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Why you feel congestion during your pregnancy period?

Things you may do for relief.

Are there any medications you can take?

  • Why you feel congestion during your pregnancy period?

It’s a very common problem for pregnant ladies. Up to 30 percent women face this problem during their pregnancy. This problem is also named as: rhinitis of pregnancy. Congestion starts without having any kind of allergies or viral infection like cold.

Most probably it start in second month of pregnancy and just gone worse later in pregnancy. During pregnancy hormones usually cause inflammation in the nasal passage which causes a blocked nose because amount of blood usually increased during pregnancy.

  • Things you may do for relief


If you have no other symptoms of any kind of viral infection then there is chance that you have rhinitis of pregnancy. In this condition you must drink plenty of fluid like water or fresh juices and keep your head elevated at night during sleep. These tips can also help you to get rid of stuffy nose:

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Slain drops or buffered nasal sprays

Slain drops contain salt solutions. After using them you will surely see the results within few minutes (most probably 5 to 10 minutes).

You can also use some kind of nasal spray recommended by your doctor. You may find this stuff from any medical store or grab it from drugstore.

Steam inhaling

Steam is also very useful for congestion. Just put boiling water in a bowl and place your head over the bowl and try inhaling the stream. Inhale in and out that will also help you to blow well. Make sure that you cover your head with towel or some other thick cloth which resist the steam of water. It helps relief the nasal congestion.

You may also add drop of menthol oil in the water.

Elevate your head

As I mentioned above elevate your head for relief. Use pillows to raise your head it will also makes you to feel better.

Hydrate yourself


Make sure that you drink plenty of water as it not only reduces the congestion but also it’s good for baby and for your skin too.

No irritants

Avoid smoking, alcohol, paints, drugs, strong smelling agents as all these can cause congestion.

  • Are there any medications you can take?

If your congestion is continuously irritating you then you will go to your consultant and ask him for some medication but it’s better to avoid medicines in early stages of pregnancy because at that time baby’s organs are forming. So just try to use natural things and medications to stop congestion.


  • Some more useful tips for pregnant ladies
  1. Drink plenty of water at least 10 to 12 glass a day because water is much more need of your body.
  2. Eat 5 or 6 healthy meals a day because you need a lot of food for your baby.
  3. Exercise is the important for healthy pregnancy. just to any browser and search for “Exercise for pregnant women”.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes during pregnancy and don’t hang your feet because it causes the swelling of your feet.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol and stop smoking.
  6. Avoid medications in the early stages of your pregnancy because in early 4 months baby’s bones are forming so just take folic acid and calcium for your baby but with the recommendation of your consultant.
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Well hello there! What brings you here today? Oh is it the fear of cockroaches that are roaming around in your home right now? The living thing that casts such a fear of spell on you that you can’t move a single muscle! Well worry not because WE WILL SAVE you. We will finish your terror of cockroaches for once and for all.

First things first, girls are always more concerned about cleanliness against boys. Whether it’s their room, clothes or even the whole house wherever they see even a spot of dirt they run at it and clean it! So, now when it comes to cockroaches, of course there is no other feeling except for hatred towards them because they are symbol of unsanitary and uncleanliness mostly that is the reason why girls hate cockroaches!

From an evolutionary point of view, these little monsters spread disease and harm food storage. And that’s another reason why girls hate them.

But this isn’t why you all came here? You came here to know ways of GETTING RID OF THEM! So, here are top 9 ways to get those sneaky little insects OUT OF YOUR HOME!


The things required here are most probably in your home already or you can buy them for even less than a penny. Yes, you don’t need to buy those expensive insect killer sprays. Trust us!


  1. Bay Leaves

These bay leaves are ROACH SAVIORS! No doubt. You just need to put them where there is a chance of cockroaches’ e.g. near sinks, shelf corners or tuck under cushions or beds and believe me. You won’t ever see those monsters again. This doesn’t kill them but keeps them 1000 miles away you.

  1. Ammonia Solution

Cockroaches are also hiding in sinks and drain pipes. Take ammonia and add it to a bucket of water. Pour it down the sinks or other pipes and will kill all the cockroaches hiding there. Ammonia’s punsgent smell kills them.

  1. Borax

Not only does it clean your clothes in the washer, it also “cleans” your house of nasty pests like cockroaches and ants. Lightly dust areas where you see cockroaches. When they walk over these lightly dusted areas, the powder will stick on to their legs and body. They will eventually get to cleaning themselves by licking and eating the borax stuck to them. Once ingested, it kills them.

  1. Listerine

Yeah the same thing you use to wash your mouth every day also helps in getting rid of roaches. Make a solution of Listerine with water and then spray it on the areas and you shall have no roaches.

  1. Petroleum Jelly Trap

 Well, if all the above remedies were boring, this would definitely cheer you up. Make a trap! Get a jar and apply petroleum jelly on the inner rim and add some fruit inside. The fruit will attract the cockroaches and they’ll fall for it. But once they’re inside they can never get out because of the petroleum jelly. Voila!

  1. Pepper, Garlic and Onion Solution

Yes, time to dice! Take a pepper or spoon of pepper powder, one clove garlic and onion paste. Mix them all well in one liter water. Spray it over the areas. You can even mop the floor with the solution and say goodbye to cockroaches for good.

