using a genuine Exynos processor, Samsung has optimized the A5 (6) for a comfortable 1.5 to 2 days. The company also brought many of the earlier features of high-end models such as fingerprint sensors, fast charging on this phone. Overall, the Galaxy A5 (6) is a mid-range phone with a nice design, a good display, a “buffalo” battery, only a drawback is the initial price is relatively high compared to the configuration midrange.

  1. HTC Desire 10 Pro

Desire 10 Pro is a mid-range smartphone launched late last year for 400$. Similar to the HTC 10, this product still carries the familiar design of the Desire line but looks very different thanks to a prominent yellow line running around the chassis. The product has good finish quality, plastic back surface has nice smooth surface and solid metal frame.

In particular, this is the first product of the Desire line with fingerprint sensor and navigation (back, home and multitasking) keys are also removed from the screen. This phone has a good quality display screen, good battery life, good camera shooting and fast performance thanks to optimized software. The price has also become more reasonable compared to the traditional high-priced Taiwanese telephone company.

Low segment of the mid-range

  1. Oppo F1S

This is the most popular mid-range smartphone launched by Facebook in 2016 and is also a successful product, regularly in the top-selling smartphone market in Vietnam since its launch in early May. 8.

The brightest point in Oppo F1s is the 16MP front camera, which gives a very nice picture quality, which is perhaps the best in the mid-range segment. Other factors such as screen size, performance, battery life, fingerprint sensor and image capture capabilities from the back camera are not excellent enough to meet basic needs. The product has a metal body design, quite thin with a careful finish.

  1. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

J7 Prime is Samsung’s card to compete with Oppo F1S. This is also the mid-range product Samsung is the most aggressive advertising ever, no less than the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note. This phone has the same configuration and metal body design as the Oppo F1S, but it is more suited to shooting pleasure as well as the ability to handle large applications such as heavy graphics games. However, compared to competitors Oppo F1S, the Galaxy J7 Prime has a much more detailed screen and the ability to shoot from the rear camera is also slightly better.

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Mobile Development Efficiency with NativeScript and Angular

Mobile app development has become the go-to strategy for organizations to venture into the digital world. They may choose to hire a mobile app developer or outsource the app development task to a third-party mobile app development team.

In the past, due to a lack of efficient cross-platform development tools, the mobile apps were developed with the use of native app methods. So, an app was developed for one platform at a time (iOS or Android or Windows) and then, if required, it was developed for the other platforms as well. This increased the time needed to develop an app, reduced an app’s reach to its users, and eventually led to higher costs. Mobile app development efficiency was at stake. This led to the rise of effective cross-platform tools that enable app development from a single code base.

So, frameworks like NativeScript and Angular 2 evolved for enterprises to be able to develop more apps in less time and reach more consumers. These frameworks enable one to code only once and use the code across multiple platforms.

But, how exactly do NativeScript and Angular 2 help to improve mobile app development efficiency? Let us look at the impact of these frameworks and the ways in which they can be used in tandem to reuse code and build high performance native mobile apps.

Overview of NativeScript and Angular 2

App developers can get native app performance and functionality delivered across multiple platforms by using the cross-platform framework, NativeScript. As any sound mobile app development company would know, this is possible because NativeScript enables developers to build apps using a single coding language, which can be JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular.

The Angular 2 framework is based on the latest JavaScript standards and can deliver powerful, faster, and highly productive apps across different mobile and web environments.

The real benefits are gained when NativeScript is used in combination with Angular 2. Such an approach allows an app development team to write native apps by using NativeScriptm, without bothering about Android Studio or Xcode. Also, the structure offered by Angular 2 can be standardized for all web and mobile development. And, the developers can enjoy a native-like programming experience with TypeScript.

Leveraging the Benefits from NativeScript and Angular 2

Simplification through Standard Angular 2 Architecture

Once the Angular 2 architecture is standardized, the developers can quickly resolve common problems by using standard ways, thereby improving their development efficiency. The efficiency is also boosted through native app performance, without learning multiple native platform languages.

Having been habituated to high performance native apps, users have high expectations from the apps being developed. With the union of the NativeScript and Angular 2 frameworks, developers can use native components and easily meet the demands and expectations of the app users.

The combination of NativeScript and Angular 2 also allows an app development team to complete the coding in much fewer lines than the higher number of coding lines that used to be written by using the traditional native app development methods. Also, this partnership allows code sharing between native and web apps.

