How an SEO company will perform a website audit

Many businesses understand the importance of audits. Whether it’s a financial or IT audit, reviewing and tweaking your systems is a valuable way to ensure you are always at the forefront of best practice and eliminating any factors that may be hindering your business performance.

Your website is the online face of your business. Depending on your business type, your website can be more important than your bricks and mortar business.

So, what’s involved in a website audit? It’s not just about whether your content still reflects your business’ key messages, products and services. It’s also about whether your site is still keeping up with Google’s algorithms or if there are any gaps in your online search ranking strategy.

A professional and trusted SEO company will conduct an audit that adheres to a up-to-date checklist that will help you improve your search visibility and get you noticed.

Here are some top ways an SEO agency will conduct an audit that will check your website’s ability to remain current to search engines.

Keyword structure

When doing a keyword audit, it’s important to first look at what keywords are being used. For example, are they still relevant? Were they the right keywords to be using in the first place? There are online tools that can be used to determine your keywords search volume and to see if these keywords are leading people to your website.

From here, the audit should then look at how you are using your keywords. A review should look at whether they are used in your H1’s and are being used throughout your content. This will also take into account any keyword spamming that may be occurring. If so, then overused keywords should then be replaced by similar phrases. For example, if your keyword is “wedding cakes” then other phrases such as “catering for weddings” should also be used.

Also, making sure that keywords are being used in meta descriptions and alt tags on every page is critical to your website’s optimisation ability.

Content volume

When a website is first built, it can be easy for it to be light on content. For example, you may have had a page about a new service, but at the time of development, it didn’t have much informative value. As you business evolves and you learn more about your market and customers, you will build up knowledge and data.

Doing an audit of your content should look at not only what is there, but also how much content there is. The more content you website has, the more search engines will see it as an authority on your type of service or product.

However, make sure that the content is in fact informative and of value. When you have text that doesn’t add to the user experience this will impact your website’s bounce rate, which search engines don’t look fondly on.

Internal links

As part of an audit on your content, your internal link structure should also be checked. Ensuring that key phrases throughout your content link back to other relevant pages on your website is a great way to boost your SEO.

Part of this check should ensure you have around 2 links per 750 word page and that these words are relevant and not just “contact us” or “learn more”.


There is a lot that goes into a website audit and these are just some of the important elements to a SEO expert’s checklist. When so much time and effort can be put into website development, it’s important to take the time to review it and ensure it is still relevant, value driven and engaging.

Next time you are thinking of getting your website reviewed, make sure that search rank value is taken into account, such as keyword structure, content volume and internal links.

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SEO Tools: SEO Experts Revealed their Favorite SEO Tools (+ 30 SEO Tools in Quickcheck)

Maybe you know the problem.

You work in the SEO domain or you want to optimize your own site.

You have met your personal limits and need a tool to help you in your SEO work.


How do you find the right tool now?

I’d like to help you.

The SEO tools are now like sand at sea. Totally free solutions are almost unlimited. In order to get a small order in the “Jungle SEO tools”, we asked 20 experts:

In this article, we want to present you not only the answers of the greatest SEO and online marketing experts, but also give you an overview of the most important SEO tools. To create a bit of order, we have divided the tools into the following categories:


  • OnPage Analysis
  • Ranking Rank
  • Search by keyword
  • Content optimization
  • Link Building
  • Backlink Checker
  • Google Tools
  • All-in-One tools

In the interest of the overview, you always have a hint at the beginning, that the SEO tool is available for free, for a fee or for free, as well as fees.

Our favorites, that is, SEO tools, which we use every day, we added an extra star on the right side.

Why use SEO tools?

If you’re looking for the right SEO tools, I probably don’t have to tell you that the best website doesn’t bring you anything if your target group doesn’t find it.

To optimize your site for search engines, you should not use any SEO tools. Particularly basic optimizations such as OnPage optimization can also be achieved without tools. If this happens however on the OffPage measures, as for example the construction of backlink is almost without appropriate referencing tools. Get seo help from Colorado Springs SEO agency.

Get free SEO tools?

It works!

During this time there are very many very good free tools. I will also introduce some of them to you.

In addition to free SEO tools, you can also test free many free tools. So before you take the bag, you can find out if the tool offers you what you expect or need for your work.