  1. Boric Acid and Sugar

These are two dynamic duos which you already have in homes. Just grab them take two parts boric and one part sugar. Mix them well. Sprinkle it around the sinks, stove, and dishwasher and where ever there is a chance of cockroaches. The sugar will act as a lover and attract the roaches while borax will act as devil and kill them.

  1. Bleach

Bleach is another item that can be found easily in homes. It is one of the best disinfectants that you can use to kill cockroaches. Just take two parts of bleach and one part of water and pour it down the sinks and toilets. It will drain those cockroaches that are in your pipes, sewers and leave them clean. Open the windows while doing this process.

  1. Moth balls

Moth balls are excellent for warding off all kinds of pests including roaches. Place a few in your cupboard and near specific areas prone to infestation or likely to be the nesting area for roaches. However, they can be harmful to humans and children. So be careful, while using them.

  1. Baking Soda and Sugar

Lastly, we have baking soda and sugar. Mix these both well in equal quantities. Sugar attracts and baking soda kills. SIMPLE AS THAT!

That’s it for today people. I hope from all the above at least one of it works for you. Just kidding! Everything will work.

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How to choose a foundation for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin requires intense care. When it is the matter of makeover or applying foundation, the people should be more careful, if they have sensitive skin type. Not every foundation is good for skin, especially for sensitive skin, you need to be more careful when choosing afoundation. 75% of the people around the world are using thewrong kind of foundation for their skin type. This can give you the best estimation that only 15% people around the world are using aright foundation that suits their skin type. So, don’t be the one amongst 75%. You have to be in 15% people that are using right foundation, especially if you are having sensitive skin.

Skin type matters a lot. Before choosing the right kind of foundation for your skin, you have to identify the type of your skin. If you are having sensitive skin, you need to be more cautious. The second thing that you have to follow is to identify the type of problem your skin is facing with your current foundation and what kind of look do you want. After you have identified the two things defined, next problem is selecting the accurate foundation according to skin type and desired look that you want to wear.

The people with sensitive skin need to be more cautious about using foundation:

The most important thing is the guarantee that the foundation is just right according to your skin type.  The second thing is the foundation shade about which you need to be careful, according to your skin tone. Following are a number of tips that will definitely help you to choose the right color of foundation accurately according to your tone of skin:

  • Don’t feel shy to ask for the help. The most shopkeepers that sell makeup can assist you in selecting the best product as well as the best-matched
  • The second thing is that you must try the foundation that you are going to buy. It will definitely give you an idea that it is best foundation for you or not. In this way, you will end up with perfect foundation.
  • Yes, you need to try your foundation in natural light. The reason is that the most shops are having are a number of bright bulbs that make you look fair and you will end up with the wrong shade of foundation.
  • The best tip: If you feel confused about your skin tone, you must buy a bit darker shaded foundation rather than a bit brighter. The reason is that brighter foundation will give you an artificial look that will look odd. If you choose the color of foundation to be bit darker, it will relatively give you a natural look.

Along with the right brand, right shade according to accurate skin type, you must consider the type of foundation i.e. stick, powdered or liquid. For example, the people with oily skin must go for thepowdered foundation; the people with dry skin must go for liquid foundation and the people with combination skin type, you must use mineral powder foundation.

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About millions of men are suffering from the Erectile Dysfunction. ED is termed as the inability to keep an enough erection for sexual intercourse which is some times called as impotence. ED mostly targets the men of age above 4o. ED has been a cause of disruption in most of the relations from a very long time. The reason for ED is the stress and it may cause most of the time when the man is in stress. But if it happens frequently, it means you are not having a good health. So for avoiding ED during the sexual intercourse, most men take drugs, testosterone treatments for keeping a good relation which is as you know very expensive. These steps are most of the time shows no result and all the efforts and the spent money go waste. But now you don’t need to be worried because we are going to tell you about the ED Reverser Review Pdf book, which is an easy to follow, effective and cheap way of treating you Erectile Dysfunction.


There are some people, who are more comfortable in reading the files on the screen of their laptops or smartphones rather from the book, or maybe they feel the shame of reading in front of other, or may feel impersonal, for these people Ed reverser review book in pdf format is also available. This Pdf format will provide you all the treatments and tips as it is given in the book.


ED reverser review pdf book is an online book by Maxx Miller for the natural treatment of your erectile dysfunction by your own. The pdf contains all the reasons behind ED and its natural, secure and easy treatments.  The main reason for ED is the smooth less flow of blood in the vessels of Penis of man. Max Miller, the writer of the book has a thorough research on the ancient cultures and their ways of treating the erectile dysfunction. On the basis of this research, Miller has proposed different remedies to get you rid of ED easily.

In the ED reverser review pdf book, you may find many types of erectile dysfunction and different treatments to remove it for a healthy sex life. This pdf book will also help to umprove your sexual techniques and flexibility to make your relation a happy and healthy one.

Max Miller has proposed many types of easily available supplements in his pdf book from which you can get protein, amino acids and different types of enzymes to include in your diet for treating ED.

This amazingly effective program of Miller is helping those men who are taking pills, injections, and dangerous procedures to cure their ED problem in pdf format.


  • The pdf book format can support your privacy and comfort.
  • It will treat your ED problem in a course of about 14 days.
  • It will get you rid of dangerous chemicals present in ED drugs.
  • It will provide you the amazing and perfect results with natural remedies and supplements.
  • It is cheap.

So, download your ED reverser review pdf book and treat your ED problem.


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