Talking About Safe Gun Storage Options


Image result for safe gun storageThe sad story of 13-year-old George Atkinson is one that seems to pop up again and again in the national headlines of the UK news with Red Key Locksmiths. The story first came up in July of 1999 and would resurface again 17 years later as debate rages over a controversial bill. In 1999 the then barely a teenager George Atkinson died when an air pellet gun accidentally went off and shot him in the head. This tragedy gripped the nation, but the story finds seemingly unexpected life again when Labour MP David Hanson publicly warned that the same type of accident can still take place. Air pellet guns are still seen as different from other firearms.

Hanson is proposing that the national laws need to be changed to encourage air guns to be seen in the same way as full firearms. He wants the law to require them to be placed in metal gun cabinets that are locked when not in use. This is the requirement for other firearms and he wants the law expanded, so the circumstances that led to George’s accidental death are less likely to occur again.

The general policy on firearms in the United Kingdom starts with the potential danger that comes from them, and because of that danger, the state accepts the need to protect the general public. Gun ownership is considered a privilege, not a right, in the UK and because of that, they have some of the toughest laws regulating and controlling firearms in the world. This would be another step to build on top of that policy and that legacy.

General licensing only can be granted through the police, and it is actually up to the citizens to prove that they deserve the right to own a firearm and that they would likely use it consistently. However, the loophole for air pellet guns comes with the fact that the low-powered air weapons are not included in that list. They are not licensed unless they are pointed out as being particularly dangerous for some reason.

There’s no denying that it is generally assumed that it is up to the firearms owners to take all the steps they can in order to securely store the guns so they’re not just out in the open and available for anybody to access. A fully metal and locked gun cabinet is a great way to make sure that they are put away, and then that cabinet (or go all out with a heavy gun safe) should be bolted to the floor so it can’t be lifted, stolen, or moved. That increases the overall security and shows a proper responsibility. This not only helps keeps guns out of the hands of children or individuals who should not have access to them within a residential dwelling, but it also makes it harder for thieves to make off with them.

The emphasis on safety is crucial to make everything work, and individuals absolutely need to make sure they are in compliance with the law. Don’t worry if there’s a situation where you can’t get into the safe or cabinet. Getting new keys, or getting the box or safe open isn’t an issue as you can call a professional locksmith and get the situation resolved. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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Walking through luxury land

Luxury land is magical- gold, silver and all that shimmers! Smart and exquisite watches cater to exclusive tastes of select few creating an aura of subtle charm and chic while panache reins this land of style. Visitors in this land are allowed to be awestruck but a word of caution for the doe-eyed is called for.  Your watch is a window to your personality. Choose wisely!

A commonwealth of this land with some of the finest collections such as those of Rolex, Hublot and Tissot watches is online retail outlet Ethos Watch Boutiques. Besides, if you have a thing for Tissot, you are in for a delightful experience. Read on to learn more about some of their most stunning creations and how to pick the one that fits your bill.

For the newcomer
As someone who has just entered the land and is a stranger to its customs, it is probably easier to play safe and go with what one knows looks great. One gets bold with years, and it is not always a bad thing to test the waters before plunging in, head first.

Tissot T Classic Tradition (Model: T063.637.36.037.00)

A tradition of this land, simple yet classic! This model with a sleek leather belt perfectly complements the rose-gold dial. It is meant for the kings, and is a thing to be proud of. A perfect kick-start to your luxury treasury, it is bound to give you the first-hand experience of royalty.

For the young royal princess
Who said royalty is dead? There may not be monarchy anymore, but we still believe in regality. There is no doubt that this land is for those who like to live lavishly and look no less than a king, or in this case, a young princess who just got her first glimpse of this extraordinary world.

Tissot T Lady T Round (Model: T096.

Youthful and fun, it is the perfect piece for our little teenager who not only loves to have fun, but also look for a certain kind of classy. Spoilt for choices, Tissot presents a number of other alternatives, but this gem with the pink just takes our hearts away!

What do you think, daddy’s little girl?

For the bold rider
For the brave and the bold, the excited and the experimental – Tissot provides a whole range of quirky yet classy options.

Tissot T Sport V8 (Model: T106.417.11.031.00)

A bold choice befitting all young individuals who like to experiment with styles – sporty or otherwise. With a checkered metal belt, it has a blue-bordered dial to add a gush of freshness to the design. A fine choice, it does well to personalities which require an edge in their lives!