But before you take a look at the many SEO tools, the experts are first and foremost. At this point we would also like to thank all the experts who answered our short question.

Dennis Tippe:

“Useful tools for the daily work of SEO include Seolytics, Sistrix, Linkbird, Ahrefs and Moz.” But also the “edge” of Google and Bing, like webmaster tools and Analytics, can not be long. With these tools and exclusive developments, you have a solid foundation for your daily work. ”

Sebastian Czypionka:

“Secockpit for keyword analysis because it is faster, easier and clearer than any other tools and MajesticSEO for backlink analysis,” because it finds most of the backlinks and shows me the data I want to see on a link (Trust, quote, Anchor distribution, number of backlinks/IP/domain and the detailed backlinks incl.).

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Digital Success – WHITE-HAT SEO AGENCY

Whether Google or another search engine, according to statistics, users click almost exclusively on the results that appear on the first page! They usually choose one of the first three positions. A Colorado Springs knows what to optimize, with White Hat SEO to be at the top of search engines in SERP.

Want to convert more traffic to your website and visitors to enthusiastic customers? Then your …

The search is over!

Don’t miss the right time to start with SEO. If your competition starts in front of you, it will be difficult to catch up.

In order to give enough attention, it was enough in classic marketing to hit the market at the right time and at a high volume. On the Internet, even the most noisy advertising efforts are never known. The reason is simple: the public is democratized on the Internet. Using the search engines, each user looks for his own way to the interesting offers. Just click on what you like! If you want to win an online audience, you need to talk to each individual and convince him or her.

This is precisely the strength of our SEO agency Berlin. Our search engine optimization gives your online marketing the necessary push to direct visitors to your site, which are particularly interesting for your business or service. The seventh SEO Berlin improves both the technology of your website and its content. Thanks to this SEO optimization onpage, we help your site to attract more attention to users and Google. The trick is that we get along completely without a double floor. Our agency optimizes your pages so that Google is happy to share them!

Why SEO Colorado Springs?

In the infinite scopes of world Wide Web users, users can easily get lost. Successful websites are always intuitive to find. For this reason, the abbreviation SEO for us is no longer for “search engine optimization”, but for “Search Experience optimization”. The difference makes Colorado Springs SEO best seo company.

Their team of the Berlin SEO agency and he would like to improve the net every day by his work. And in this specific desire, Colorado Springs and Google meet.

The search engine would like us to quickly find what we are looking for on the Web. Our agency helps you as a website operator to present your offers so that your site can no longer be neglected. Your users, customers and potential customers will find your pages easily and quickly!


  • White Hat
  • Transparent
  • Individually
  • Holistic
  • Own initiative

The online marketing of the Colorado Springs is always at the top of the leaderboards: we want your conversions to increase overall. In addition to key figures such as sales, we also rely on clicks, requests for information on newsletters or calls on a hotline.

The Colorado Springs performs SEO as a gentleman. A sustainable development of your brand characterizes the gentleman among the reference sites of Berlin. For the long term and sustained success of your site, it works strictly, with the license for the first place investments.

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Search engine optimisation is essential for marketers in modern era where practically everything is undertaken online – from business marketing and enhanced awareness to prospect conversions and actual sales. If you decide to employ an SEO company for your business, you need to find ways to work seamlessly with them for the best results. Follow these tricks to put your best foot forward.

Be Transparent With Your Business Data To Generate High-Impact Results

When you work with an SEO company, you’re looking to generate good results for your business, which is why it is important to be as transparent as possible with your business data.

  • Share information like offline sales strategies and marketing efforts to create more effective online campaings.
  • Identify and share areas of your business that need improvement.
  • Be clear about your business messaging and concepts from the start.

These are perhaps the best ways to ensure that the SEO company designs a successful campaign customised to your business and industry. For this to work best, you’ll want to employ an expert familiar with the industry you operate in.

Understand That You’re Not The Expert… And Accept Advice

The main reason you hire an SEO expert is because you don’t have enough expertise to excel in this effort. So don’t assume that you know more than the company you’re working with. You need an expert because:

  • SEO experts stay up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithmic changes.
  • SEO experts advise you on the best ways to build the online presence of your business.
  • SEO experts offer advanced strategies that you may have not been aware of previously.

