Five ways you can use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair to make them look better


If you a person who is seemingly losing their hair for some time and can’t find any other ways to treat them then you might want to give one chance to this miracle apple cider vinegar for hair because it has proven to be perfect for hair treatment If you are fed up rinsing your hair with so many types of shampoos and other conditioners then this is the great time to make use of it. It might sound unbelievable, but it is true that not only you can drink apple cider vinegar but also rinse it as well.

Before you put your precious hair in harm’s way you should know about what side is the appendix on – healthandcaretips? It will be wise to use it. As many of the women have tried to put yogurt and egg mixture and still it is not worth in the end and eventually ends up making their hair more severe, and all their shines goes away. Hair can get damaged or itchy, or develop dry scalp and leave you with no choice to cut them off and grow new ones but you can put a stop to it by treating with a different item.

Having said this we have now below listed some actual real facts about 5 ways you can use apple cider vinegar for hair to make them better to help you understand which are the perfect ways to you can use it to get back your hair in perfect condition, and why you certainly have to use it in the first place.

1) This one fights with tangles:

With the help of this great vinegar it can make the hair surface flattens, and when you brush or comb them, you won’t face any trouble and gladly make your style the way you want it quickly.

2) It is a natural conditioner:

You will be happy to know that this ‘’apple cider vinegar for hair growth’’ also works as a hair conditioner and the same way you use baking soda it can make your hair shiny and clean what you knew about in regular shampoo.

3) Treat hair loss:

When last time you see vinegar can treat your hair loss this perfect? As you use ACV, it can stimulate the hair growth and treat the hair loss correctly that you won’t realize that you ever lose any of your hair.

4) Treat itchy, dry scalps effectively:

As many of you who are new to this type of treatment ACV contains antibacterial properties that will heal and calm that dry and itchy scalp and you will feel relax for a very long time.

5) Prevent the spilled ends:

Apple cider vinegar can smooth hair and also avoid the split ends as you rinse it this will lead to great results all you have to do that is to rinse it for two to three minutes once in a week. Bookmark this blog for more upcoming updates with some useful remedies

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Most of the people are looking for how much FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai/UAE. Actually, there is no actual answer to this question because the cost of hair transplant depends on the severity of your issue. Also, it depends on your expected results.


Are you thinking about Hair Transplant?

If you are thinking about getting hair transplant then, first of all, you need to know about the actual problem. A clear diagnosis is essential to choose a perfect treatment method for you. You can choose a hair transplant method from lots of available methods. Some well-known methods include FUE hair transplant, mesotherapy, FUT hair transplant, ACell hair restoration, Stem Cell hair restoration, beard hair transplant, etc. However, FUT and FUE hair transplant are two most used methods.

Factors of Cost Calculation

Some of the factors contribute to cost calculation of hair transplant. Total FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai is significantly different from individual to individual that depends on the severity of texture and hair loss, and also the kind of person’s hair. Some other factors include

  • Fee of the surgeon
  • Number of grafts that are required to be implanted
  • Area that requires being covered
  • The hairline design and your expected results
  • Characteristics of donor area

However, basic FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai is almost AED 15 per graft and cost of FUT is about AED 10 per graft. Hence, the exact cost can only be known after getting a consultation with an expert.

Dubai Hair Club is a leading clinic in hair transplantation in Dubai/UAE. They are providing top-notch facilities to their customers along with special offers. You can get benefit from their offer. Also, you can consult their expert for free of cost to get an idea about FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai, and then go through their offer to get a discount on your hair transplant. Get your hair transplant from the leading company in Dubai and for sure you will be amazed by observing tremendous results. You don’t need to go anywhere when you find this amazing hair transplant company to get a permanent solution to your hair loss.

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There are a lot of hairstyles for your long as well as short hair. If you have short hair, it’s time to give yourself a new look by a new haircut. But before you go for big chop or any other short haircut, educate yourself with the tapered cut hairstyle. If you are looking for cut your hair in tapered cut you need to check these 5 Tapered Cut styles for natural hair fashionikcom can help you to enhance your overall look as well as you will never feel boring with your hair anymore.


1: Twist Out

It is most common haircut and style in tapered cut which you can use in your informal life. It can also work for you if you are going to attend any family gathering or small get to together. Just find a professional hair dresser who can work for you to give you a perfect tapered cut and twist out hairstyle. If you don’t want to spend money to visit any salon and already have tapered cut, you can style your hair at home in twist out way. The key to make this hairstyle is to twisting your hair towards edges of your face.

2: Rod Set

Many women like bouncy curly look of hair but unfortunately they don’t feel easy to manage the curly hair but now you can manage as well as enjoy curly look tapered cut. You can enjoy the rod set hairstyle with your tapered cut. If you really need bouncy curly look, this rod set hairstyle is for you in which you need to insert rod set in your hair while rolling your hair around the rod. After inserting the rod you need to dry your hair overnight and keep in mind that rods will be heatless so there is no chance of damage to your hair. Next day you need to remove the rods from the hair and enjoy the bouncy curly hair.

3: Braid out

As we all know that braids are really famous and liked by the majority of the women from the different cultures as well as countries. With the tapered cut you can also enjoy the braid out style. In this style you need to braid your tapered cut hair towards the edges of your face. Complete the braids of the hair and leave them for overnight, on the next day take your braids down and blow dry them to give them volume. Give your braids a finished look and enjoy.