For the natural leader
The king of the land – the person who has been in the luxury-land for long enough to know his way around. He is bound to have a choice of his own, bridging from all the decisions he has made in his regime.

Tissot T Classic Everytime (Model: T109.410.33.021.00)

The gold signifies power and taste, and who better than an old resident of the luxury-land to be in possession of it? An intricate belt speaks to the wearer with its elegant simplicity.

For our quintessential queen
Then there are those who are permanent resident to this area, with their airs and graces. Our queens want nothing but perfection, and go to any mile to get that. Sure of their preferences, these fine ladies know exactly what to shop for. Elegant, and outstanding – that is the winning combo for them.

Tissot T Lady (Model:T058.

This one in a million pattern on the strap can take your breath away. The gold just adds shine to the shimmer!

Have a look, enter this mesmerising land. Luxury is not just an element here, it is the general law and order, and you – a proud citizen.

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Best fitness wear for the super sporty types

Whether you are going down to the gym, practicing with the soccer team, shooting a few hoops, running the trail or taking part in any other physically demanding activity, it’s important to wear the right clothes. Your apparel needs to be appropriate for the activity. It is obvious that you shouldn’t dress the same for football as you would for yoga, but this also applies across the board.

Fitness wear has become increasingly fashionable. As a result, it can be tempting to dress for exercise according to what styles are in vogue, what name brands are currently hip, and what makes you look good. To some degree, this is not a bad thing. The most popular fitness brands usually achieve their status because they make high-quality products, and if your fitness wear makes you look good, you will feel good and will be more inclined to push your workout.

Nevertheless, your choice of clothes for exercise should be practical and based first and foremost on safety and health. After all, getting healthy is what it’s all about. However, there is a science to exercise wear that needs to be understood, and you also need to make common-sense decisions on what is appropriate for each activity.

Choose your material

Generally, it is best to go for synthetic fabrics that soak up moisture like sweat. If you wear a cotton T-shirt for strenuous activity, it will become increasingly heavy and damp as it holds onto your sweat, not to mention that unpleasant feeling and odor. Loose cotton clothing can be good for low-impact workouts when you’re not as likely to work up a major sweat. If you’re doing this, you should make sure that the air can get to your skin and dry perspiration while it’s still on your body.

Synthetic fabrics like polypropylene, polyester, Lycra and spandex are all good absorbent materials for exercise wear. Form-fitting clothing that will move with your body is best for activities like yoga, aerobics and Pilates.

Get support

 For activities with a lot of movement or body contact, women should wear a well-fitting, supportive sports bra, while men should wear a jock strap or protective cup. It is also worth considering compression wear, which can offer extra support to the areas of the body that generally bear the physical brunt of exercise, such as knees, elbows, wrists, thighs and calves. If you choose to wear Tommie Copper compression gear  or other types of compression wear, it can also help to protect against chafing and help any injuries you do sustain to heal quicker.

Be adaptable

 If you are running or training outdoors in winter or in the evenings, opt for layers of clothing to keep warm that can be removed as you feel yourself heating up. Don’t forget to cover your head when you are outdoors in the cold. This will keep you warm, as lots of body heat escapes through the top of the head. In the heat of the day, meanwhile, it will protect you from sunburn or sunstroke.

When you are going down to the gym, always bring specific gym clothes to change into for your session. Afterward, take a shower before changing back into your street clothes. Don’t be tempted to take off too much while exercising in a public gym as you’ll be exposing your bare skin to other people’s germs.

Look after your feet

 Appropriate footwear is perhaps the most important part of any fitness activity. You should wear shoes that protect your feet, are comfortable and fit well. Cushioned soles and arch support are very important in any activity that is hard on the feet. Choose high-quality footwear that is activity appropriate. If you’re playing tennis, wear tennis shoes. If you’re going running, you should wear running shoes. It sounds obvious, but how many times have we all assumed that one pair of sneakers will be appropriate for all sporting and fitness activities? This isn’t the case, as you’ll find out to your detriment.