If you attempt do it yourself, you can end up making costly mistakes that will result in search engine penalties and poor rankings. You must be patient to see the results as efficient SEO campaigns need a little bit of time to build up, so don’t assume that you will reap the benefits overnight.

Get Involved With The SEO Process

While you’re not an expert in SEO, you know your business best, which is why it is important for you to get involved with the SEO process. This is important to ensure that the SEO company is marketing your business with the right messages and call to actions. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions (even if they seem silly), especially if something doesn’t make sense to you.
  • Learn more about the strategies being used to boost your online presence.
  • Offer ideas to develop good content for your website – from blogs and articles to internal web pages since you know your business best.

A good SEO company will involve you in the process from the start to ensure that your image is portrayed in the most favourable light. Getting involved in the SEO process will help you put your best foot forward, so that you can generate more leads, more customers and more revenue.

Make Sure You’re Responsive To Requests And Needs For Timely Results

You’re probably busy running your business, but don’t assume that the SEO company is performing an unimportant task. Dedicated consultants will attempt to manage your business needs as efficiently as possible, but every once in a while they will need your help. You must:

  • Be responsive to requests, calls and clarifications to ensure the SEO company is on the right track.
  • Pay attention to reports and results, and give your recommendations to ensure your business succeeds as much as possible.
  • Offer timely clarifications to ensure refreshed content is up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Periodically review the success of the campaign, and be open to suggested changes for continued results.

While an SEO company can enhance your visibility in the search results, your responsiveness to certain requests will help you achieve better and more timely results, which will ultimately help you to convert prospects into customers.

SEO campaigns need to be effective and adjust to the changing concepts of a business. Quality SEO isn’t something that occurs overnight. It requires a great deal of strategy and planning, so make sure you consider these tricks to work seamlessly with the SEO company you hire for the long-term success and growth of your business.

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What is Black Hat SEO? And why you Need to Avoid it

SEO practices are encouraged greatly by all major business and websites. They can help give your website the exposure it needs make a significant impact in the market you want. This means it can be enticing to try and do whatever it takes to have the most effective SEO, but almost always, the most alluring tactics are black hat practices.

Black Hat SEO tactics are unethical and banned techniques that unfairly, inaccurately or illegally generate a high search engine position for a website. There are many different tactics from the mildly unethical to the downright despicable and depending on what you do, the consequences can be dire.

Why might you use Black Hat Tactics?
In essence, black hat SEO is highly effective at giving your website a high search engine rank in a very short amount of time. Furthermore white hat techniques require significant amounts of time and effort to see them become fruitful. So it can be tempting to speed up the process, to dabble on the dark side of SEO and get to that front page of Google in mere weeks.

However, maybe it’s not a malicious attempt to game the system, it might be an accident. It is perfectly easy to unwittingly engage in these practices, after all SEO is hard and if down badly it can all too quickly become black hat tactics. Also if you don’t know about black hat tactics, you might just think you’ve found a cool method that will give you that extra boost you need, unaware that’s it’s against the rules.

7 Most common Black Hat Techniques

1. Cloaking
It is possible to create one set of pages for ‘web crawler’ and one for humans; this is known as cloaking. This can be useful for targeted advertising or even just making a URL look nicer. It can also be useful for sending humans to a page with relevant content and the bot to a page that is littered with black hat SEO techniques. This tricks the search engine into thinking the page it is on deserves a high rank, when it doesn’t at all. For the fact that is can be a catch all in search engine optimisation malpractice, it is taken extremely seriously.

  1. Hidden Texts and Link
    This is when you have a link or text, usually backlinks and keywords, on your website that the user cannot see, but is picked up by web crawlers. The main ways of hiding text are: using white text on a white background, making the font size 0, placing it behind an image, or having a link in a small character, such as a hyphen or a comma.

    3. Bad Neighbourhoods
    Backlinks: links to another site, are a major part of SEO. It is not okay to place a link over what appears to be a keyword, but in fact links to something unrelated altogether.

    4. Keyword Stuffing
    Keyword stuffing is spamming keywords on the website, either when they aren’t relevant, out of context, or so they can’t be seen. This can occur in many locations: Cloaked pages, hidden text, title tags, meta tags, comments, picture alt tags and even just in the middle of your content.