Benefits Offered by TypeScript

TypeScript (i.e., a language used to write Angular 2 and NativeScript) is a notch above JavaScript since it offers several new features. In isolation, NativeScript apps cannot deal with code errors at the build time and this often leads to app crashes later on. However, with TypeScript, a development team can build NativeScript apps by handling errors and possible type mismatches at the build time.

TypeScript also extends great module support (CommonJS or ES6 modules) as it can be configured easily and automatically. It is easy to become familiarized with TypeScript because the platform (TypeScript Playground) allows one to get the corresponding JavaScript code for a particular TypeScript block code that one could not understand at first.

Customizing the User Interface for Multiple App Platforms and the Web

By using NativeScript and Angular 2 in tandem, one can share code for mobile and web apps, which allows the developers to maintain unique looks or interfaces for Android, iOS, web, and so on. In other words, the app development team can customize the interface of an app based on the platform and the expectations of the users of the different platforms.

Ensuring Code Modularity

If a development team can keep the user interface code and logic code separate, it would be possible to reuse the logic code multiple times and, thereby, save time in building apps for multiple platforms. This type of modular code functionality is made possible because of the collaboration of Angular 2 and NativeScript. Thus, developers can maintain the logic code (not containing any interface code) in separate files for future reuse.

Thus, with the emergence of a partnership between Angular 2 and NativeScript and with Google offering support for Angular 2, a mobile app developer can save plenty of time and cost by deploying apps across multiple platform with one-time coding efforts. So, one would clearly be able to improve the efficiency of one’s mobile app development team and make one’s app reach out to a larger user base.

Do share your comments or queries in the comments section below.

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GladiaCoin Review

Are you one of those people who want to earn bitcoins and monetize your existing bitcoins in a short period of time? If yes, Gladiacoin is here for you. Gladiacoin was specifically created to meet the demand of Bitcoin users looking to double their coins. With Gladiacoin, you can double bitcoin in a maximum of 90 days but often much less. Leading this online Bitcoin gold rush is the Having coached and trained hundreds of Gladiacoin members the team has helped over 12 people become Gladiacoin millionaires. All it takes is the proper coaching and some effort. You don’t have to be Rich or super smart to get started.

Bitcoin has successfully turned the dreams of business-minded individuals in this world into reality. There’s a possibility that in the future, the conventional payment method in this world will already be replaced by bitcoin payment system once the Bitcoin ecosystem has already dominated all business transactions in the business industry. Where will you be? I encourage you to get started today at, signup and the gladiacoincoach himself will contact you.


  • Real-time tracking- Gladiacoin allows you to have a complete Back Office at your disposal to keep up with everything 24/7.
  • Complete Automation- Gladiacoin’s platform is completely automated and at the same time joined with Blockchain from receipt up to the payment.
  • Binary Network- With Gladiacoin, you can accelerate the results with the use of binary network that allocates from 5% up to 15%.
  • Daily Payments- Every single day, Gladiacoin system mechanically deposits your earned bitcoins in your registered wallet without requesting a withdrawal.


  • No boring activities- Gladiacoin makes sure that your bitcoins are doubled without performing the daily tasks.
  • Easy and simple to use- With the use of Gladiacoin, everything has been designed to make it easier to manage. You can also access the Gladiacoin platform through mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Scability- Gladiacoin has state-of-the-art structure that has the ability to support huge volumes of concurrent transactions.
  • Global presence- The powerful services of Gladiacoin can be accessed and found on a global platform.


  • The Spartacus 1 Plan of Gladiacoin doesn’t have the ability to double the amount in a matter of 90 days. You are recommended to contract from Spartacus Plan 2 that will help you to qualify for the 90-day doubling.


For those people who want to double their bitcoins, Gladiacoin is the perfect platform for you. It is creatively designed to help Bitcoin owners to earn more bitcoins and at the same time monetize their existing bitcoins in just a matter of 90 days. The platform is also available to the entire planet. It simply means that you can double your bitcoins today.

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New Evolution Of Top And Popular Branded Computer Speakers

The modern technology devices attract the worldwide people by obtainable features and special advanced specifications. Mainly, the desktop is one among the frequently usable device for various domestic and commercial place. The individual who is looking for the best desktop speakers can stay in touch to know all the features and other information. The is the ideal place for all individual who is going to purchase modern desktop speakers.

List of branded computer speakers:-

Here, you can see the top branded secondary speakers to encounter your expectations of rich and quality surround sound and some others. The branded speakers like Logitech, Bose companion, Harman Kardon soundsticks, genius, and cyber acoustics.

