Not sure which Wedding Photographer in Sydney is best?

A must read before you hire a wedding photographer for your big day!

I have made a checklist of sorts, of things you should consider and ask to make sure you have chosen the perfect wedding photographer for your big day that you are 110% happy with. Take a look and cross them off one by one.

You need to like them. Seems silly but it is important to make sure you get on with them, remember the photographer will be around you and your guests quite a lot on your big day so if you have any doubts cross them off and move to the next. This is why you should interview them or many of them in person and were possibly more than once to get a real impression of their personality.

Don’t get a friend or a friend of a friend. Not only is this a conflict of interest, the favour you think you are doing won’t be worth it if you receive mediocre photos, which can’t be replicated and retaken.

More hands make light lifting or photographing in this case. It may cost extra to have another set of hands but think about it, the excitement and feeling aren’t concentrated into one space at a time. To capture your big day as a whole or a significant part such as walking down the aisle to capture the mood, the happiness, the shock, the laughter and other emotions you need to photograph the bride, bridal party, the groom and the crowd at that precise moment. In a blink of an eye, the perfect shot that you will have forever in a photo or not can depend on that extra pair of hands.

Make sure they understand what you want out of your wedding photos. If you prefer less formal shots and more photos of the dance floor and other areas make sure your photographer is well aware. Or if you, in fact, was the more traditional styled wedding photographs in Sydney do they understand and have they done it before? Which leads on to the next point, references.

References or examples of other weddings. Many Sydney wedding photographers will have their websites with links (with the bride and groom’s permission of course) to weddings they have captured. If their style is consistent and you aren’t a fan, it may be an indication to move on, although they may say they are versatile it is not a risk you should take especially because like painters like Van Gough they all have their style.

Pricing. Wedding Photographers aren’t cheap, but either is quality. You only have one chance to capture your big day (unless you’re planning on marrying again!), so make it count. Saying this obviously don’t go for the most expensive or on the other scale the cheapest. Make sure you check what is included, the number of copies, the time they will be hired for, etc. Don’t be scared to get down to the nitty gritty.

What to expect

Lots and lots of directions. Most couples unless they have everything mapped out, where and when they want photographs the photographer will have earlier scoped areas for group shots, and how guests, wedding parties, and the married couple to be will be positioned. This is why it is a must to get on with your wedding photographer. A wedding day is stressful enough without having someone who you may not get on with on an average day is telling you where and when. Not enjoyable for you and I are sure, not fun for the photographer who may be greeted with attitude and words that may not be so pleasant.

To have fun. If a photographer/s are professional at their job mostly, you shouldn’t notice them there at all, especially if you have chosen to skip the traditional format which ensures the sole focus is the wedding party and not the scenery, atmosphere, and guests. Not that there can’t be both, this is where an extra pair of hands comes in handy!

Photography Packages

Every photographer will have a slightly different package of what is included. The core packages will contain the hourly rate, how many prints and some can be quite concise and can leave much to the imagination. Make, sure you leave nothing up in the air before you hire them.

With this, you should find out:

  • Their availability (number one!!)
  • Their hourly rate
  • How many photographers there will be.
  • Number of prints and other forms (videos, coasters, cards, magazines for gifts, etc.)
  • Equipment included (lights etc.)
  • Additional costs (to get another album printed)
  • The expected date that photos and videos will be edited and ready for viewing.

Make sure you are happy with what is in a package that a wedding photographer offers, and if you are not negotiate pricing or alter a package to suit what you want to be captured and what features you would like to be taken out.

Wrap up.

You will only have your big day once (we hope!), and you will only have one chance to capture it. Make sure your chosen photographer is on the same page and don’t be scared to ask questions and make demands (yes make them). The more direction you give, the lesser the chance that your wants and need will be lost in translation.

Most importantly, the photographer is only one small part of your big day. So, don’t put too much stress and don’t overthink it.

Now to relax and enjoy your big day!

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Photo Booth Hire Company – 8 things to think about when hiring one!
  1. Is the Venue Suitable

The obvious thing would be to let the venue know that you will be hiring a booth but there are other things you do need to consider. Think about whether there will be enough space for the build up and take down of the booth and make sure you get the dimensions from the photo booth company.

2. Liability Insurance

We all know that it is highly unlikely for an incident to occur but what if it does? Every Photo Booth company should have liability insurance, don’t be afraid to ask for a copy. Make sure you send the copy by email to the venue so that you are fully covered.

3. Access to the Venue

This is really something I would expect the Photo Booth company to ask you but if they don’t make sure you find out from the venue where the Booth should be unloaded and what is the best way to enter the premises. If it is a wedding, make sure you provide the Photo Booth company the details for the organiser. The last thing you want on your wedding day is your Photo Booth attendant walking around trying to find out where to set up.

4. Electrical points and Extension leads

In most scenarios the Photo Booth company will with have extension leads but it is really important to find out from the venue about electrical points. If the Booth company doesn’t have access to electrical points, they won’t be able to set up.

5. PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

Many hotels and other venues will ask if the equipment for the Photo Booth is PAT tested. You can ask the Photo Booth Hire Company for a certificate or they can liaise directly with the venue. Doing so will make sure there are no hiccups on the night!

6. Payments

Some Photo Booth companies like to be paid part of invoice by cash on the day. If this is the case, make sure you have the money ready before hand as they won’t start setting up until they have been paid the full amount. Check what the agreement is and whether it is cash on the day or money paid by card before the day.