Be comfortable

 Ultimately, you should choose exercise wear that you feel comfortable in. These could be shorts, T-shirts, leggings, workout pants, sweatshirts or whatever feels right. There is no one simple solution; different clothes are appropriate for different activities, individuals and occasions. Do your research and find out what is recommended for the activity you’re undertaking. Adapt this to your body type and what makes you feel okay. Whether you cover up or strip down is entirely up to you. You’re not doing this to be judged; you’re doing it to get fit and have fun. Your fitness wear should reflect this.

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Do Try This Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell- This Dumbbell Is The Best Of All

If you are looking for the correct dumbell for yourself then you have to try this Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell. It is one of the best adjustable dumbbells by far. We can also say that it is the right one dumbbell all made for you. It has a price of $289. It is an adjustable dumbbell. Once you will try using it, you will say it without a doubt that it is one of the worthy products by far.

Why should you buy this Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell?
  • It is because of plenty reasons that you should try this product and these reasons are as follows:
  • This product can well give you enough strength. It can give strength to your back muscles and also to your abdominal muscles. If you want to productive exercise of your muscles which are present around your pelvis and at your sides and hips then this is the product all manufactured for you. This product can well make your muscles all an healthier and a stronger looking one. Through this dumbbll, you can try out as many great and best things as you can like that of ski, run and jump, throw.
  • You will face no injury while using. This product can let you to carry out wonderful kind of strength training for yourself. It is the time that you should get this incredible kind of Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell
  • If you want to have some functional strength then this adjustable dumbbell can give you that! It is true that if you ill be able to lift a single dumbbell then you will automatically build a functional strength in your body. You can only build Functional strength if you lift off your balance and you do that in odd positions. Through this dumbbell lifting, you can carry out this technique!

Other pros of Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell:

  • You should note that this single adjustable dumbbell can give you wide and varied range of weight settings. It can be made adjustable from 10 pounds right to 90 pounds. It is quite easy to adjust. With the help of its proprietary Bowflex weight-adjusting dial system, you can complete this adjustment.
  • Also note that this Bowflex adjustable dumbbell, it can weigh up to and around 90 pounds.
  • Its handle can tolerate any kind of pressure. Its handle feels quite solid in your hands. This product come with a dead-silence. It does not creat any noise while you use it.
  • You can call it as one of the most beautiful and amazing adjustable dumbbells on this planet. It has this smooth kind of black finish. It comes with the red accents and it has this sleek profile.

You should get this Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell because it is ranked as one of the best adjustable dumbbells so far. If you try this product then do let us know as well.

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 is the Best Embroidery Machine. This machine comes with the whole thing that you might look forward to have plus many more. You can formulate drawings at your PC or laptop then move them directly on your machine in order to start embroidery, through the Wi-Fi compatibility. This is one of the best embroidery machine you will have in market

Using this device you can revel in the continual potentials within your easy reach. This Janome Memory Craft machine has the prevalent LED touch screen display. This correspondingly has the biggest display at any home-based Embroidery and Sewing machine! No matter what you are planning to do quilting, embroidery, home decoration or else clothes, this device is going to support you to finish your task with great pleasure. It comes with 500 in-built stitch patterns, 480 embroidery patterns, thirteen boutonniere types, ten logo typestyles. The capability of this machine is 1,000 spm.


  • This is a high-tech stitching as well as embroidery device
  • Comes with 480 incorporated embroidery patterns, 10 Marking typestyles, 500 incorporated stitches
  • Features AcuView Magnifier within 3 special intensifications
  • This machine offers an iPad which contains the following apps—AcuMonitor, AcuEdit and AcuDesign.
  • It has actual time computer link along with horizon connection set intended for merging and modifying embroidery patterns.
  • Includes topmost filling full rotating attach spool
  • All-out embroidery dimension off this machine is  9.1 by 11.8 inch
  • Designs can be moved through USB, Wireless, Direct PC link through Horizon Connect Set
  • Compatible Embroidery format are .JEF+,.JEF,.JPX or
  • Modification utilities are Resize, Unite, Replacement, Switch, Toss, Curve, Group, Drag plus Drop, Zoom, Trace, Customer Color Selection
  • Features Programmable jerk thread editing
  • Spontaneous permitting embroidery
  • Modifiable loop placing
  • Offers partial hard cover
  • Tutorial DVD is provided with it
  • Existing Hoop sizes are GR: 9.1 by 11.8 inch , SQ23: 9.1 by 9.1 inch , SQ14: 5.5 by 5.5 inch
  • Free Support FA10: 3.9 by 1.6 inch
  • This machine comes with two years warranty


  • This machine has add in iPad
  • It allows on-screen design modification
  • This device is able to needlework about 200,000 stitches each embroidery pattern


  • This machine is not suggested for exercise by learners

Product Description:

iPad Connection

MC15000 is the primary Horizon Memory Craft machine which is able to make use of the wireless Internet connectivity of your house in order to interconnect through your iPad using the 2 built-in apps, other than straight to desk or laptop.