  • Logitech Z906 Surround sound desktop speaker system: The Logitech desktop speaker makes the brand special and unique by offering incredible features. The big boom of surround sound obtained with the high quality of nature sound, connectivity and versatility. It is also perfectly suitable for any installation, and 3D stereo sound attracts the music lovers who are professional. You can simply control soundtrack with separate speaker and change the modes. The wireless connectivity has to access the speaker through the remote controller. It can double the stereo sound and separate the music as deep both bass and treble. The new generation of sound delivers 5.1 surround sound system with the sensitivity of 95 dB and measured frequency from 35 Hz to 20 kHz and some other features. You can also visit to get further information about the speaker and make a choice almost right one.
  • Bose Companion 2 Series III multimedia speakers: Whatever, you have an expectation in listening music system the bose companion is the right choice for the speaker purchase. Now, you can connect the speaker to any of the desktop or iPhone devices to feel the high excellence of sound. The digital sound gives unique feel and makes the conversion of songs and videos with perfect sound. The sensitivity is approximately 60 dB with a frequency rate of 70 Hz to 35 kHz based on the human limitation. Start playing any music in the speaker and make sure suitable one.
  • Harman Kardon Soundsticks III multimedia speaker: The Harman Kardon branded speakers got huge popularity and positive reviews among the worldwide people. Already, many people chose this brand speaker system to show their uniqueness in the purchase with lot and lot of advanced features. The range of sound is almost original based on the song or video quality. The clear sound technology grabs and pulls the professional eagerness to see what’s new in the sound system. The 2.1 sound system with a sensitivity of 44 Hz to 20 kHz and transparent plastic material boost the sound real.
  • Genius G2.1 2000 woofer speaker system for computer: The exact combination of bass and treble in the system speaker facilitate you to enjoy every moment of quality sound. Get ready to check out and make your system speaker with the top brand without a doubt anymore.
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iTube Pro Download For Android Smartphone

iTube Pro Download for Android Smartphone: We use to watch the movies, video, TV show to stay entertain. iTube pro is the best software for download and searching the videos from YouTube. You can also watch the videos directly on the YouTube but there is some restriction on that site like you can’t watch bookmarked videos without the internet, but on iTube you are able to watch without the internet. You also need a third party person to download the video from YouTube. But iTube provide you the feature for direct downloading the videos.

 How to Install iTube Pro?

iTube Pro is not easily installed on the Android smartphone before you download iTube from the store you have to download and install the.APK file on your device.  It is the best tool introduced ever, as it provides many features to the user. It provides you the search bar option that enables you to search the desired videos. It also enables you to download the videos or save it to the cache so that you can access it without any internet connection. For the proper installation of the iTube pro at your smartphone just follow these steps.

At the first most step you should change some settings in your mobile, for that you have to go to settings then to security and then allow the Unknown resources. Now, download the.APK file for the smartphone and install on the phone. Now it is the time to visit the play store and download the iTube Pro app.  After the download is complete then install the application on the phone. After the installation is complete then you are able to use the app to watch and download the videos.

 Multiple options of iTube Pro

Here are main feature and option of iTube Pro:

  1. Playlist option

The feature that makes it different from the other video downloaders is that it allow the user to save his/ her favorite videos in the mobile’s cache. So that he can access it anytime anywhere without connecting to the internet.

  1. Search Bar Feature

This app gives you the search bar option. You can search the desired videos, clips, movies, and TV shows from the different sites like YouTube, daily motion and so on. It accesses the databases of the main sites like YouTube, daily motion etc. and provide you the desired result.

  1. Background Function

The smartphones allow the user to run multiple application in the background. iTube for the android works similar to the iTube for PC. You can check your email, use text services, can play games and so on while using the iTube app. Just set the video to download and perform the other pending tasks.

  1. Headphone Feature

iPhone and other similar devices do not support the drivers of the headphones. You can only listen to music from headphone but can’t control the volumes from the volume button on the hand free. But iTube provide the drivers and allow you to control the volume through the headphones.

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Headsets for Every day office employee

It is one of the common things that employee will always use to prefer for the headsets to have a conversation with clients. Also, the employee always tries to connect the headsets to make a smooth relationship with the customers as well. Most of the companies provide headsets to their employees for further work. When comes to treat with employees, companies plays the major role in providing the best headsets to their employees often. But, still, many of the companies are facing the confusion in delivering the best office headsets for employees. For those companies who are struggling to get the right mark can follow here to find amazing headsets.