    5. Article Spinning
    Usually done by programs rather than people, article spinning is a taking an article and rewriting it so it appears to be unique and different, without actually changing or adding anything to it. These copycat articles are then given their own pages to live on; fill them back up with keywords and backlinks and voila, you have 3 new articles based on the exact same content of one descent article. Do this a couple more times and you can have dozens of articles stemming from a single piece of work, rewritten, rehashed and redone over and over again.

  2. Doorway or Gateway Pages
    Pages that simply aim to achieve a high search engine ranking, usually using highly optimise keywords and a plethora of other black hat methods. Once people go to their website from Google, they instantly link to the real website.

    7. Duplicate Content
    When content is not original or unique, just repeated or plagiarised. This occurs in two ways, one your site has the same content on different pages, simply changing headings, keywords or titles. Or you are blatantly ripping content off other sites and putting it on your own.

    If it is found out that you have been using black hat tactics, then Google will firstly filter out all of these results, so that your manipulation are not unfairly increasing your rank. This is fair and largely just results in the website receiving the rank it deserves.

    Secondly, Google will actively lower your rank, so you do not have your natural position.

    Lastly, Google will de-index you; this means you will not appear on a Google search, even if someone explicitly searches the name of your website. Being De-indexed can often mean the death of your website and is something you want to avoid at all possible costs.

    SEO can be strenuous, complex work that requires consistency to become valuable. However black hat tactics are short-term, dodgy ways to achieve the desired rank you want. Often, they will lead to you getting banned from Google all together.

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1 Easy Seo Tactic You Can Start Implementing Today

When it comes to marketing your business, some marketing tactics are more daunting to implement then others. For example, most people may feel comfortable putting together a flyer and organising a direct mail drop. Others may feel more comfortable writing an email pitching their new product launch and sending it to their local newspaper.

However, when it comes to SEO, most people ask, what is that? How does that work? Most of the time, the mindset is that it is something that only “technical” people can do and therefore it is left in the too hard basket.

The good news is SEO isn’t as hard as you might think. There are multiple tactics that are used in conjunction to achieve a better online search ranking.  Just like any tactic in marketing, there are harder activities to implement, as well as easier ones.

The following is one of those easier tactics. It is one SEO tactic you can start implementing today. No technical skill or specialised expertise required.

Get listed on free, online business directories

You might be thinking that listing your business on an online business directory is a waste of time and that no one really goes to these sites. However, to increase your business visibility online, business directories are great way to boost this. This technique is also used by Australian SEO company and other agencies.

The more your business website is listed on external, yet, credible sites, the more search engines will recognise your business as a legitimate business and one that should be seen when people are searching for a business of your type. When people are searching under a particular keyword that relates to your business, directory listings will help your website be seen in the overall search ranking.

Also, when creating your business listing description, you need to use keywords that relate to your business. Keywords are search terms that people will typically use to find your website. Due to some directories having a high traffic volume, your business listing may appear when someone is searching under the keyword that relates to your business.

 Which directories should I chose?

Firstly, make a list of some credible directories. When I say credible, I mean the directories should have real traffic value. This is sometimes referred to as an “Alexa ranking”. The lower the Alexa ranking the more credible the site.

Examples of some Australian directories you might want to consider are Yellow Pages, True Local, Hot Frog and Start Local. To find more credible business directories, conducting a simple online search for “top Alexa ranking business sites” is an ideal way to find more. Also, use commonsense. The more credible business directories are ones that you have normally heard of before.

What should I upload in my business listing?

 Before you starting filling out business listings, ensure you have all your information, images and other materials together to make the process streamlined, fast and efficient.

The description is one of the most important parts of your business listing. As mentioned earlier, use keywords that relate to your business. Ask yourself, what would my customers or clients be typing into a search engine bar to find my business? Also, you can use tools such as Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner. This will give you suggestions for keywords relating to your product or service.

Although you will be uploading descriptions for each directory listing, they all need to be unique. Don’t copy and paste your description into each directory. It is OK to use similar information, but try and use different terms where possible so it isn’t a duplicate copy of another listing.