AcuEdit Embroidery Design

With this iPad app you are able to design entire embroidery pattern at your iPad. Pick out whichever of the five hoops.

AcuMonitor Embroidery Observing

You can observe your MC15000 when this sews out your stitching patterns from any place of the home. Everything that you require is your iPad in addition to your house’s wireless system.

Biggest Touch Screen Display

This machine contains a 9 inch touch screen display together with over and above twice the decree of the former version. This is angled to be trouble-free to observe. This monitor is able to exhibit 65,536 shades.

Stitch Measurements

Through this machine currently you are able to generate very bigger, additional thread-thorough needlework within a on its own design outline. You can introduce and merge patterns together with an over-all sew amount of around 200,000.

480 In-built Embroidery Patterns

Built-in embroidery patterns are parted into fifteen groups. These patterns are enhanced for the 5 stitching circles or else being applied as fundamentals in fabricating a bigger pattern. You can pick out from Sashiko, Redwork, Home Decoration, Tulle Lace, Holiday, Frame Patterns, Cross Stitch Drawings and Character set, Quilting patterns, plus many others.

Stitch Property

This machine formulates stunning stitches. In case you’re executing needlework, free mobility quilting, otherwise a complicated and attractive stitch, you will have expert quality outcomes.

Fast Swap Needle Plates

Using this MC15000 you are capable to change among needle plates within instants not minus screwdriver.

Double Processor Rapidity

The former trade good of Memory Craft acquired a quick processor. But this version is two times faster than the previous ones. You might actually observe the variance the minute you insert patterns and influence design outlines.

Stitching Qualities

– 500 In-built stitch patterns
– 13 single-step boutonnieres design
– Spontaneous thread pressure
– In-built automatic needle threading system
– Spontaneous fabric manual (AcuGuide)
– Single-stage needle plate change feature
– AcuFeed Contract Layered Cloth Serving Technique
– Simple back key
– Adaptable knee pick up
– Free spool threading motor
– Complete power illumination procedure together with ten LED light at five places
– Existing iPad applications counting AcuMonitor and AcuEdit

Embroidery Aspects
– Features 480 Fitted embroidery patterns
– Two and three Character marking utility
– All-out embroidery magnitude is 9.1 by 11.8 inch
– Pattern move choices are USB, Wireless, Straight computer linking through Horizon Connection Set
– Embroidery speed of this device is 60 – 1,000 sew per minute
– Adaptable hoop locating
– Tutorial DVD contained within

Machine Information

Sizes: 11.6 by 10 by 1.2 inches

Shipment Heaviness: 1.6 lbs.

Purchaser Reviews: This machine is scored 5.0 out of 5 by its users.

Consumer Assessments:

A number of customer of this machine said that it was their first embroidery device. They adore this. It is a fantastic embroidery machine. Some fabricated sewed coverlets, free standing lace as well as much decorative stuff. This machine is very much exciting to make use of. This machine gives the opportunity to them to always discovering new stuffs.

Some customers said that the finest feature of this the MC 15000 embroidery machine is that this is a Janome product. This machine is noiseless. However, never allow this smooth noise mislead you, it is actually an embroidery monster! There is probably not anything that this is unable to deal with. This embroidery machine works perfect. Its quilting capability is outstanding, besides regular stitching is very smooth and perfect. They tried somewhat different day by day and the outcome never stops to astonish and please them. This is the Best embroidery machine of all the time!

One user of this machine mentioned that she had utilized another Janome machine for several years. She lately moves up to this MC 15000. She has not get through very much of the aspects up till now. However she thinks about to employing completely of the features. This machine is very much simple to embroider or quilt on.

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Get Inside the Best Framing Nailer Introduction

How many of you know about the best framing nailer word? If you are not much well aware of this term then all through this piece of article, we will be having a detail discussion about best framing nailer. Let’s have a quick look on it!