Best office headsets

People are often very interested in showing their strength when comes to wear the headsets. It is very important to know that using the best office headsets during the customer process will satisfy the employers. Yes, we should be aware that most of the customer service organizations will provide the best headsets to use. When comes to these sectors, headsets playing the major role among the employees. Also, we must admit those office headsets are the only supporting once enters the office. So expecting the quality headsets for the office purpose may help the employees for smooth running.

For the people, that who is all expecting to use the best office headsets can follow here to know some great models. We are all aware that most of the people are asking for the best headsets despite knowing the facts about headsets. It is not a great deal to provide you the great headsets but which is better to purchase is the matter. For those people who are all looking for the good headsets to listen could feel better to know after seeing the list of options. Providing headsets is the work of store and choosing is our choice.

Plantronics SupraPus HW251N

It is one the best and affordable headset for the office purpose.  For the information, it is available in the market for more than 10 years. Thus the main reason for top selling as well as it is available for 2 years warranty to the users. It is the main reason why the customers are always using to prefer this best office headset. You can buy this headset at just $79.

Plantronics Encorepo 710

This is the headset which is also considering as the best and the recent addition to the best headset family. It is one of the best headsets webstore to buy at anytime. Yes, here could see the best made of leatherette ear cushions as well as the wideband audio for the good effect.

Jabra Biz 2400

It is the headset which is standing in the top of the headsets line of Jabra corded headset. For the information, it is mainly prepared with a large leather cups for ear which is used to avoid the unnecessary noise. Also, you could check the additional padding for the great comfort. You can also get 3 years warranty for this headset.

Headsets website

People who are all interested in buying amazing headsets for the office use with great warranty can follow here Here you get the great Jabra headsets with affordable price. Yes, visiting the web store is the best option to buy your favorite headsets at anytime by viewing the reviews. You can get very reasonable headsets with cash back guarantee as well. For further information and the reviews about the best headsets for the office can follow the web store to know frequently. Those who are looking for the best headsets we would recommend you to prefer the headset stores.

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Top 5 Andriod Smartphones Under Your Budget

When you need to replace or buy a new phone, the first thing which is the milestone is the capital. When you have enough funds for the smartphone, then you will have to go through many options and do your research because it isn’t an easy task to find one decent smartphone for it.

More than hundred new smartphones are released on the market each month, and there is no secret that the branded with essential features are always expensive. So we are going to help you find the right budget and smartphone for you which are known for quality and performance.

Top 5 Andriod Smartphones Under Your Budget

So here are the five Android smartphones, who are known for quality and performance, which you need to consider buying. The experience is way off the charts, and you can expect Mid-Range level smartphone.

Honor 5A

Honor is a new brand, even if they launched in India several years ago but the quality of the smartphone is notable. Honor 5A is a decent smartphone with features that increases the limitation of an Android smartphone.

Display – 5.50-inch Processor – 1.2GHz octa-core Front Camera – 8-megapixel
Resolution – 720x1280PX RAM – 2GB OS – Android 6.0
Storage16GB Rear Camera – 13-megapixel Battery – 3100mAh


Xiaomi Note 4 64GB Internal Memory

Despite being the China brand, they have made a huge impact in the Indian market. There is no slight doubt that Xiaomi has changed Indian smartphone market with their amazing smartphones. No brand is providing features like Xiaomi does. If you want to experience an iPhone quality under 10k then Xiaomi. Did you know that the Xiaomi fingerprint is good as iPhone does? Even the iPhone 6 cannot compete the Xiaomi fingerprint feature.

Display – 5.50 Processor – 2GHz octa-core (8 Cores) Front Camera -5MP
Resolution – 1080×1920 pixels RAM – 4GB OS -Android 6.0


Storage – 64GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 4100


Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Samsung is a well-known brand, and it does not need any formal introduction. I have been using Samsung for a long time and the performance is better (It’s not that great but decent).

Display – 5.00 Processor – 1.4GHz quad-core Front Camera -5MP
Resolution – 720×1280 pixels RAM – 2GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 16GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 2400


Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 Power is similar to the K6 Note, but the K6 Power is an improved version of the K6 Note. So you will not have problems which you had in the K6 Note.

Display – 5.00 Processor – 1.4GHz quad-core Front Camera – 8MP
Resolution – 1080×1920 pixels RAM – 3GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 32GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 4000


Le Max 2

Le Max feels magnificent in hands, and the performance of the Le Max 2 is decent. You may not be able to play high-end games in high-quality, but if you can adjust to the medium settings, then this is one decent smartphone.

