How to Choose the Right Piece of Jewellery for a Special Gift

Jewelry is a reliable go-to for anyone looking to buy something special for someone special. But choosing the right piece of jewelry can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. Here are some simple tips to make buying jewelry as a gift as simple as possible.

Consider Their Fashion Style

Even the most precious and expensive piece of jewelry will only look good if it is paired with the right outfit. Jewelry should accent an outfit, drawing attention to certain features and augmenting what is already there. When you are trying to decide on the right type of jewelry to give as a gift, think about the kind of outfit that it is likely to be paired with.

Some people much prefer smaller and more subtle pieces of jewelry with their outfits, others opt for large and prominent displays. In this regard, most people fall into one camp or the other, there are not many people who will combine both, although they do exist.

Pay attention to Subtle Hints

Most of us have at least a couple of things that we would love for someone to buy for us. Realistic things, we mean, not the unattainable luxuries that we sometimes dream of. If you aren’t sure about what type of jewelry to choose as a gift, think about whether the recipient has dropped any subtle hints that might indicate what they would prefer.

A good trick is to make sure that you pay extra attention to them when they are watching TV – people will often comment when they see things they like being worn by people on TV.

Choose the Right Type of Metal

There is a lot to think about when you’re deciding on the best metal to opt for in the jewelry you buy. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that precious metals necessarily make for better jewelry. However, this is not the case. First of all, this is a gift for a loved one – the price tag is definitely not the most important thing here. Most people would rather receive a relatively cheap piece of jewelry picked out for them by someone they love than an expensive piece chosen for no reason other than the price tag.

Think about how the metal looks and feels. Different metals are different colors, obviously, but they also respond to light in different ways. Silver is an excellent example of this. Silver is not a color, it’s a texture. The metal silver is grey, but it shines because of the texture.

Consider Engraving

Having a piece of jewelry engraved is a wonderful way of making it more personal and special. Of course, it’s entirely up to you what you have the engraving say, it could be as simple as their name or it can be a whole poem if you have space.

Go With Your Gut

If all else fails, go with your gut instinct and pick out the piece that most strikes you as being something that they would enjoy. Sometimes inspiration will strike while you are browsing through a retailer’s available selection. If you’re stuck for ideas, Jamagrasha offers a one-stop-shop for jewelry and other gifts.

Once you have found the right piece of jewelry for your loved one, you will know it. Don’t be afraid to pass up on a piece you aren’t sure about if you think there might be something better around the corner.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Thai Handmade Jewelry

Thailand is known as the fashion capital of the world’s best and most unique thai hand made jewelry. You can find the world’s most exquisite jewelry here which you can match with your dress. The biggest advantage is that they are authentic and trusted.

Secrets about Thailand which no one knows

Thailand is the largest producer of sapphires in the world and also has the biggest market of colored stone cutting in the world. Thai artisans are fine workers and are experts at crafting the jewelry as per international tastes.

When it comes to pricing, they are extremely fair and clear at it. They charge you on the basis of the cost of the individual stone or gem you have selected to buy and add the cost for the amount of workmanship they have put into crafting it. Gold jewelry and ornaments are not very costly in Thailand. The prices are fixed and are calculated according to Baht weight of the item and the amount of craftsmanship needed in creating the piece.

You can get excellent deals in chains, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry items. They can be found in all tourist places or even the jewelry shops at the major hotels. You can get these exquisite jewelry items at low prices you can’t even imagine and the authenticity is also guaranteed. There are several traditional Chinese-Thai jewelry shops in Thailand which can be recognized by their distinctive red and gold color décor interiors.

Thai Jewelry Shops

Thai silver jewelry is created in traditional Thai designs which originated in Northern Thailand. Bracelets are known to their specialties. The silver which is sold there is labeled as 925 which indicates that it is 92.5% pure silver.

Pearls in Thailand

Local pearls are produced in Naka Noi Island. They are very famous. You can easily find them in any local shop in Phuket, specialist jewelry shops across Thailand or at the beach itself where they are cultured.

The two most famous and biggest jewelry stores – The Gems Gallery and Wang Talang are exclusively devoted to jewelry. These stores have a huge collection of items in all styles including European, Asian, and all the jewelry items there are certified. This is a hub for rare and antique jewelry lovers.

You should not buy these jewelry items to resell them in the local market of your country until and unless you are an expert and have full knowledge of gems and jewelry. You need to have a good idea to make good profits. There are also a few scams reported for selling artificial stuff at higher prices and therefore you must ensure that you thoroughly check the units before you make a purchase.

In the past, there have been times when there were complaints by visitors regarding jewelers selling low quality stuff at unreasonable prices. There have been times when gems were being sold as real, which rather later turned out to be artificial. Be sure of the shop from where you buy and always ask them for a certificate of proof.

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Skull or skull cross necklaces/pendants are categorized as biker jewelry whereby it is usually worn by bikers as they go on adventures and expeditions on their high powered bikes – skull necklaces also fall under the category of rock ‘n’ roll jewelry as they are inspired by the people crooning this genre of music.