What is meant by Framing Nailer?

Defining the term, nail frame it is known as the nail gun product that is used for the purpose of reducing the level of whole manual work. This is much used as for the hammers. Not just all that, it is even helpful at the time of slowing down the extra time which you are infusing out in some other ways.

Now the main question that does hit so many minds is that what are the significant benefits that are associated with the best framing nailer. Scroll down, and you would be able to check out with some of the best benefits. Click here for more info:

Main and Important Benefits of Using Nail Framer:

Nail frame product is much used by the side of the carpenters all along with the DIY workers too. This is mainly for the purpose that it is without any trouble get along with the use of the hammer. You can mention it to come up as one of the main components of the wood based structure construction. In simple, we would say that through the use of this product you can quickly cover up the whole woodwork at the time of undergoing the construction of the home or even doing some home job task as well. Trust us! It would not break your bones at all!

Some people often make the use of the nail frame product as in support of doing with some multiple related jobs. Some of the major tasks which you can do with nail structure are installing new door by replacing old door, constructing some deck or even fixing up the roof. Some of the construction companies even make the use of it for some wooden floors or even in the case of the framing of the house.

Why Should You Use Nail Framing Product?

  • The majority of the people are stuck with the question in their mind that why you should make the use of the nail framing product while studying about framing nailer reviews:
  • This tool is used in very practical terms.
  • It is also used as for removal of some of the problems that are taking place in the surface damage.
  • You will be finding this tool very much light in weight and easy regarding balancing as well. In short, it would make your task easy on each single step of the work.
  • It would be helping you in shooting your nails at a very fast speed and that too on the point.

You will be finding so many varieties of the framing nailer in the marketplace which you can get at the reasonable rates.

bradnailer24h is a professional review site for many types of nailers in the market, analyze the models from different brands and offers shopping guide. On our website, we provide all the necessary insight on available nail gun kits. Our website is regularly updated with trusted information about nail gun and our aim is to help you effectively determine which product is suitable for you. On our website, you will find true reviews from real users. You can learn both positive and negative aspects of the products from the user’s viewpoint. If you are looking for every detail on nail gun kits in one place, this website is the one for you.

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What To Know About Different Types of Best Finish Nailer?

Inside the fashion marketplaces, there are so many types of framing nailer that are readily accessible for your services. As you would plan ahead buying the best framing nailer products, then it is important that you should be having complete information about the various types of the best finish nailer product. Movin on with this piece of article, we will discuss some of the main and important types of the finish nailers in the market.

3 Central Different Types of Finish Nailers:

  1. Pneumatic Finish Nailers:

This kind of best finish nailer can use by way of using the air compressor. You should opt for the one in which you do think that you already have the air compressor. It is mainly for the reason that new air compressor finish nailers can give you with some issues as well. You would be finding them quite slow in the functioning purposes, but you would be finding it much easy when it comes to performing your task. If you are thinking about working on the daily basis, then we would suggest you choose with the pneumatic framing nailers as they are complete hassle free in this regard.

  1. Cordless Finish Nailers:

On the next on our list, we would mention you with the name of cordless finish nailer. In this category of the finish nailer, you will be finding the use of the battery charger. Also, you can also think about making the usage of the fuel for the purpose of making the gun to function at best. You can freely make the use of it as on the regular daily basis. Visit this link for more info:

  1. Electric Finish Nailers:

On the last, we would add you up with the name of electric finish nailer! You will be finding this nailer as readily accessible in the two main types including cordless and corded electric nailers. You would be finding them as to be limited to their size shapes, but at the same time, they are equipped with the feature of being tight spacing as well. You have the free option of making the use of it in the small size of projects as related to the construction. Hence, on the whole, we would say that corded nailer is centered out to be powerful in the functioning.

2 Main Types of Magazine Frames In Finish Nailer Product:

       Finish nailer guns usually found as inside two different main types of magazines in the finish nailer reviews whose details mentioned below:

Stick Magazines:

On the first, we have stick magazines that are all set with the designing of the longer size of strips. They are best with their quality in which they do have the capability of holding using the lesser quantity of the nails as we do come up with its comparison along with the coil magazine.