Another crucial element to include in your business listing is of course, your website. Having your website featured on a credible external site is part of the activity that helps with boosting your online visibility and search ranking.

The next step is to gather other materials that you can upload with your description to make your listing more attractive and reputable.


  • Social media links – some popular ones to include could be: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Your business email address and phone number
  • Business logo
  • Other business images if applicable
  • Business opening and closing times

What do I do next?

Now that you have filled in your business listings, ensure you keep a list of all the directories you are featured in. You might find it handy to keep this information in an Excel spreadsheet.

To be really organised, create columns in spreadsheet for descriptions and keywords used in each directory, as well as a direct link to your listings. Also, it helps to place what email login and password you used for each one. This will help when you may need to review your listings in the future.

Also, many directory sites may ask you to confirm your email address or listing. They will normally send you an email with a link to verify your listing. Once verified, your listing may be live straight away or it might take 24 hours. Remember to check your inbox for any confirmation emails, including your spam or promotions folders.

Once you have your directory listings up and running, if possible, try and get customers and friends to review your business. Having a few testimonials or a five star rating will definitely help with boosting your profile.

There you have it – a quick and easy SEO tactic that you can implement today. All it takes is couple of hours. Start off by getting your descriptions together and gathering other links, images and social media accounts. As you upload your listings, keep an organised record of what and where you have posted and remember to check for any confirmation emails. Lastly, see if your clients, customers, family and friends would be willing to give you a positive review on your listings.

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How search engine marketing Services Are Beneficial?

With search engine marketing Services, a commercial enterprise can prosper and make gains manifolds. Read similarly to recognize how.

Higher Brand Credibility

People completely accept as true with Google. Whenever they search something on Google, and then don’t forget that the primary listing is the maximum well-known and reputed agency. With Search Engine Optimization, the organization will become a famous name. The corporation becomes a sturdy contender within the market opposition. Because of all the relevant keywords, Google with devote the pinnacle area to the organization reputable SEO agency in Singapore.

Definite Increase In Traffic

A clear reduce boom in traffic can be visible the use of analytics and reporting gear. Company’s business efforts are maximized. SEO Services suggests short and effective effects in growing the visitors to its internet site, so one can increase inquiries for the organization. Using search engine optimization Services, Singapore SEO course businesses witness income going thru the roof.

Popular Among Competitors

Search Engine Optimization Companies are supplying professional search engine marketing Services and that is gaining big reputation & reputation amongst all groups. Almost all groups have found out that search engine marketing Services simply help in maximizing income. Competitor organizations are availing those offerings and taking part in their advantages. Even if a specific agency is supplying better services & products than the competitor business enterprise, it’s going to not appear on pinnacle Google rankings as it is able to be missing relevant keywords.

Take Business To New Level

Using search engine marketing Services, innumerable site visitors are attracted towards top rating website groups. This will bring about enlargement of corporation to a bigger net server because the multiplied site visitors wish to be accommodated. In this manner, enterprise is flourished and search engine optimization proves to be amazing funding for the organization. A business enterprise can attain the following degree with the assist of SEO Services.

First Result Gets the Most Number of Clicks

The top ranging result receives the maximum number of clicks. Few are left for the closing uncountable results on Google. By securing the pinnacle spot, that specific organization can gain heaps of traffic. With SEO Services, this is definitely possible as search engine optimization is a perfect device for it.


  1. Increased Traffic

Top positions on the search engine result pages obtain a majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in those pinnacle positions can result in full-size visitors increases on your internet site. Search engine optimization also specializes in developing informative and key-word relevant name tags and meta descriptions, which display up in the end result pages. Having optimized tags and outlines allows to increase click thru rate, which additionally promotes increases in certified internet visitors.


  1. ROI

SEO affords trackable and quantifiable consequences, regardless of whether or not you are an ecommerce or non-ecommerce website online so there are no qualms when it comes to ROI. Specialists are able to song almost every factor in their approach, like increases in scores, traffic and conversions.


  1. Cost effectiveness

SEO is one of the most fee-powerful advertising and marketing techniques because it goals customers who are actively looking for your products and services online. Its inbound nature facilitates agencies shop money rather than outbound techniques like bloodless-calling.