Silver skull necklaces/pendants owe their styles to a variety of macabre traits. That’s what defines skull necklaces – non conservative and carrying with them bold statements, rebellious and dangerous nature as well as masculine weight that is substantially discernible.

Sterling silver is the most suited precious metal to make skull necklaces as the shapes and sizes are chunky and heavy. Sterling silver skull necklaces embody the element of wildness, the perfect image for a biker who lives life on the road, looking at mortality face to face. The style that silver skull pendants render is the wearer, particularly bikers being fearless and resilient come what may.

But, one does not necessarily be a biker or live life on the intensely rugged road to flaunt sterling silver skull pendants. Silver skull pendants represent freedom and independence as a part of biker jewelry repertoire. One can be a non biker and still appreciate the style of skull pendants by donning them – they go very well with tattoos.

The motif of skull pendants is intrinsically skeletal but at the same time other components are incorporated to detail the designs – the components include fire, roses, daggers, roses, dragons, wings, eagles, lion heads and many more boldness incurring motifs. Sterling silver skull pendants often have patina on them which brings out highly appreciable contrast which biker jewelry fans adore.

Style is something that keeps evolving and changing – sterling silver skull pendants don’t escape this progress. That said, skull pendants are here to stay as an integral part of biker and rock ‘n’ roll jewelry.

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The Best Engagement Ring Is a Bespoke Ring

In the event that you have as of late gone into the universe of ring shopping, you may have set out to ask companions, family or even Mr. Google exactly what traits make the best wedding band. The outcomes will have, probably, adequately knocked your socks off and you may now be imagining that purchasing the ideal wedding band is truly an outlandish mission. There are in any case, a couple key characteristics, for example, one of a kind, customized and remarkable that presumably came up much of the time on your hunt and that you ought to tolerate as a primary concern while picking your ring. Seemingly, these are not the most effortless of components to get ideal in your ring, yet don’t lose hope. Perused on to for exhortation on the best way to make your ideal wedding band.

Join the Elite

Luckily there is a straightforward and even charming method for sourcing the slippery ‘immaculate ring’ and that is to locate a bespoke wedding band fashioner to make it for you. When accepted to be an administration just accessible to the affluent and first class individuals from society, bespoke adornments fashioners are entirely reasonable and preferable esteem for cash over you presumably ever thought.

Tweaked for Uniqueness

The excellence of dispatching a bespoke ring is that you will quickly have the best wedding band for you and one that is 100% one of a kind and totally altered to suit your cherished one’s style, inclinations and character. You will profit by the planner’s inside and out information of gemstones, valuable metals and engagement ring settings and also their innovative eye for personalization and impeccable detail.

The Artist’s Touch

Numerous bespoke ring originators are ace skilled worker and craftsmen on the most fundamental level, and the crude feeling and creative ability that they put into their work genuinely shines through. Not exclusively do they make the best wedding bands, however they likewise remain by their work with pride and will help with any modification or changes that you covet all through the procedure and a while later as well.

Inestimable Results

There is essentially no other approach to ensure a totally one of a kind unique engagement ring for your adored one. This excellent procedure requires time, thought, and vitality however the outcome is justified regardless of each exertion. Essentially, the best wedding bands are ones that originate from the heart and convey precious nostalgic esteem. A ring intended to symbolize your affection, that elements specific attributes suited just to your cherished one, indicates exactly how extraordinary your dedication to that one individual really is.

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There’s no question that both men and women like to wear jewelry, which adds a touch of luxury to their look. The most common type of jewelry is certainly neck chain.

Nowadays chains are in the highest demand and so are available in multiple styles and designs, while being made out of the diverse metals. Still, the most beautiful as well as durable pieces are the silver ones. Due to their affordable price, bright color and special shine, sterling silver chains appear to be the number one choice of consumers all over the world.

Quality sterling silver chains feature as a rule a 925 stamp, which means that this sterling silver item contains 92.5 percent silver and the rest makes copper or other metals. This precise correlation of metals in such a silver alloy provides its reliability by wear during many years.

Taking into account the fact that we are all different, we all strive to buy those jewelry items, which, first of all, meet our tastes and preferences as well as completely suit our style. Thus, we search for a unique chain style, choosing the proper length and thickness, to obtain an ideal item, which will perfectly sit on our neck. The last characteristics are quite crucial, because every one of us has a certain bodily constitution, which requires some particular chain descriptions. In addition, it’s important, whether you want to buy a chain for woman or man. The fact is that woman’s chains are created by jewelry designers to highlight the grace and beauty of women’s fine necks, while the same type of jewelry pieces, designed for the stronger sex, is intended to emphasize the power and manliness of guys, who want to stand out from the crowd, using their bright appearance and impressive apparel. Comparing the styles of chains for men and women, you can find out that items for women can be referred to elegant and exquisite fine jewelry. On the contrary, chains for men frequently have a quite massive size of links.

In case you are looking for a stunning 925 silver chain for yourself or perhaps as a gift, you can visit an excellent web store of Ultimate Collection, where you will discover high quality sterling silver jewelry pieces along with the whole set of incredible chains that were created with the only idea to embellish your style, enabling you to feel absolutely sure about your look.

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