Display – 5.70 Processor – Quad-core Front Camera – 8MP
Resolution – 1440×2560 pixels RAM – 4GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 32GB Rear Camera – 21MP Battery – 3100



If your budget is below Rs.20,000 then these smartphone will definitely amuse you and some of the smartphone will definitely interest you. If you need assistance then you can comment below for information.

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Bluboo Edge Specs

Bluboo Edge specs are amazing and make it worth buying Smartphone. The phone offers sleek design and sturdy display which closely resembles it from Galaxy S7 Edge. It looks are very stylish and attractive which would be a big contributing factor in number of units sold. The beautiful outlook of Bluboo Edge is not one and only worth mentioning feature on it, specs are surprisingly higher comparing to price. Bluboo Edge is powered by 1.3 GHz quad-core MT6737 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. The phone has internal storage capacity of 16GB which is quite limited and not impressive though.

According to official sources, the hardware of Bluboo Edge is powerful enough for running multiple apps at the same time without get hanged. It can run heavy graphic and multimedia apps very smoothly which enhances the overall gaming experience on Bluboo Edge.

As far as its optical department is concerned, Bluboo Edge offers 13 Megapixel primary camera also equipping a sensor which is made of Sony, its front-facing camera is 8MP and perfect for selfies. Bluboo Edge also offers fingerprint sensor which also prevents the unauthorized access on the phone. Its sensor is highly efficient and recognizes the thumb impression within 0.1 second and unlocks the phone.

Bluboo Edge is available at the affordable and reasonable price $139.99, one of the best budget Smartphones.

What do you think about Bluboo Edge and its price comparing to specs, write below in the comments section.

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Phones with 6gb RAM

Smartphone has become too much powerful and capable of running even extremely heavy apps. Those days are gone now when only laptops come up with 6GB RAM and powerful processors. Smartphone manufacturers have already started launching 6GB RAM phone in order to enjoy smooth experience of running apps and multi-tasking. No one could even imagine buying the 6GB RAM phone two or three years, now they are available in the market.

We have compiled a list of most popular Smartphone available with 6GB RAM.

Asus Zenfone AR

This is a newly launched Smartphone which launched under the Tango project; it is a Google’s Project. Asus Zenfone AR is popular for offering feature of Augmented Reality which needs a support coming from high-end hardware. This is an amazing sport 5.7 inches QHD display, 6GB RAM coupled with SD 821 processor. Asus Zenfone AR is running on Android Marshmallow.

This Smartphone comes up in various variants, each variant differs on the basis of storage sizes including 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. It memory is extendable up to 200GB via using Micro SD card. As far as its optical department is concerned, phone uses Sony IMIX 318 sensors for performing its Augmented Reality functions, its rear camera is 23MP and front camera is 8MP. Its front camera is capable of providing amazing video calling experience on Skype.

Asus Zenfone AR is 6GB RAM Smartphone is not backed by strong battery which capacity is only 3300 mAh.

Lenovo Zuk Edge

This is another amazing 6GB RAM Smartphone having 5.5 inches Full HD display with 2.5 curved glass. The phone is really powerful and powered by Quad-Core SD 821 processor. This phone is available in two variants, first variant offers 4GB RAM and second variant offers 6GB RAM, Internal storage is 64GB same for both variants. The phone is available on Android Nougat 7.0 and still receiving the new updates. Lenovo Zuk Edge also have not impressive battery capacity, backed by 3100mAh.

Coolpad Cool S1

Coolpad launched its 6GB RAM Smartphone in the name of Cool S1 available with 128GB internal storage which can be expanded via using MicroSD card. The phone comes up with 5.5 inches Full HD IPS display. It is capable of shooting / capturing amazing shots, credit goes to its high quality cameras. Coolpad Cool S1 features 16MP Sony IMX298 sensor, front camera is 8MP. The phone is powered by Quad-core processor of SD 821 and running on Marshmallow. It is capable of capturing photos by using its fingerprint sensor on the back. Coolpad Cool S1 is an amazing 6GB RAM phone which backed by 4070 mAh battery capacity.

ZTE Axon 7 Premium Version

The phone is popular for two reasons, first is its display technology which is QHD, resolution size is 2560 x 1440 pixels. The second reason is its 6GB RAM which counts it among few Smartphone models available in the list. Axon 7 Premium is powered by 64-bit Quad-Core SD 820 processor. It comes up with 20MP rear camera along with dual LED flash, capable of recording videos at 4K resolution. This is a 6GB RAM phone but battery capacity is not impressive, only 3250 mAh.