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In times of crisis, the best one has to do is invest in Digital Marketing

The vast majority of companies make the big mistake of cutting funding for Communication and Marketing. The sad reality is that marketing is still seen as a not very necessary expense, when in fact with this crisis that Brazil is experiencing, companies have to appear to their customers more and more.

The challenge is enormous, this is fact, but companies have to take advantage of the unfavorable scenario and invest more and more, the secret is to go contrary to the great majority, since all companies are disappearing in the face of crisis, the company that Investing more and more in marketing and appear more will end up growing and conquering new customers, the issue is very simple, competition is getting smaller.

Inbound Marketing, for example, can be an outlet for your business to grow faster and more profitable. Investing in content to capture leads, as well as analytical technologies to improve sales efficiency, can bring innovation in the purchasing and marketing processes. The web is a channel that offers ready-made sales opportunities, and allows you to win prospects for your business, which will shorten your sales cycle. This is an essentially inbound channel. And what does it mean? We’re talking about strategies that should focus on customer loyalty through quality content that meets your core needs.

Another reason that should be taken into account so that the crisis does not affect your digital marketing strategies is the fact that on the internet everything is measurable. In this way, you can test all the available options, and when the marketing action taken turns into leads, opportunities or sales, you will know exactly which way to go.

While marketing may require more of your time, it’s also worth noting that they will require less of your money if compared to traditional marketing. According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, 86% of marketers planned to increase spending on content marketing by 2015, which proves they can not give room for competition.

However, do not forget the importance of Strategic Planning, since it is a fundamental part in the process of drawing assertive strategies for your business, since through it it is possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the market, as well as brand diagnosis, study Competition, audience definition, and other important milestones. This work is accomplished through the creation of the communication strategy for traffic generation, leads and sales, which consists of establishing and conceptualizing the experience that will be experienced by its customers in each digital channel.

Investment in marketing will provide a steady improvement because as soon as you can measure the actions, you can also improve them. And in that context, we are talking about bringing a sales increase with a smaller budget.

The big bet is to invest in Digital Marketing, just so to go on a path contrary to crisis and grow any kind of business.

Check out this super article: 6 Steps to Succeed in Any Business

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Many outlets fall into the trap of using the same product description across severa product pages. but, having the same description published across severa pages throughout your web sites and syndicated out via affiliates can harm the factors Google attributes to your product pages. as an alternative consolidate product variations into one product to make certain that most points may be attributed to a product. Copying product descriptions from producers or suppliers can result in your internet site being broken for content duplication. To mitigate this create specific product descriptions for all your products.

Upload clean content material for your website

Often update your internet site with non product content which is related to from your websites home page. this is fantastic for site visitors to your internet save who maybe looking for articles or information in your merchandise but also search engines like google and yahoo who will push you up the SERP’s for having extra beneficial things to say. SEO will be different in different part of words, like SEO in Australia is not easy and targeting the Afghanistan will be more easy. One indicator of that is how often your internet pages are cached through Google.

Recall product search engine optimization

it is estimated that over 80% of all net orders are generated from lengthy tail key phrases. ensure that your product pages are optimized for Google.

Multi-channel search advertising

have you ever ensured that you are dominating all sections of the quest engine outcomes pages? Dominate the results for Google product seek, maps, social updates, news, AdWords and the natural seek to put your competition to mattress and. This deeper and greater proactive London Seo technique to dominating SERP’s leads to advanced site visitors and click through fee’s to your commercials. An included seek advertising technique can make certain e which you revel in a miles higher percent of searches on any search result page ensuing in higher sales for you no longer your competitors.

Photograph & video optimization

Do you have got precise snap shots and video approximately your products? Why not optimize video and pix so that you can power additional traffic through the Google Video & photos seek. in case you are an online retailer, your website is probably to be complete of photographs – use them to gain better search scores. adding the proper alt textual content and optimized captions can assist getting your images optimized for Google photo seek.

Article advertising

Articles that are created can be distributed thru article submission web sites and applicable media websites. The quality, relevance, timeliness and authority of the object can cause the internet site being picked up by using the media web sites that provide links returned to the unique writer’s internet site. The better the first-class of the articles submitted the higher the risk of it producing link backs to your website and generate interest from influential bloggers and newshounds leading to better press insurance.