4: Bantu Knots

In this hairstyle you need the first step from the previous mentioned style after blown out your hair. In the tapered cut it is really easy and manageable hairstyle in which you need to remove the braids which you have created in previously mentioned style and then separating the curly hair with the help of finger. Don’t use the comb to remove the curls because it will destroy your effort of creating curly look. This hairstyle can add volume and bouncy look to your hair.

5: lat Twist out

It is quite like the twist out hairstyle, just you need one change that you add this style after freshly washing your hair. Apply this hairstyle on your wet hair and twist your hair from the back of your head to the face. Let the hair dry naturally and next remove the twists from the hair and enjoy the gorgeous look of your hair.

For more pro guides on best updos for long natural hair tips vist our official website.

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The process of hair transplantation has become very popular across the world. there are lots of people suffering from the problem of hair loss which has ruined their social as well as personal life. Baldness has become so common among both men and women however the most of the victims of the disease are men. A person with baldness gets into depression and feels inferiority complex. The invention of follicular unit extraction technique has solved many problems related to the baldness. The process is one of the most successful surgeries in the world which are carried out in almost every part of the world as well in Turkey however; there are some areas which have special level of expertise in the field of hair transplant turkey.


In follicular unit extraction method, the healthy hair follicles are taken from one part of the head where the hair are present in excess and those follicles are transplanted to the other parts of the head which have no hair. The hair transplantation is carried in number of grafting methods. The type of grafting and the frequency also depends on the baldness and the number of follicles you want to get transplanted.

Hair transplantation has become very common and popular in the world and it has become an industry. The biggest of hair loss transplantation is running right now in Turkey. Transplant Istanbul has 5000 clinics where the hair loss treatment is administered. It has been reported that nearly 5000 people each month visit Istanbul for the hair transplantation surgery. Due to the advancement in the industry, Turkish transplant clinics are now providing many services to the both national and international visitors. Due to those facilities, the number of visitors is enormously increasing.

The clinics which are working in Istanbul use modern techniques and tools to carry out the surgery. The expert surgeons have been appointed in each clinic to conduct high quality surgery with the assistance of other team members. The clinics not only provide the patients with the high quality surgery but they also provide with hotel reservations, vacation services, tour service, local guides about the hotel and clinic to the people coming from other countries, transfers between airport and many other facilities. These facilities have compel the people across the world to visit the Istanbul.

Transplantation Istanbul clinics are specialised in carrying out many other surgery such as plastic surgery, breast implantation, liposuction etc. Due to many facilities, Istanbul has become one of the most famous cities of the world which has specialised treatments for the hair transplantation. There are many services which are provided to the people coming to the Istanbul clinics. In order to facilitate the international visitors, there are many languages which are spoken in the clinics such as Arabic, English etc.

Hair transplant cost is different depending on the method used. Normally, the Turkish clinics are not too expensive and they conduct the surgery at very affordable rates.

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Best Asian Men’s hairstyles 2016

As Hollywood has gladly exemplified, Asian men haircuts have a full scope of style choices. From spikes and mid-length blurs to side ranges and precise periphery haircuts, 2016 best Asian men’s hairstyles have a lot of fur decisions that not stood to different nationalities. Dazzling, great looking and advanced are only a couple words that can be utilized to portray today’s male with regards to fur styling.

Men’s haircut with cropped Quaff:

Pondering what men’s hairstyle trends 2016? Look no further. Asian men of blended ethnicity have a tendency to have thicker fur. This straightforward yet relaxed style can function admirably with thick hair. If you incline toward a neat and tidy look, however, need to in any case radiate an appealing, grown up the vibe, you’ll be an aficionado of this low-upkeep style.

Style as Spiked:

Spiked hair has been made uncontrollably well known throughout the years with different anime appears. Fortunately, it confined to a particular age range. Any man with common Asian fur can get a trim that layered into long spikes.

Top Ponytail with Shaved Sides:

Asian men hairdos don’t need to be high upkeep. For this look, the hair was substantially shaved on the sides with the top area maneuvered up into a braid. Pair this with some fashionable person glassed and you will go to the following level of the class.

Top Party:

With this shaved back and sides, leave hair long on the top for a decent turn on a retro, young style. It will take a shot at any 2016 best Asian men’s hairstyles person that is feeling fun and hip also. Ideal for the exercise center, a school class or even a men’s hairstyle trends 2016; this fashionable person looks in charming and appealing without being excessively puerile.

Basic trim for thick hair:

Korean men have a tendency to have thicker hair than other Asian nationalities, and you can exploit this composition with exceptionally slim styles. This one is left somewhat wild to radiate a laid back persona that can, in any case, get serious.

Impractically Rugged men’s trimmed with facial hair:

Like different ethnicities, Asian haircuts for men are at present enlivened by the longer look. Young ladies go insane for facial hair, and this thick whisker with approximately styled layered hair is exceptionally well known.

Men’s side part hairdo:

Mixed race people can grow a thick head of hair, and will require a hairstyle that highlights it. This team cleared style is ideal for medium to thick bolt that craving another look. The side part is truly mainstream now, and it genuinely stands the test of time. If you choose to include facial hair later, you will have bounty more significance to work.


A blur style can look astounding on fur. Pick an outline to add some additional style to the blur. While you can complete men’s hairstyle trends 2016, you might need to think about going to as an African American salon where they have practical experience in blur plans on 2016 best Asian men’s hairstyles.

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