Coil Magazines:

Coil magazines, on the other hand, they are set with some adjustable strings into one portion of the row. You can easily make the use of it because they do have the ability to hold maximum nails at one time. It is the main reason that why it is favored much in its comparison with the stick magazines. is a professional review site for many types of nailers in the market, analyze the models from different brands and offers shopping guide. On our website, we provide all the necessary insight on available nail gun kits. Our website is regularly updated with trusted information about nail gun and our aim is to help you effectively determine which product is suitable for you. On our website, you will find true reviews from real users. You can learn both positive and negative aspects of the products from the user’s viewpoint. If you are looking for every detail on nail gun kits in one place, this website is the one for you.

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Great Gift Baskets Ideas

Gift baskets are very famous nowadays. As the winter season brings Christmas joys to many people around the world. This occasion also introduces affection between the people around the world. People gather at their parent’s house and enjoy the weekend with different kind of memorable memories. The gift giving and taking has been very customary part of the Christmas. On the night of the Christmas, the gift is gathered under the tree. The joy of the people receiving the gifts shows that how much people are enjoying the gifts itself.

What is a history behind giving the gifts?

The main reason that most of the Christians are accustomed to giving and receiving gifts on Christmas. To revisit the value of the gift that was given to the Jesus by one of the wise men. The gift was a total of three Frankincense Gold and Myrrh. All three of these has particular meanings. Frankincense was a perfume which was particularly used in Jews worship. It is pointed towards the direction that people will worship Jesus. The Gold showed that Jesus would be given the place of kings. Myrrh showed Jesus would suffer and die as it was used to put on dead bodies. From the here trend of giving and taking gifts started way back.

What are Gift Baskets?

Since the era of the giving and taking gifts has changed. The world has modernized on the giving the gifts to people. The gift baskets are trending nowadays. People buy the gifts and decorate the baskets according to the taste. The gifts baskets are a fashion sense nowadays. People on any occasion use costly designing on the gift baskets to show their affection the towards the person itself. Well like every other thing gift baskets have their own category. Gift baskets in Toronto the best baskets of the world.  They are categorized in many different styles. Following is a list where gifts baskets are categorized.

The Man Can

This category is only directed towards Men. The gift basket is designed to keep the Men skin looking good with different products as gifts inside. Soap, shave gel after shaving lotion are inside the Man can. As basket is made of steel so the Man Can can be used again after the products has been utilized.

Classic Christmas Gift Basket

These Unique Gift Basket Ideas are pure definition of gift basket created for the Christmas season itself. The baskets hold the magical flavors of the different sweets. The baskets have caramel nut crunch, sweet peanuts, sour peanuts and peanut brittle. These are such good sweet and sour combination that one would remember this gift for a long, long time. As these are snack side used the receiver would use them over holidays and remember the sender on every bite.

Junk Food Package Basket

This basket is the definition of the Junk food in a package. These can give to a variety of age of people, but old are of the list. The package has all the foods that can be microwaved and used. Plus it contains the protein bars required by the student to excel. A basket is full of artificial food that boosts the body mechanism for energy.

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Are you thinking about buying a new best lightweight  stroller? If you are – and you haven’t purchased a stroller in awhile or this is your first purchase – then you may want to take a look at all of the different types of stroller features and stroller accessories.

A is for absorbers

Shock absorbers that is.  Just like shock absorbers help to give your car a smoother ride, your baby can get a smoother ride with shock absorbers above the wheel assemblies.  You can also look for strollers that offer air-filled tires for a smoother ride.  Be advised though – sometimes a smoother ride also means a harder steer, so take the stroller for a test drive before you purchase.

B is for brakes

While strollers are made for people on the go, you also want them to stop when you need them to.  Many travel  strollers will come with a hand-operated brake designed to slow the stroller down if you need to stop suddenly while running.  Any stroller that you purchase should have parking brakes designed to keep the wheels from rolling.  These should be engaged whenever your child is in the stroller and you need to let go for any reason.

C is for canopy

Unless you plan on limiting your stroller use to the indoors, you will want to look for one that offers a canopy.  Canopies provide protection against sun and rain.  Depending on the type of stroller and the features, the canopy may be adjustable to offer different levels of protection.  Some umbrella strollers will even offer a window in the top that you can use to check on baby without pausing your walk.