Vivo X9 Plus

Vivo also launched its 6GB RAM phone, X9 Plus is available in two variants. The first variant offers 64GB internal storage, second variant offers 128GB storage. Vivo X9 Plus has beautiful Super AMOLED display looks amazing and stunning at the first time. It spots 5.88 inches big screen covered by resolution size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The phone is powered by Octa-core SD 653 processor. As far as its optical department is concerned, X9 Plus features dual front cameras of 20MP + 8MP and Its rear camera is 16 MP. Both rear and front cameras are capable of capturing high quality photos and store the memories. This is a 6GB RAM phone backed by battery capacity of 4000mAh.

Vivo XPlay 6

Vivo XPlay 6 offers Super AMOLED display technology which lets the user enjoying the picture sharpness and watching YouTube videos is lots of fun on 5.46 inches big screen. The phone is powered by Quad-Core SD 820 coupled with 6GB RAM. Vivo XPlay 6 offers dual rear camera of 12MP + 5MP, front-facing camera is 16MP perfect for selfie lovers. This is a 6GB RAM phone phone with impressive battery capacity of 4080mAh, available at the price of $654.

Huawei Mate 9 Pro

People waited long for the launch of Huawei Mate 9 Pro which comes up with 6GB RAM. The phone spots 5.5 inches bigger screen, dual edge curved display and resolution size is 1440 x 2560 pixels. This Smartphone is powered by powerful processer Octa-core ( 4 x 2.4GHz Cortex-A73 & 4 x .8 GHz Cortex A-53 processor. Huawei Mate 9 Pro is running on latest version Android 7.0 Nougat with all updates. This 6GB RAM phone phone is available in two variants, 64GB and 128GB internal storages. User can expand it up to 256GB via using MicroSD card. The phone also features strong battery with the capacity of 4000mAh.

One Plus 3T

One Plus 3T is one of the most popular 6GB RAM phone phone comes up with Full HD Optic AMOLED display and 5.5 inches big screen. Its resolution size is 1080 x 1920 pixels and ppi is 441. This phone runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and can also be upgraded on Nougat. You can buy One Plus 3T either with 64GB or 128GB internal storage, as per personal requirement. Its rear camera spots 16 MP and so the front-facing camera.

Umi Plus E

This is another 6GB RAM phone phone backed by high battery capacity which is 4000 mAh. User can make the best of Umi Plus E by taking the advantage of long hours of battery life which enables playing games and watching YouTube videos without any worrying. The phone is powered by 2.3 GHz MediaTek Helio P20 64-bit octa-core processor coupled with 6GB RAM. The best thing about Umi Plus E is, a perfect budget phone available at $179.99.

Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 Limited Edition

You may never have heard about this 6GB RAM phone earlier, It accepts the positive reviews by experts for having strong battery capable of running multimedia for hours. The phone is powered by Octa-Core Huawei Kirin 960 processor which is quite impressive. You can watching videos on its 5.5 inches screen and enjoy the sharpness of picture supported by AMOLED display. As far as its optical department is concerned, it features dual rear cameras of 20MP + 12MP.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Xiaomi is a china based phone phone manufacturing company, people love Xiaomi’s phone worldwide. It’s a 6GB RAM Smartphone and also a Flagship device for its brand. Mi Note 2 comes up with 5.7 inch screen and OLED display which produces naturally beautiful image. This is one of the most powerful phone powered by 64-bit SD 821 Quad-core processor. As far its optical department is concerned, it features rear camera of 22.5 MP and front-facing camera spots 8 MP perfect for capturing photos and recording videos.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is powered by 1.95 GHz coupled with 6GB RAM. It features Super AMOLED Full HD display technology which lets you enjoy watching movies and YouTube videos on it. The phone has internal storage of 64 GB which can be expanded up to 256GB via using MicroSD card. You can buy Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro at the price of $474.

LeEco Le Pro 3

It’s a 6GB RAM phone phone manufactured by Chinese based company LeEco. It comes up with 5.5 inch screen and resolution size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The phone produces sharp picture quality supported by 403ppi which makes the user enjoying the movies and videos most. The phone is powered by 2.3GHz quad-core SD 821 processor which is amazing. Le Pro 3 offers 128GB of inbuilt storage which is still expandable by using MicroSD card. The phone comes up with 16 Megapixel autofocus camera and front-facing camera is 8MP, perfect for selfie lovers.

We have compiled a list of Best 6GB RAM phone phone available in the market, also offering other amazing features and not limited to impressive RAM.

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