7. Parking

Find out from the venue if there is specific parking for the Photo Booth Hire Company. If you are hiring a photo booth in London, you will have to consider paying for parking as well as potentially congestion charge on behalf of the Photo Booth Company.

8. Have Fun!

Finally make sure you have fun! Take loads of pictures, use all the props and have a great time! Make sure to get prints for you guest and your guest album as well as electronic copies! Whether it’s is a Magic Mirror, Oval Booth or Pop Up Booth, Photo Booths always adds a lot more fun to any kind of event!

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3 crucial discussions to have with your wedding photographer before the big day

Choosing a wedding photographer in Sydney may seem like an easy decision to make. A quick online search will show up many photographers to choose from. All with beautiful portfolios, inspiration and information to make your decision a simple and enjoyable one.

Once you make your decision you may have thought that was your job done. However, it’s important to remember that the discussions you have with your photographer before your wedding are just as important. Like when hiring any professional to do a service for you, the detail is all in the preparation and the pre-event discussions.

Here are 3 crucial discussions to be having with your photographer before you walk down the aisle.

 Discuss timing

 A professional wedding photographer in Sydney should be discussing key timings with you. One of the more obvious questions is will they be available for your big day. Although this may seem like discussion that you will have from the get go, it’s important to find out whether “they” will be the actual photographer.

Although you may have discussions about the type of styling you are after, where you venue is and all the other details, ask yourself, am I discussing these details with the photographer that will actually be there or another employer of the business?

Ask your photographer if your exact dates and times are suitable for them and not another member of their team. Discuss not only the ceremony itself, but also bridal and groomsmen party photos and those that will also be taken at the reception.

Timing isn’t only an issue for the actual day itself but also after the big event. Ask your photographer when you will receive your photos and how long it may take if you require any additional touch ups or services. For example, your photographer may say you will receive the images within one week, but if you decide that you also want to change the filter of some key photos, ask if this will prolong the wait time.

Discuss privacy

All those lovely photographs you saw online to make your decision are images that were taken for other clients, which may or may not have had permission to be used. Before signing any contracts or service agreements, make sure you ask whether they will be sharing your photos for their own business purposes.

Some of these photo sharing purposes may include on their website, physical portfolio, in their office showroom, blogs or their social media. Even if you are comfortable with your photographer using your photos for their own use, it’s good to at least to have the discussion to ensure you are both on the same page and no future issues will arise.

Discuss post event procedures

Most of the discussions that people have with event professionals are mostly about the big day, what will happen in the lead up to the event and what will actually take place on the day.

Remember to also discuss what will happen after the wedding. A critical post event discussion to have is what will you actually receive. Of course, you know that you will be receiving photographs of your captured moments, but do you know how you will receive them? Will them be on a USB? Physically printed? Sent to you in a zip file? How will they be organized?

Having this type of information will prevent any confusion when you actually receive your photographs. For example, you may have envisioned they would be given to you in groups of styling or times of the day. To avoid disappoint have a chat about what end product you are actually expecting to receive.

Also, discuss with your photographer about whether they will be backing up copies of your photos. A lot of the time, a professional will not only make a back-up copy on an SD card and their hard drive, but they will also give you a back-up copy if required.

Nowadays, with all sorts of online drives and cloud platforms, you would be right to think that there should be a back up of your photos somewhere. However, you only have one go at your wedding, so make sure you have the discussion and safeguard yourself against losing your captured memories forever.

Before the big day, remember to have these 3 crucial discussions with your photographer. Timings, privacy and post event plans are just as important to the taking of your actual photos.

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Most common Mistakes committed by Wedding Photographers

When it comes to wedding everyone is really excited. What can be more fun than taking pictures on your big day with the love of your life? No one wants to ruin this opportunity because of the mistakes committed by the photographers. Your Wedding Photographer and Video maker should know some of the necessary details to follow. In this way, the day will be spent in a perfect manner and all the efforts would not be wasted. Your wedding photographer can perform his best avoiding some of these most common blunders.

Not finalizing of schedule

In your schedule, there are a lot of things that should be considered to have a flawless photography experience. Some of the key things include the available of natural daylight and relaxed time. There are also some specific times of the day when taking pictures will be great and have a beautiful impact. The day time when the sunlight is the light that is mostly in the later parts of the day will provide a glow on the face of every person. Making a schedule is just not enough, sticking to that schedule is the most important thing to do. So, work according to your schedule no matter what because small variations in the timing can be a cause of ruining your wedding images.

Letting Unofficial Photographs get in the way

There are many people in a wedding who try to get in the way ruin the whole photoshoot, don’t let that happen. So, try to get rid of that Uncle Bob or Aunt Molly to take the right photographs. You can miss the just perfect shots just because they are getting in your way. The time when they think that they are doing you a favor by clicking extra pictures is wasted and of no use, so tell him to enjoy the wedding to its full and leave your job to you. Also, do not just focus on clicking a lot of picture in poses, let some natural moments captured by the camera, they will look more beautiful and lively.

Not organize people in a sequence

Having people organized in the right sequence will save a lot of time and the pictures will turn out to be really well. You should appoint someone on the duty of organizing the people. He should be someone who knows your family and friends, the task will be to gather the necessary people and tell them the place to stand. After the shoot is done those people can be release. All the things will be done in an enjoyable and peaceful manner by doing so. You should not focus on making everything perfect and the way you want it to happen. Just take photographs of people having fun and celebrating.

These were some of the most common mistakes done by the Wedding Photographer and Video maker. You can avoid these to have the perfect day and preserve the memories in the most beautiful way.

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