D is for drink holder

Pushing a stroller is thirsty work, and whether you prefer your liquid refreshment to come in the form of bottled water or a steaming cup of Joe you will want someplace to put it.  Having a parent tray or separate cup holder is always a nice feature.  Parent trays also give you a place to set your cell phone, car keys, and other small items that you don’t want to stash underneath.

F is for footrest

Taller children will appreciate having somewhere to put their feet and you will appreciate it when their feet don’t get caught in the front wheels.  While most footrests will only be useful for older toddlers, some are adjustable to grow with your child.

H is for handlebars

Handlebars are another feature that is about mom and dad more than baby.  If you are taller, then you will definitely want to look for a model with a taller handlebar so that you don’t have to hunch over while walking.  Strollers with one handlebar are easier to steer with one hand than those with independent handles.  Features like reversibility and padding will also make your walking experience more enjoyable.

L is for leg holes

If you are planning on using your stroller from birth and beyond, then you should check out the leg holes.  Strollers designed for newborns will have the option to close the leg holes so that your child won’t fall out while the stroller is in motion.  If you have a larger than average child, then you will want to make sure that you will be able to slide them in and out of the leg holes without pinching or scratching.

N is for newborns

Many new parents want to take their newborn out for a stroll to show them off and get out of the house.  However, not all strollers are designed for newborns.  If you want to use your stroller with a newborn, then look for a seat that can recline flat and has leg holes that close.  Optional features on some strollers also include compatibility with an infant carrier car seat and a detachable bassinet.

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If you are looking for a stroller that offers all the bells and whistles in one package, then the Zooper Waltz stroller is the model for you.  Lightweight, all features standard and a variety of colors make this standard stroller a popular option.

The Zooper Waltz jogging stroller comes with a five-point harness, the best style for securing your child.  Five-point harness are preferred over three-point ones because they hold the child more securely, making it less likely that they will wiggle free and fall from the stroller, even on bumpy areas.  However we found that the straps were difficult to adjust. The stroller also features the one touch braking system, which allows you to set the rear brakes with just one tap of your foot – making it easy to lock into place when you are on the go.

As a standard stroller the Zooper Waltz comes with your typical silhouette, though it also has some fun fabric color choices.  You definitely don’t have to worry about this stroller getting lost in the crowd. This Zooper stroller’s sun canopy rotates, so you can move it to block the sun no matter what way you are going.  It also features a window so you can check on your little one as you walk.  It also comes with a rain canopy if you ever need to go out in inclement weather.  It also includes the winter boot for colder weather, something you usually have to pay extra for.

The Zooper Waltz comes with a tray and cup holder for the kids.  We were a bit disappointed however, at the fact that there is no tray or cup holder for the adults, especially when many of the less expensive models we looked at did. The Zooper stroller does have a good amount of storage, though we found that it was a bit hard to access it with the seat reclined.

The Zooper Waltz folds up small and is relatively lightweight, so it is a good standard stroller for families on the go.  The biggest complaint we had was that sometimes the one-handed open/fold feature was a two-handed operation.  This standard stroller will also stand upright when it is folded, so that makes it very easy to tuck away into the trunk or closet when you are not using it.

The Zooper Waltz handles really well on smooth surfaces.  For a standard stroller it is amazingly simple to push even with one hand.  The tires are not air-inflated, so it does jostle a bit when going over uneven ground, so it wouldn’t work well if you are looking for something all-terrain.

We were also disappointed by the fact that handle does not adjust on this model.  My husband is taller, so it was a bit uncomfortable for him to push this stroller for longer periods of time. The Zooper Waltz offers a one-handed recline feature, and it actually reclines flat.  It is so smooth to operate the seat that you should have no problems with a sleepy newborn in there.  It also sits up for older children who prefer a seated position.

The Zooper Waltz is not so great over uneven ground, so it will not be as good of a choice for people shopping for an all-terrain stroller. The biggest downside of the Zooper Waltz stroller is its price.  With a retail price of around $300 it is one of the more expensive standard strollers out there, particularly since it does not come with an infant car seat.  However, what many shoppers do not pay attention to is that the Zooper stroller comes with all the additional accessories that you would have to buy separately with other brands.

The Zooper Waltz stroller is on the pricier side, but for families that want all the accessories it is a great buy.  It is lightweight, folds small, and offers all the accessories that you will need to use this stroller in any weather.

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