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How to Get Valuable User Feedback for Your Mobile App

“Your unhappiest customer is your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates

This is not just the opinion of Bill Gates; take any top entrepreneur or CEO and they would value their customer feedback the most as well.

If you are a mobile app developer or an appreneur, you will obviously understand the value of user feedback on your app from your customers. It is perhaps even better than the best of advertising strategies you might be planning for your app. Once you give your users a seat at the table, you know that you are going the right way in the app developmental cycle.

But, let us first consider the value of user feedback in more depth.

Getting Started

Why does user feedback matter to you?

Different businesses have different objectives when collecting user feedback. For example, developers of a banking app may need to know whether their users are satisfied with the security features and transaction services of their app. At the same time, a mobile app development company developing an instant messaging app would be more concerned about their design elements and message delivery speed.

And, you might do it for user retention or to improve your mobile app. Regardless, you must determine the objective of collecting the feedback from the users. Once you have that figured out, it will be easier to collect and analyze the feedback.

Choosing a Feedback Collection Method

From chat widgets to social media to community forums, when considering the whole picture, there are oodles of user feedback techniques available on the market. The choice of which one to use, however, firstly depends on the scale of your mobile app development company. It thus makes a lot of difference whether you are running a startup or already have an established brand. Secondly, of course, the choice depends on your budget.

Below are the different types of methods you can use to collect feedback from your users.


  1. Emails

Emails either work or they do not. If you are opting for this method, it is always a good idea to give a feedback loop in your email that caters to the customers. Withal, try to keep it short and interesting. No customer wants to spend a lot of time filling in lengthy questionnaires or forms that are too informative.


  • The biggest advantage of emails is their low cost. A few lines of code, a few emails, and there you have it: user feedback.
  • You do not require a large technical team to implement the survey.
  • It offers ease of functionality.


  • The email ID is one barrier that comes between you and your customer when you use this tool. If your app does not ask for the users’ email IDs during installation, you will have no way to implement this feedback technique. In this way, you will likely lose some feedback that could have been valuable to you.


  1. Usability Tests

For a mobile app to be successful, its design plays a pivotal role. Which features attract the most users? Which sections are browsed more often? Which plugins do the users find difficult to use? Such feedback can contribute a lot in the advancement of a mobile app.

It may seem like a tardy and costly task, but, nowadays, there are many tools and services that provide the same kind of visual feedback at reasonable prices. For example, Userlytics and UserSnap. Another great tool for usability testing is Feedback.js. It is an open source project with which you can create your own feedback forms by using JavaScript.


  • The biggest advantage of this method is that the feedback loop is always active as it is carried out in the app.
  • Visual feedback collected through usability testing provides a quick solution to evaluating the design elements in your mobile app.


  • The drawback of this method is that you would require at least some coding skills, especially if you are using Feedback.js.
  • Usability testing requires a dedicated research team which makes it extremely tardy to carry out without using an online feedback tool or external services for the same.


  1. Community Surveys

Many top corporations, including Microsoft and Google, gather customer feedback with this method. Whether you are handling an app development project in-house or outsourcing the process to a mobile app developer, this is a great way to enter the real user community.

Some of the popular tools used to obtain data with this method include Uservoice and IdeaScale. If you go for a quantitative analysis, SurveyMonkey is also a great tool.


  • The benefit of a community survey is user accessibility. You can get suggestions and feedback from all corners of your reach by using social media. Nowadays, users love to comment and discuss products and services on social media forums, rather than writing personalized or individual feedback to the different companies.


  • While obtaining information via social media is a successful way to gather feedback, it also comes with its own marketing implications: if the forums are public, any negative reviews posted by the users can prevent people from trying out your app.

What Comes Next?

Plan your way ahead.

Once you have collected the feedback with any of the methods mentioned above, you need to act upon it. If you are using some in-app tools with the usability testing method, you would immediately know what percentage of users is satisfied with your app and what percentage is not. During a second phase, you can do a selected survey on the unsatisfied customers only.

Another effective measure that many leading mobile app developers implement is to engage the customers to provide regular feedback (for example, once a month or a month after installing the app). The bottom line is to be in constant touch with your customers to learn what they are thinking about your mobile app.

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